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Arch Coal Bankruptcy: The End of an Era


Arch Coal Bankruptcy: The End of an Era

Longview, WA - Arch Coal, Inc., the second largest coal supplier in the United States, announced today that it would be filing for bankruptcy protection after suffering several quarters of losses and being unable to restructure its debt. The company has been a major player in coal regions across the U.S., including Appalachia and the Powder River Basin.



This is great news and hopefully only a beginning of the path to a better culture for all of earth. I wanted to know if the bankruptcy proceedings will claim the mineral leases (coal rights) currently belonging to Arch and its subsidiaries? If not, Arch reorganizes, writes off losses and we are back at square one. As you know this is standard practice in Appalachia and that's what's essential to claim success. Thanks for all your good work. Jeff Gump PS Ms Hitt bears a striking resemblance to a professor I had at WVU back around 1970. Any relation?