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Arctic Heat Wave: Block of Ice Twice as Big as Manhattan Breaks off Greenland’s Largest Ice Shelf, Goes Into Ocean

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/15/arctic-heat-wave-block-ice-twice-big-manhattan-breaks-greenlands-largest-ice-shelf

“alarming” - master of understatement no ?

As the land “rebounds” there will be more Earthquakes in the region as well.

Antarctica is already seeing an increase in Earthquake activity and this in turn leads to more ice sheets breaking off to slide into the sea. Long inactive Volcanoes in both the North and South Polar regions will likely wake from their slumber as well as Volcanic activity goes up under such circumstances.

(Scientists indicate a 7.2 scale earthquake in Alaska was triggered by land rebound as Glaciers melted)

No worries though trump says it will get cooler.


Well, looks like they ran the coup on JFK at just the right time to keep the
gas pumps operating at Exxon/Mobil –

eh – and of course the oil depletion allowance he was going to overturn.

What did they get in return – we should find out –

Just as an aside –
Looking at 9/11 this weekend, I bumped into Jesse Ventura and his comments
on it – and on a few other subjects. Quite refreshing to hear.

Someone is missing out on a great business venture here. As the ice breaks off it creates massive waves. I bet surfers would pay a pretty penny to say they caught a fallen ice shelf wave. It’s time to think outside the box and make some money! Surf’s Up!


The White House’s response: “It will get cooler, you’ll see.”

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Ten years to cut emissions in half to avoid a temperature rise 2 degrees C.

Yeah, I’m not seeing that happening.

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Sorry, but 2C is already baked in. Our only hope is nuclear war to induce nuclear winter, which is I think, their plan. Get rid of the proles and cool things off.

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