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Are Donald Trump, Stephen Bannon, Roger Ailes Cooking Up a Post-Election Media Empire?


Are Donald Trump, Stephen Bannon, Roger Ailes Cooking Up a Post-Election Media Empire?

Peter Dreier

Before he became the chairman of Breitbart News, Stephen Bannon worked in the Mergers & Acquisitions Department at Goldman Sachs. For the past year, Bannon has merged Breitbart News with Donald Trump's presidential campaign, hoping to acquire more and more influence as a frequent Trump advisor and, as of this week, as the campaign's CEO.

This week Trump brought the Breitbart News chairman on to head his sputtering campaign despite the fact that Bannon has no experience working on, much less running, a national political campaign.


Hmmm, Trump's politics, pre 2015-16 have always been far left of Fox News territory, and even left of Hillary. I guess "money to be made" can push him to the far right. Fox News is establishment right. If a media empire could emerge that pushes back on the establishment and the crony msm pushing the US war machine, I'd watch no matter where it lay on the right-left landscape.


Guaranteeing that there will always be a bigger bully, another reason why we "have" to vote for the latest corponeolibcon. pffft.


Instead of Fox News, the new news network should be named: FASCIST NEWS!


Not only are Trump, Ailes and Bannon Fascists, but they are Nazis as well.
That is a fatal combination of politics, racism and social engineering.
What Hitler did in the past should give everyone pause and point the way toward how we must treat these three psychopathic maniacs.


Trump's overt hard fascism verses Clinton's less overt soft fascism. Some choice.

Vote Green in 16. Your life as you know it really does depend upon it.


Mr. Dreier's revelations about Trump and his "news" backers is only part of a much more sinister tale:

"When Breitbart, who started the site in 2007 after learning the ropes from Matthew Drudge, found the truth inconvenient, he simply made stuff up and packaged it as "news." This included posting videos that were edited in ways that gave viewers a totally misleading view of what actually occurred. These weren't errors or mistakes. They were conscious lies. But the mainstream media never called them lies, but simply referred to these videos as "controversial" or similar words.

"Bannon has continued his predecessor's modus operandi of spreading lies and manufacturing news, but taken it a step further, blatantly aligning itself the most extremist right-wing politicians."

The entire corporate media is beholden to corporations and/or the Military Industrial Complex.

While manufacturing stories to promote as news may be the forte of some of these right wing media tycoons, the entire media tapestry is replete with lies told often.

I think the most dangerous ones involved the lockstep repetition of narratives that MADE a case already FIXED for war against Iraq, and by war I mean War of Aggression--designated as The Supreme crime against humanity by the Geneva Conventions.

These days, I think the way the Zika mosquito is being demonized is another dis-information narrative.

The mass media should NEVER have been decoupled from the Fairness Doctrine, nor should a handful of dubious organizations been given the privilege of defining, controlling, and manufacturing the nation's chief narratives.


While reading this article I had the same feelings. What's the difference between the Trump wing and the Clinton wing? One does it out in the open for all to see, the other less obvious and with more finesse.
Vote Jill Stein for truth.


The times we are living in now are more dangerous than those which encroached upon the then nascent Nazi republic of Germany back in the l930s.

Watching a recent interview with Julian Assange he explained that an open media is the most important component of a functioning Democracy since without it, human beings have no basis for gathering together to protect their liberties or to make change happen.

The U.S. media is completely propagandized. In my earlier post, I reminded how this infusion made war of aggression possible and hid all guilty parties from accountability.

The following is the 2nd tier of a very, very dangerous foundation now nearly fully in place:

"Among daily newspapers, the conservativeWashington Times has been the most likely to report Breitbart's propaganda over the past few years, followed by the Wall Street Journal. Among magazines, the conservative National Review, followed by the right-wingAmerican Spectator, have given Breitbart a megaphone. Among TV networks, Fox News has been Breitbart's best customer, followed by CNN.

"Only after his smears are reported in the right-wing echo chamber do the mainstream media outlets pick it up, where it reaches a much wider audience. The mainstream media are mesmerized by the Tea Party and controversies that it and its political allies have stoked. In bending over backwards to cover the right wing -- and downplay comparable activities by liberal and progressive activists -- the reporters and editors have lost sight of the journalists' responsibilities not only to fact-check and verify, but also to provide context."

There is now an entire infrastructure that makes TRUTH irrelevant.

Millions of people, many of them due to Christian Fundamentalist tribal values and others due to their "military service" identify with these right wing "news sites."

These are the people who see Julian Assange and Edward Snowden as traitors.

Most remarkable of all is the Separate Reality that these millions occupy.

They don't believe in global warming in spite of daily evidence on its behalf.

They don't listen to information outside of the sources that self-identify AS Conservative.

Put together as a composite:

  1. Lies are what's told across the MSM spectrum.

  2. Truth Tellers are dangerously marginalized, sometimes denigrated, and increasingly put under house arrest or threatened with jail time (or worse).

  3. Food isn't food and producers of the dangerous faux products are working BEHIND THE SCENES to make sure that their products are widely distributed, unlabeled, and in any instances where the public bands together to block them... they can and will sue (TPP & TIPP).

  4. A huge audience is in place INCAPABLE of discerning the false from what's true.

  5. The entire nation (and world) is under surveillance. (It's likely that anyone who dissents against the prevailing narratives will face dangers, legal or mortal.)

Without a recognition OF truth it's impossible for citizens to hold authorities accountable.

All of this reminds me of two things:

First, the Bush ally who stated that THEY would control reality and it would be studied by historians later.

Second, the way entities like The Koch Brothers purchase intelligent minds willing to come up with fictitious narratives and ideologies conducive to their sponsors' wishes. And due to the scathing fact that media today is mostly a "pay to play" entity, anyone who CAN pay gets lots of media time.

In other words, the lies get to be told often until they condition enough people to believe in them as to make any consensus around TRUTH impossible.

How much of this outcome is directly related to food not being food and human bodies increasingly being manipulated by science... and how much the result of religions teaching that hatred is valid when projected at a different religious tribe... I can't say.

But the net effect could not me more ominous.

I remember reading long ago that the most potent tool in Evil's tool-chest is deception.

These days, what the love of money has wrought in alliance with deception are dis-information networks so vast and so pervasive that too many individuals are unable to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Meanwhile, the Hillary Clinton haters will play all this down and return to their Team Sports version of reality.


You left out sexism and misogyny. These men HATE females because they really feel insecure in their manhood and therefore relate to women as objects and refer to women as objects in vain efforts to prop up their wounded sense(s) of machismo.

I've spent NINE years explaining what the missing Feminine Component has meant to lopsided societal development that's chiefly centered around Mars rules--that is, war, competition, self-interest, and conflict.

Too many males leave out the KEY ingredient. It's very curious... they'll mention racism, the class war, and other constructs while leaving the SEMINAL clause out of their analysis.

Balance starts not with the male subsuming the female partner and intended counterbalance into himself (then using "we" as the great cover)... but with recognizing that both co-partners are required to maintain a world IN balance.

That balance has been compromised for many generations (and centuries). However, now, with humanity literally on the cusp of extinction and DAILY horrors tolerated as "business as usual," a very different paradigm cries out for exploration...

And it does not include females (Mrs. Clinton) adopting the male model of uber patriarchal capitalism nor does it involve the usual insecure males obsessed with personal power (and ego validation) claiming the roles of leadership.

Collapse is imminent and it's three-fold: economic, ecological, and based on the preferred foreign policy of spreading wars and weaponry.

Out of the ashes, a different Phoenix will rise.


Should we talk about the "Sacred Feminine," "Pistis Sophia," Akhetaten and Nefertiti?


I suspect they think that nobody will notice given their readership........


Well, sure.

It has taken a few minutes to get my head around what actually interests me about Dreier's piece here. After all, this decelerates things Trump a notch, the necessary idea that Trump has taken money to take a fall is already so obvious that it does not need to be mentioned and dealt with, and Fox News already makes Trump News redundant in advance.

I suppose what is curious is the fluidity of the responses between candidacy and shmarmy media. Trump became a candidate of sorts because of a sort of fictionalized and exaggerated personal persona that Trump has made a career out of. I don't want to read too many specifics into it, but it appears fairly certain that he was hired--either before his nomination, after it, or by the act--to herd reluctant Democrats and None-of-the-Aboves off to Hillary Clinton.

So what? So it seems like it's an ongoing job, doesn't it? Only it does not seem that it would be Hillary who is protected, at least not directly, by another Limbaugh-Hannity-O'Reilly sort of joke commentator. It is Nerf criticism, to be sure, and surely there is something that rulers gain from all this dissipation of anger, but it's not like Trump's schtick is anything special. Sure, he will get some cache by virtue of having been a candidate; and the more stolen the election is, the better the cache.

But no, I think the direct beneficiaries are organizations like CNN and MSNBC and WaPo and the NYT, who can all continue to tell the big lie and sell candidates and assure all of us that "Oh, these people are real, alright" without ever having to do analysis or confront current events.


So Trump the last few days has raised a real issue---what have the democrats done for inner city African Americans? Of course all the news media don't want to discuss a real issue----and just discussing Acorn and what happened to them is a prime example. The article apologizes for Obama and what the democrats did by taking away the funding for Acorn-in effect destroying this organization. And who fired Shirley Sherrod without even allowing her a chance to defend herself? What was the percentage of African Americans that voted for Obama? The same thing could be said of unions----they asked for some rules on voting for a union and the democrats failed to pass these simple measures when they held a majority.

If anything it will be the Clinton's along with Rupert Murdoch fixing the current corporate media empire-I mean ,have you been watching this "election"?????


Of course they are. HATE's going to take food off any table it finds. Good evening gentlemen. Table for three?


I found a couple of summaries of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" online. Scary. A whole industry is dedicated to debunking them. I can see why.


Always right on, Siouxrose!

Would you mind if I republished/repurposed some of your comments? On a similar note, over these NINE years of explaining, have you compiled any collection of writings on the missing Feminine Component? It is very intriguing and vastly underunderstood. Thanks, D


So you'd watch a network put together by three right wing jerks, and imagine that somehow three jerks promoting right wing policies promoting corporate governance could possibly be "anti-Establishment". No thanks.

And no, I'm not into MSM. And no I don't count MSM's NPR as being on the left.

By the way, how has Donald Clucking Trump ever been far left of Fox News?


I completely agree with your excellent post, however Clinton embodies most of what you articulate in this article as purposefully deceiving the public on behalf of those powerful forces driving so much of this rightward lurch i.e., in my view, a lot to hate in regard to the actions, allegiances, of Hillary Clinton.


Good morning.

You are welcome to excerpt my commentary... and I would appreciate the attribution.

I have written widely on this subject.

Back in the l990s when anti-depressants became the rage and I was stunned to learn that MILLIONS of Americans (along with citizens all over the Western world) were regularly ingesting them, I felt that a cursory understanding of the lunar cycle and its direct impact on not just mood but a vital sea of internally shifting personae would help many to come to terms with these interior changes.

So I wrote: "Moon Dance: The Feminine Dimensions of Time."

At the time I was reading two books by Jungian therapist, Jean Shinoda Bolen: "Goddesses in Every woman" and "Gods in Every man." It was something of a revelation to find someone with a background in Psychology giving voice to these archetypal components that make up human personality (and character) structure.

Most driving of all was the glaring truth that there is no singular standard for human normalcy.

I went to work aligning the prototypes of mythology with their astrological counterparts. And since I had a very active clientele (with my own Florida Keys TV show) and was living with a man, I was able to do a lot of "field research."

Living with a man provided me with a very powerful projection screen as I began to chart where I was at--internally--based on the moon's position. The moon is linked to Yin or feminine essence whereas the sun signifies the Yang side of this most paramount of all (living) equations.

Today, for instance, the moon is in Aries and that would typically associate with active behavior emanating from a sense of personal independence. However, since Aries (the sign) answers to Mars and Mars is locked into a tight bond with Saturn (the cold planet of winter and associated with stillness), I don't feel that movement at all.

In 18 hours the Moon will advance to Taurus which is very related to FOOD and security and sensuality.

30 hours later, the moon will move into Gemini which brings out the chattiness in people and for many, the duality that comes from the Twin's orientation.

And so on.

When I talk to women about this subject they joke that their husbands frequently ask "Which one are you today?" or "Who are you today?"

The whole concept of "lunacy" is tied to the moon's cycle and it impacts females much more than males. Heck, the menstrual cycle is itself based on this 29 day rhythm structure built into time, as biologically experienced. Women experience TIME differently than men do... but they are expected to conform to the Male Model (as patriarchy demands).

It was my intention to have women journal and come to recognize the recurrent nature of particular feelings and responses and notice how these often linked up with the 12 sign archetypes.

In my own experience, I recognized that during some lunar phases I was very desirous of having contact with my male companion and at other times, I wanted to be alone. I also came to see when my writing would be most profound in contrast with those times when I could deal with business, bureaucrats and accounting.

There are outer planet cycles that ARE depressing and these tie in with the planet Saturn, a dour figure who totally fits the persona of Richard Nixon and other Capricorn rigid patriarchs just like him.

In other words, I write about these correspondences all the time. I just finished an article on The Human Maturation Process and the key planetary cycles that drive it.

I see the cosmic clockworks as a didactic system intended to support the spiritual evolution of human beings.

So much of this wisdom has been subsumed into the authoritarian model that insists that all people (blending Yin into Yang and thereby taking away the voice of Woman, the intended counterbalance and partner to Man) are alike, that there is one god (curiously a lot like any white male CEO), and that one size fits all. It also presents time as uniform slots marching in straight rows on calendars.

And just as the MDeity, largely the product of the masculine concepts of science does their tests on men and generalize results to women, there is ZERO interest in, or study of the relationship between the moon's tie to the female menstrual cycle AND the personae it gives rise to.

When I lived with the man in the Florida Keys, I noticed that tensions always broke out when the moon passed through the sign of Cancer. (There were volatile influences to that sign among 3 family members.) I tried to get him away from my space at that time.

What was also shown to me is that people have moments--that can be predicted (or plotted) where they may feel like they are "losing it." If, instead of taking a drug that shuts off full sentience, they understand it's a passing 2-3 day cycle... they can learn to master themselves and get a better grip on their emotions.

That is one of the key reasons for "taking on a body" according to a variety of spiritual sources. The Bible itself relates that "He (or she) who conquers himself is greater than he who conquers a city." According to Edgar Cayce, the "emotional bodies" are the most challenging to tame.

I have a theory that's based on balancing the triangle: and the triangle in its equilateral form requires a person to take care of their body (respect the body temple) through wise dietary choices (and no major substance abuse); constantly exercise the mind, working it like a muscle through the conscious exposure to new learning, and lastly, find ways to balance the emotions. That could entail running, biking, Yoga, meditation, Martial Arts, walks by the still waters, etc.

IF these 3 aspects are kept in balance then I think LOVE is possible and possibly even reflexive. (This ties in with the chakras... with the HEART represented by the 4th chakra.)

Those who are substance-dependent (or addicts) tend to be narcissistic and most of their time is spent feeding the habit. They typically lie to loved ones and even steal to support these habits. These behaviors betray love.

When people are in poor health they may love as best they can, but their condition prohibits them in many ways, too.

And people who are emotionally out of balance or intellectually stuck hold back the progress of those in their circles. These are usually the relatives who set up problems for others to solve.

Thanks for the nod. I am also working on a Ted Talk concept and some of what I've mentioned here will no doubt factor into that. I'm amazed by the variety of speakers and subjects, but I didn't see anything on Astrology.

As I often joke, we're in an era where every possible sexual expression is out of the closet yet Astrology--the meta-science of broad relationships--remains in the closet.

Years ago I heard a memorable lecture by Robert Hand (who some in my field term "the father" of modern astrology) where he explained WHY the Astrologer was the first--and potentially the last--heretic. It goes back to the one size fits all tyranny and how that premise, alone, has thwarted the spiritual growth of humanity for ages.