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Arctic Warming & Climate Change "Should Be the Number One Urgent Conversation Right Now"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/18/arctic-warming-climate-change-should-be-number-one-urgent-conversation-right-now


As many have said - sadly and tragically not those currently in power - “climate change”, MMGW, is not one of many critical issues, it is THE critical and existential crisis of our time. We allow the criminal evasion of this great responsibility at our literal peril in so many ways. Only fools, the ignorant, or criminals serving global vulture capitalism will say otherwise.

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As the world population continues to increase, projected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050 I think conservation takes on an entire different meaning. We overuse and exploit everything.

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Denial of global warming is an act of war.
Trumpco is sinking the lifeboats.


Human extinction is the business plan, and it’s going great.

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The phrase “business as usual” takes on a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?

And by “whole new” I mean “tragic and horrifying.”

Hordes of internal and external refugees, climate disruptions on an epic scale damaging food production, the sad endgame of the sixth mass extinction, water wars, economic ruin. And that’ll just be a normal Tuesday.

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I thought I’d be a wee bit more positive here !

Here is an article about ‘cryoeggs’ being deployed under the Greenland Ice Sheet.

I just finished an interesting little book, an Oxford Short Introduction called:

“Glaciation”, by David J.A. Evans (2018).

I studied periglacial environments in university (long ago), so I used this small book to bring me more up to date, which it did.

Here is that ‘cryoegg’ article - right in tune with the new research I learned about in “Glaciation”, for those interested:

‘Cryoegg’ to explore under Greenland Ice Sheet

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Yes! THIS is REALLY why Trump is a traitor: he is willfully exposing the U.S. to catastrophe and accelerating that catastrophe by his idiotic, pro-fossil fuel policies while denying, along with the Fossil Fools in his administration and party, the reality of the accelerating Climate Crisis.

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A good start would be to stop describing this existential threat as “climate change”, which sounds very mild.

It is a Climate Crisis, which is accelerating to Climate Catastrophe, the likes of which homo sapiens has never known.

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Wars are mutually agreed upon arrangements between world business oligarchs as a means to trim the population and pit lower classes against each other based on racism, religious extremism, elitism, and various grievances. The Vietnam War was a reaction to the Civil Rights movement as well as US empirical reach in Asia to exploit labor and obtain natural resources. People are no more than consumers, wage-slaves and canon fodder to the ruling elite who buy the loyalty of select sycophants, courtiers and professionals. They program media content with advertising dollars from automobile, travel and transport related business interests who want us to believe self-driving car tech isn’t a fraud.

Well, think about it. Not only is climate change faster in the vicinity of the poles, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of heavy machines up there, drilling, digging, moving lengths of pipe into place, all the while pouring tons and tons of CO2 into the Arctic atmosphere and speeding up the change even more. The petroleum and transit and transportation industries, among several others, never had any intention of denying Global Warming, but rather, were welcoming it. For them, it can’t happen fast enough: the Arctic is just getting in their way.