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Are Liberals Helping Trump? Not Much, Apparently


Are Liberals Helping Trump? Not Much, Apparently

Jim Naureckas

“Are Liberals Helping Trump?” asks the New York Times national correspondent Sabrina Tavernise (2/18/17). She seems to think they are.


Apparently some Trump supporters are looking for excuses for supporting a fascist, racist, xenophobic Rather than admitting even to themselves why they support Trump they are trying to blame liberals.


DNC are blaming Trump to elevate themselves.
DNC is the problem, not Trump. (see Caitlin Johnstone)


Newsflash-Both parties are the Problem!

If both of these parties put People, Planet, and Peace over Profit, we wouldn't be in the $hithole, that we have been in for 30 years.


Each day I receive many email messages from Democratic Party operatives seeking funds to fight Trump. How will sending the Party more money solve the problem ?


The Times is bad for the county, Wall Street Journal is bad for the county, MSNBC,CBC, ABS, FOX, CNN, NBC are bad for the county, the CIA is bad for the county, NATO is bad for the country, the Democrats are bad for the country, the Republicans are bad for the country, the Federal reserve is bad for the country, corporatism is bad for the country, US foreign policy is bad for the country - Big Oil is bad for the country - MIC is bad for the country..

Trump is bad for the country - but maybe now that country has hit the far right wall and it now is all so obvious how illegitimate the country is- not a force for democracy but a force for consolidated power and money for the few by whatever means - will there be an awakening - or are the Americans trapped in an endless struggle between left and right ( a false narrative) no other choices. Notice how easily the big bad Russians came charging back and how many hopeless idiots now march with McCarthy and the return to the Cold War.

Will Americans do what it takes and rid itself of ALL the establishment classes. Trump is establishment warring with the old establishment classes. Its fun to watch but how few see it for what it is. The MSM is doing its best to distract. Taking sides with the mainstream narrative is insane as it is to take sides with forces that are bad for the country.

The vote remains in place - the tools are there - third party or are the people too brainwashed?

I see a nation with the tools for change but is powerless to avoid its own demise.


I have been trying to figure out that as well. I have concluded that the fund raising is help those now in office get re-elected. However, it seems kind of early for that. They might be challenged in the primaries so why should we assume they are best candidate to face the Republicans?


And anyone reading these comments who supported Trump now feels attacked and demeaned and probably will decide to not read anymore of the things here because who wants to be called names and insulted?

You see I could say "Clinton supporters are looking for excuses for supporting a warmongering, child deporting, Wall Street toady, corrupt person even after she lost the election, Rather than admitting even to themselves why they supported Clinton- they are trying to blame conservatives."

But I thought you rejected the 'purist' voting agenda of folk like me who refused to vote for either lousy candidate. You didn't support Clinton to support those things, even if you agree she holds some of those positions. Can't you see that some folk might have figured that Trump was a lesser evil and they supported him winning over Clinton winning, just as many who supported Clinton don't support everything about her but saw her as the lesser evil? These Trump supporters didn't do it because they support racism, etc. Maybe they thought he was more likely to bring jobs back and that was their defining point. Maybe they are deeply pro-life and that issue is all that matters in voting for them? Maybe they are really good people whose lives were really in deep trouble until they had a salvation experience and they aren't mean spirited, but they really believe abortion is the moral issue of our time?

But your response seems to indicate you just want to attack them rather then understand them and recruit them to your side.


As I've been saying all along, for a lot of these people it's not about Trump as much as it is about making "libruls" mad. The reactionary politics is rather obvious, and on absolutely full display in the NYT article.

I'm really tired of being told that we should be nice to neo-Nazis. Trump ran a campaign rooted in racism. He openly bragged about sexually assualting women. He wasn't a secret. That's what a lot of these folks liked about him.

And don't give me any crap about calling them Nazis. These are the same people who have spent the last 15 years calling people "feminazis." Now they say that liberals are being mean to them? QQ more.

For a little balance, read this:


Just once, I'd like to see an article talking about how mean conservatives are and how they need to reach out to liberals more, but the narrative only seems to go the other way.


I'm having a hard time sussing how anyone who supports Citizen KKKane, given all he's said and done, could in any way, shape, manner or form be deemed a "moderate"

And why "moderates" would need anyone to "persuade" them to not do so.


Trump is a symptom of the disease that has infected this country. It's called Greed and it's highly contagious.


Who knows how to define "liberals?" When I saw Hillary Clinton labelled a "progressive," it was clear that this word, too, had lost all meaning.

Liberal media, since the 1990s, have promoted conservative economic/class ideology. Clearly, they believe that our deregulated capitalism is so successful that there are jobs for all, so we no longer need poverty relief programs. Indeed, they no longer acknowledge the existence of jobless poor in the US. I'm confident that Trump approves.


Ah, but the catch there is that the US actually has been implementing fascism (by definition) for years, step by step, from the bottom up. Fascism isn't necessarily abruptly imposed by a military coup, but can slowly be embraced by a society. Because we are primarily an economic entity, it makes sense that we've embraced a class-based form of fascism. We've already stripped our poor of a list of fundamental civil and human rights, and during these years, the broader public has been re-educated to view the poor as something separate, more like a subspecies. This is fascism. We watch as it trickles up.


Do you mean just like the Obamabots who refused to see that he was a puppet, who supported the horrors perpetrated on the people of Libya, Syria, Yemen and the Ukraine. Yes, the Ukraine, where the US gov't organized a coup against a fairly and democratically elected gov't and installed real Nazis as their puppet gov't.