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Are Elections Less Important Than Ever in the Age of Trump?

Are Elections Less Important Than Ever in the Age of Trump?

Sonali Kolhatkar

I confess I am enjoying watching the Republican Party implode. It is an all-consuming act of political rubbernecking. The blowback, personified by Donald Trump, of the party’s decades-long descent into the politics of fear is strangely gratifying to watch.

Donald Trump is the president this country ‘deserves.’

Whatever Hillary Clinton considers herself politically, moderate, progressive, or whatever, her policies are pretty impressive from the point of view of the left side of the political spectrum. She recently came out with a 5-point plan for environmental justice. If she does win, my guess is that if people on the left push her to fulfill her campaign promises there is a lot to look forward to. On the other hand, if people on the left just view her as the enemy she will not have the support to get her campaign promises into law. Bernie Sanders will be working hard to get her fulfill her campaign promises and so will members of the progressive caucus. I think this article take too dismal a view of what a Hillary Clinton presidency might mean.

It doesn’t appear that the internet will be the media sharing real information for much longer. How long before it’s media is controlled by those who now control the MSM? With a tool as powerful as the internet, we merely have to press a few Keys to enter a world of near unending information, most of which is not; at any given time, forwarded by the MSM to the people who have a right to know. http://www.dailycaller.com/2016/10/02/a-federal-judge-just-let-obama-give-away-the-internet So much for transparency.

Our last link to reality will be absorbed by those who want total control over us and we won’t stop it.

But hey! look at all the good things we’re being promised by electing a Clinton or a Trump ! Honesty, integrity, truthfulness, Peace, longer life spans, social justice, income equality, lower taxes, tax credits, fair trade deals, clean potable water, fresh air, reliable drugs, fair drug pricing, affordable health care, near pollution free environment, everyone paying their fare share to keep us all prosperous, healthy and secure, I’m sorry; really so sorry. We don’t get any of that from Clinton or Trump; except for the promises along with a pound of bull sh!t for each and ever citizen of America. It’s the new American way. Death for dollars. millions of losers with a handful of winners.

Do we truly believe that Clinton or Trump will better our lives? That either will do anything to secure the future of this Nation and our descendants? Do we actually accept either as a viable, truthful, concerned candidate who will respect and represent ‘our’ needs and rights?

I didn’t at the beginning or yesterday. I don’t, as of today. Nor will I ever believe either of the Two evils will actually represent you and I.

Stein/Baraka 2016 They ‘Can’ win, if we vote for them. They will represent ‘us’.

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Insinuating that a vote for Stein is a ‘protest’ vote is insulting the intelligence of the masses that support Stein and an attempt to disenchant those who would consider it.

Not saying that this was the authors intent, but it is a rather subtle innuendo.

Those of us that have given Jill Stein the benefit of our time in research; from history to platform, are positive that our vote is for the better candidate. We expect nothing more than aggression towards this Nation, its citizens and the world from Clinton or Trump. The corporate agenda is set, they only need a Clinton or Trump in control, but more importantly these Two vehement candidates need ‘our vote’ to continue that agenda. Don’t give it to them !

Stein/Baraka 2016 They will represent ‘us’.

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Elections are less important than ever. People are waking up to the fact that representative government is not democracy. If it’s not grassroots direct, it’s not democracy.

The Republican party conserves nothing. It is a far right wing ideology.