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Arctic Sea Ice Hits Record Low for June Amid Escalating Warnings


Arctic Sea Ice Hits Record Low for June Amid Escalating Warnings

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Arctic sea ice plummeted to a record low in June, shrinking 56,900 square kilometers (22,000 square miles) per day last month, according to new figures from the National Snow & Ice Data Center.

June's "sea ice extent" was 260,000 square kilometers (100,000 square miles) below the previous record low for the month, set in 2010—even dropping beneath the 1981-2010 long-term average.


Indeed. Just a few minutes ago here in Northern Vermont we were treated to a horrific hail storm the size of large moth balls. Everywhere there are piles of this ice covering flowers, etc. So, winter in the midst of summer.


I like to blame the big bang. I mean, blaming just humans from a species standpoint misses the ultimate point to be made. It’s a cosmic failing.


How frustrating is that climate change never has a big role in presidential campaigns? Basically it is always the economy stupid. From a political view this makes sense because far more people vote based on their economic situation than based on climate change, environmentalists probably being the main exception. And people vote based on many other factors such as race, foreign policy, social issues, etc. But climate change is an existential threat. This new report on Arctic Sea ice is just more evidence how far this dire situation has progressed without effective action. Rationally, it would appear that no one who says climate change is a hoax could possibly be elected president of the United States yet Donald Trump has a chance.


I haven’t checked out your link yet, but I want you to know I was being sarcastic. I always counter the meme that it is a species problem.


Thanks buddy.


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Thank you for this vital information – and for these incredible graphics and great links!


I do not understand what you mean.


I don’t know of any other animal species that fancies itself having been given a divine mission–granted an exclusive license no less–to “go forth and multiply.”

Homo sapiens unique among living creatures of the earth is (pretty much) rock certain of its God-given right to endless helpings of land and sea, devouring entire species at a gulp with impunity, confident of finding ever more mountains to gorge on tomorrow.

An overflowing planet and infinity of outer space there for our taking, we humans possess titanic powers promising eventual control over such bothersome limitations as mortality . . . .

Hubristic–what’s that all about? “Know your limits,” warns the oracle–? What’s this squeeze on the human race all of a sudden? What deflating gibberish is out to cut us down to size? Why’s that cat giving me that Cheshire smile?


Regarding moth-ball size hailstorms in summertime:
In Texas, yes, with it’s big fast 40,000 ft thunderstorms. But in Vermont? I don’t recall every seeing that.

Weather is shifting Northwards man! A Tropical Hurricane Sandy in NYC? An algae bloom where the North Pole used to be?

We just got flooded by another Cat 5 Supertyphoon that wasn’t even in our country it was so big and powerful. It activated our Monsoon into hyperdrive. Strange days indeed.


While I was driving over to Moss Glen falls in Granville gulf the public address warning came on the radio. I think it may have been the only time I have heard the system used for an actual event here. We were lucky and the storm didn’t hit down here until we were on our way home and we didn’t get the crazy large hail. I hope everyone up that end of the state is alright and not too serious a damage to peoples gardens.


Every species has a built in limiting factor(s) for overpopulation.
Homo sapiens living naturally in natural cultures simply did not overpopulate. This was a result of civilization.


Nature fills us with hormones and they facilitate the rest. We are merely a product of our evolutionary heritage and that has told us to reproduce prodigiously and we do. That said, we also have the ability to put a hold on that process at a societal level. China is proof of that , but it involves a great deal of social pressure and its not likely to happen in most of the west. In fact, in some areas of the west the rate of replacement is below 1 to 1 and some countries like Japan and Russia are doing the opposite and doing everything they can to encourage a pick up in the rate of reproduction of their main population groups. At a planetary level though everyone should read what happened on Matthew Island in the Bering Sea from 1944 to 1980, it’s a scary sobering story.

  1. There is 24 trillion tons of CO2 in the atmosphere and in 1950 there was 18 trillion tons.
  2. We suspect how it happened but why not just get rid of 6 trillion tons by sequestration.
  3. Growing plants: trees, kelp, sagebrush, sod, lichens, grape vines, etc. do this.
  4. The best source of revenue is a security transfer tax (LaSalle and Wall Streets trade $660 trillion annually).
  5. The most popular (Stockholm Syndrome) defense is that the exchanges will run away and relocate in another country.
  6. The funding of the United Nations is very political and inadequate.
  7. Simply allow the UN to collect a 0.4% tax on the markets anywhere in the world.
  8. There are billions of underemployed and unemployed people, many of them dying trying to escape their situations and one of the talents that they all share is planting and growing things (given things to plant and a place to plant them).
  9. this would eliminate the dues to the UN from every county’s budget and I trust the UN more than any other legislative body to do this.
  10. Previously underpaid people could plant stuff and get paid their share of the quadrillion dollars that this fee would yield let’s say $4000 each a year for a billion people.
  11. As soon as the CO2 content of the air is down to 300 ppm let’s let the UN work on establishing a human colony off earth so that a nuclear exchange or an asteroid collision wouldn’t wipe out everyone.