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Are Cuban Protesters Freedom Fighters or US Pawns?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/19/are-cuban-protesters-freedom-fighters-or-us-pawns

I’m not sure how restricted outside news is in Cuba, if at all, but when they identify Trump as a positive force, tells me they are brainwashed pawns.

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they’re not the first idiots to be connected to a direct communication line to the Batista-nutters in Miami. That’s probably the venue for most of their information, especially if it’s regarding Trump.

It’s just another lame attempt at a “color revolution” in a place where the large majority will shut it down.

The irony is that Cuba would likely increase its free expression access for citizens provided it wasn’t constantly bankrolled by the one country determined to trash its revolution.

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The protestors in Hong Kong saw its leaders go down to the US Embassy on a regular basis for advice and direction. The US spent 5 billion funding the opposition to the Russian friendly Government in the Ukraine. The protestors in Venezuela and then in Bolivia against Morales had links to the US.

The US insists this not election meddling but rather “building Democracy”. If Russia does the same thing it deemed a war on Democracy.

This does not mean peoples in those groups that are protesting are not genuine and do not have genuine grievances. It means that they should at all costs do everything in their power to ensure they have no links to the USA and its “pro-democratic” forces. The USA in fact cares nothing for Human Rights or Democracy. They only want to exert their power to every Country on this globe and getting behind such movements is how they do that.

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Ironic that Cuban exiles embedded in Florida (Rubio included) that allege they and their kin exited Cuba to escape a Russian backed dictator are second to none in being loyal to the US’ current Russian backed dictator ?

I recall a number of Iranians protesting here in Canada and flying the flag of the Shah. I talked to some and they had fled Iran when the Shah toppled and wanted the Shah restored. Just as with the Batistas it was less about restoring Democracy as it was about restoring their own place and privilege in that society


Building Democracy is code for increasing Capitalist Exploitation and robbing the poor and middle class.

Viva Cuba, Viva Socialism! Keep U.S. Corporate Capitalism out of Cuba and anywhere it may intrude. Capitalists are sick twisted sociopaths destroying decency, compassion, generosity and kindness in the name of exploitation and profit.

Not ironic, because a lot of these Cubans that fled from Cuba were wealthy Cubans that left after Castro ousted Batista ( an American stooge and quisling) and took away their wealth as well as many of the American economic elite and the Mafia who lost 100s of millions of $ when Castro closed their casinos, drug trade and prostitution. That is what the Bay of Pigs invasion was all about.

If such dissidents seized power in Cuba, exactly what kind of “democracy” would they create?

That is an easy question; an Amerikan, Democracy!