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Are Dead Children The Price of Freedom?

Are Dead Children The Price of Freedom?

Christian Christensen

There is a sickness eating at the body and soul of my home country, and it is on full view for the world to see.

When the news broke on Valentine’s Day that 17 people—mostly young students—had lost their lives in Parkland, Florida, one could be forgiven for being numb. Of the 10 deadliest mass shootings in US history, six have come after 2012. Of those six, three have occurred in the last 5 months, including the October 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas that claimed 58 lives, the deadliest in US history.

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"Are Dead Children The Price of Freedom?


Are Dead Children The Price of Conservatives having larger amygdala?


“The moral perversity that allows one to think that universal healthcare is tyranny but dead school children are the price of freedom is what is corroding the soul of the United States.”

True but I would add "willful ignorance’ to “fear and paranoia”.

Additionally, some (like myself) would say the soul of the u.s. was corroded from the get go.

And obviously (as article implies) we are far from free with what could be called a system in the u.s. of inverted totalitarianism.


One of the saddest tings about this tragedy is that after every massacre there a plethora of articles and comments on the same and yet events like that portrayed like that pictured from that Gun show portrayed in the article are still just as common across the United States of America.

I can think of no Nation State on this Globe that is so fixated on THE GUN. It not far divorced from an item of veneration and worship this thing that KILLS. It truly is a death cult and one that hates life itself.

One can love thy neighbour , or one can want to kill thy neighbour and it appears that as far as those at the top are concerned , along with the mindless minions that buy gun after gun to feel “safe” , killing thy neighbour is the ways forward and exemplifies best what “freedom and liberty” is about and , as others have pointed out time and time again , this mentality is exhibited in US foreign policies where neighbours by the millions are being bombed and slaughtered by the Military of the United States of America.


Many, many Americans can see it, but the people that wield the political, power to do something about it are corrupt politicians, that are NRA quislings. They are so corrupt that their filthy lucre and political positions are more important than the lives of innocent children!


A conservative pundit already answered this question:

Bill O’Reilly called the mass shooting in Las Vegas “the price of freedom.”


Yes, that link to healthcare. There was an article here months ago pointing out the irony that many people own a gun to protect their lives, but will not do simpler things that have a greater proven effect: quitting smoking, exercising, eating right.

Makes you think the self-defense excuse is not quite true.


I’ll trade dead children, for Dead Congress Members, Dead Presidents, and Dead Oligarchs that control them, any day and every day.


Part of the craziness associated with “freedom” and guns is what freedom actually means. Even for extremist right wingers, i believe they will all acknowledge that there are conditions under which freedom is limited by society. They promote this truism daily in various policies/legislations they pass in which freedom is limited. (Claiming they support absolute freedom is beyond extreme sociopathy and denial)
But, due to socialized mental illness, these same people deny us the right to protect ourselves against gun culture/killing, because THAT would violate their rights to freedom. This freedom we are denied decade after decade, slaughter after slaughter. This freedom is illegal!!!
Mental illness (referring to the widespread, pervasive,unacknowledged mental illness) can render some humans unable to live peacefully and cooperatively. These humans are unable to protect America from gun violence because they believe in the right of gun violence to dominate our rights to public safety. The only way to protect our freedom from sick gun culture (NRA and ‘friends’) is to remove those from power who continually protect their license to kill. Thugs and Dems must go!!!
The freedom to live safely without fear of gratuitous gun violence always trumps the freedom to own guns unconditionally and perpetuate the slaughter. The freedom to kill with perennial government permission and assistance is not freedom but against freedom. Freedom in peace is authentic freedom. Don’t buy the gun-freedom lies as they hypocritically enable big government (they hate) to protect their violence and derangement while screaming about constitutional amendments!!!

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It’s high time that the American public, “set their sights” on those corrupt politicians that value the money they get from the Gun Industry/Lobby, over the lives of our children.



“Are Dead Children the Price of Freedom?” U.S. taxpayers have accepted that premise for many years as U.S. munitions have killed children, born and unborn, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen.


Good article, I would only add that beyond “freedom” it is about the profits of a huge weapons industry that can afford to buy politicians and shape elections

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Let’s not overlook the fact that NRA donations to politicians come from NRA member dues and gifts. There is a vast segment of the U.S. population with blood all over its hands.


“Can’t they (Murkins) see what these WEAPONS are doing to their country ?”.

The more germane question is: Can’t they see what money in politics HAS already done to their country.

Without money in politics the NRA and other organized crime has no power.


Just imagine if we had an open season on politicians! Satire, but I like it!


Good point!

So where’s the “freedom”. It is an illusion.

One man’s/woman’s satire, another’s satisfaction.

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Now class what high government official of which country gave the following answer to the question asked:

Q: “We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?”
A: “Yes we think it is worth it.”


“Why can’t they see what these weapons are doing to their country?”

Because they can’t see what their weapons are doing to so many other countries.