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Are ExxonMobil Execs the Most Evil People in the 200K-Year History of Humanity?

Are ExxonMobil Execs the Most Evil People in the 200K-Year History of Humanity?

Juan Cole

Internal ExxonMobil documents show that the company’s scientists predicted in 1982 that by 2020, parts per million of carbon dioxide in earth’s atmosphere would reach 410-420 ppm. For the first time this spring ppm of CO2 exceeded 415.


Let’s remember to vilify the automobile/truck manufacturers and their advertising agencies that sold the public on the SUV via the soccer-mom meme. The petrodollar system loves inefficiency because more energy is consumed and that is how profits are generated. We simply must rewrite economic policy to remove such incentives. Neither tax strategies nor targeted subsidies can save us. NEW ECOLOGICALLY SOUND AND SOCIALLY JUST ECONOMIC POLICY NOW!


These Exxon execs are so evil, they didn’t give a damn about bequeathing a corpse-strewn hellscape to their own grandchildren.


don’t compare them to Thanatos. In spite of his methods, his goal was still to save planets, not destroy them. He was, in fact, the ultimate emergency brake for over-extraction. It’s why he’s the villain in the MCU instead of a potential hero.


Very, very true! What we need it seems to me, is a Third World War to defeat the evil, ExxonMobile and the rest of the genocidal fossil fuel maniacs…before it is too late and millions die world wide, from the coming climate devastation.


An new contribution to self-examination of this issue is on the shelves right now:


I am coming out of a period of extreme cynicism, into what I am not sure ?

I think it has more to do with human nature - i.e., you and me - everyone in the streets…

As a species, we are easily overwhelmed, hence the need for leaders, for heroes.

If Ralph Nader is right, we need only one percent on board and active.

This board is a form of activism, hence part of the solution.

And Michael Collins, Command Module Pilot on Apollo 11, speaks eloquently of Gaia in his new preface to his beautiful book “Carrying the Fire”, now also on the shelves, the 2019 iteration, celebrating the upcoming 50th anniversary of the first Moon Landing.


No, the aren’t. They made a choice. It could have been different, but they took the easy way out. Hundreds of millions around the Earth make the same decision every day. They take their plastic-wrapped products in plastic bags, get into their carbon-emitting cars and trucks, drive over a asphalt road to their gas or electric heated/air conditioned homes. It’s the culture stupid!

The existential threat humanity is facing is the result of over 200 years of largely ignoring the consequences its way of life has on Earth’s ecosystems and atmosphere. The threat has grown with increasing speed; too fast for governments and society to change.

We have the knowledge, but do we have the will? There will be blood.

Yes, if we are not part of the solution…we are part of the problem!

They must pay for their externalities, the pollution of our water ,air and ground the cancers that it causes .
The governments must subsidise solar energy to the Max .End our reliance on toxic Hydrocarbons .

Thanks for the link.

My pleasure !

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Far more than politicians, it is the (mega) corporations that are pulling the strings, and doing us in.
The very notion of the corporation must be revisited. In U.S. law, there is term of art to describe how some members of corporations are protected from the negative consequences of their individual and collective decisions - it is known as the corporate veil, as in “lifting the corporate veil,” which rarely happens during the discovery process.


Corporations were illegal for a long time, and for good reason.
They are a legal fabrication designed specifically to shield select individuals from the consequences of their actions, and as such are regularly used as a cover for actions that would be criminal if undertaken by an individual.
No viable society would tolerate the existence of corporations.

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Am glad to see, and agree with, your lucid assessment. To state the obvious: we are in effect helpless before the corporation.

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Rex Tillerson should be tried for Crimes Against Humanity.
That said, Juan, we don’t have until the end of this century. Scientists have really downplayed how fast this boulder is rolling down hill. What we do know has taken vast amounts of research by Scientist, who don’t even know all the variables to factor into the equation. Can you imagine a Scientist saying that Miami Beach will be unlivable in 5 years? Can you imagine, with the Atlantic Ocean already so warm, telling those on the Atlantic coast that they are going to be slammed with at least one Cat 5 Hurricane per year, (low ball estimate), in the next 5 years? Our Farmers in Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Ohio, have been flooded so completely This year. that most will not be able to plant. Most will get out of farming.
These problems pale in comparison with what we will be facing in 10 years, much less at the end of this century.

Dear Rich and thoughtless people:
Yes, I suppose that money has brought you a lot of power as you have so many minions running around doing your bidding----but, did you ever stop to consider what you would do without the minions?
When you insist on destroying a world, and believe that your power of money will save you…maybe you should rethink that. Besides, you are so used to minions, that you really can’t exist without them. What a shock when they all depart—and with your money too. : )

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Thanks Juan for having the courage to state the truth and skills to say it so well

The Green Effect Analysis
I would like to see some In-Your-Face detailed questionnaires going out to ALL businesses in all industries. The theme would be whether their company is accelerating or decelerating climate change. Required to be filled out, posted in public view, returned to the government for potential taxation.
I would like to see every person trained to analyze and be aware of every one of their small daily actions and their major life plans on terms of its Green Effect.
I would like to see Green Plans from the person and family on up through neighborhoods, towns states and cities.

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Instead of promoting retail sales, municipalities can support resale–used books, used clothing, used toys. This should be not only something that the poor do, but something that everyone does. My daughter, a professional, holds parties with her friends to exchange their apparel.
Instead of places promoting new buildings, a hard look should be taken at renovation so that natural areas can be restored and protected.
Make green rooftops and walls and porches.
Realize that the necessary changes are going to shock people’s and company’s investment plans. Wake people up about this. Scale down growth expectations. But remember that your kids college fund won’t be needed if college is free.