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Are Israeli Snipers Censoring Palestinian Journalists by Murder?


Are Israeli Snipers Censoring Palestinian Journalists by Murder?

David Palumbo-Liu
On April 25, Ahmad Abu Hussein became the second Palestinian journalist Israeli snipers shot to death while covering the Great March of Return demonstrations, a series of weekly, massive Palestinian demonstrations demanding the right to return to their lands. Abu Hussein was 24 years old. Just days before, Israeli live ammunition killed 30-year-old Yasser Mourtaja.


The situation of Palestinian journalists appears to something for what Trump is aiming for here. According to Trump the press is the enemy of the people. It sounds like the Palestinian Authority has the same view. From what I have read it is also getting more difficult for the Israeli press in Israel to operate as a free press. It remains unclear whether these shootings of journalists were intentional or not but in Iraq many journalists were shot. In Syria not even investigators were allowed into the area where it is alleged that chemical weapons were used. In France, jihadist terrorists entered the office of a magazine and shot a number of staff members. Many people in power with specific goals will stop at nothing to achieve their goals when democratic protections are absent or fail.


"Are Israeli snipers intentionally shooting to kill journalists and kids? OF COURSE THEY ARE!

The Israeli IDF and “security forces” are and have been extreme racists and depraved killers of men, women, and especially children! They have targeted journalists, EMS and ambulances, and international protesters without a shred of decency or honor. They defend their extremist “religion” cloaked illegal colonization and theft of the Occupied Territories in direct violation of International Law, UN resolutions, committing numerous crimes against humanity! Israeli courts almost never hold murderers accountable - a sick joke is justice in Israel! Their open and blatant pathological deceit and lies about almost every aspect of their actions are beyond redemption!

The record of this agenda and methods reaches back to 1948 in Palestine and Lebanon - killing usually un-armed people with delight and depraved indifference to the lives of others - often using indiscriminate and banned weaponry - cluster bombs, white phosphorus, fletchet bombs/shells, land mines and more -targeting not only unarmed civilians but essential civilian infrastructure as their MO - homes, water resources, farms and orchards, and denying medical care essential building blocks of life - the Israeli racist ethnic cleansing of territory to be for Jews only! The Israeli extremism is rooted in a racist mind-set not unlike nazi racism and US white nationalist neo-nazi mentality.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iman_Darweesh_Al_Hams The story of Palestinian schoolgirl murdered and her IDF murderer found innocent! Typical for the zionist entity!

Another hideous aspect of Israeli genocide is that the US supports their mass killings, occupation and colonization, and genocide - the US is a stooge lap-dog for Israeli war crimes!




The biggest difference between Nutten-Yahoo and Tweetle-Dumb is that Nutten-Yahoo has better hair!


But they were “only following orders”.


Netanyahu still not behind bars? Just like the political bribery control in America, the criminals running Israel are untouchable. Americans are paying for this murder of innocent people. On another note, like others I believe Fukushima is a Israeli produced catastrophe. The msm never mentions Israel nor does it mention Fukushima.


I thought Fuku was caused by earth quake & resulting tsunami? Your proof otherwise?


I believe ajo is referencing the current MSM news blackout on Fukishima rather than some human causative act like terrorism. The media have hidden news on the meltdowns since the beginning, the incompetence of TEPCO and their dumping contaminated water into the Pacific…and government complicity.
"Fukushima Nuclear Radiated nuclear Waste water leaking polluted Pacific Ocean. Over 300 tons disposed in ocean each day. Over 1000 big tanks on site most are leaking. Water evaporated from Ocean will carrying fatal Radiation polluting all water on Earth, and all food chain. All living creatures on Earth "



BDS the US Fourth Reich as well. It is the funding and arming source for not only Israel, but for Saudi Arabia and other Middle East dictator states. It also uses its Security Council veto to head off any reaction to Israel and SA by the UN, as they destroy Palestine and Yemen.
*The new Reich’s foul stench is permeating the entire world.
BDS! BDS! BDS them all!