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Are Postal Service Cuts Motivated by Voter Suppression or Privatization—or Both?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/21/are-postal-service-cuts-motivated-voter-suppression-or-privatization-or-both

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You posed the question but didnt answer it.

Why dont you tell people that the General Agreement on Trade in Services, part of the WTO is literally a scheme to privatize everything whose goal is also offshoring (to foreign firms) millions of good jobs.

Its behind the privatization of all services unless they are “supplied in the exercise of governmental authority” are not conducted on a commercial basis nor do they have even one competitor.

This is a war on the very eistence of a middle class nyhwere, while funneling profits to the rich.

Yes, its “opt in” unlike the US style “next generation” FTAs that are trickery itself

WTO is opt in , BUT get it theough your heads, WE OPTED IN.

This is our scheme to take over the world’s economic future, and its the biggest lie ever. One of truly Biblical proportions.

This theft is the one thing BOTH parties agree on, this war against US. As do their oligarch friends around the world and of course the deal between the US ruling class and the Third World ruling class to beat down our planets people’s dreams MUST BE KEPT.

Thats what Biden means by keeping everything the same. he clearly means that. I bet that if 100 Americans were randomly picked and put in a room at least 95% of them would reject 100% of these dirty deals.

Americans need to know this deal to privatize everything is going o behind all of our backs, and its taking our right to change any of these things. They need to know that even Bernie Sanders lied to us to hide this scheme.

You by hiding the real causes of all these countless problems are joining with a cabal of very dicey right wing think tanks and so called global economic governance organizations, along with both US political parties. Dont be fooled by their good cop bad cop routine. or the WTO propaganda, which if you read it closely actually shows that the critics who say that these deals are totally against the public interest in every possible way and are stealing the planet, and really a betrayal of the human race, and an attempt to take away all the gains of the last century for the rich, those critics are totally right.

Blogs like this one are increasingly fake, because you’re not trying to help us do anything to fix it, youre promoting the same behavior thats gotten us where we are today in a very skilled and evil way.

Think about the implications of lierally trading away millions of jobs, in exchange for things that nobody in their right mind wants like higher drug prices, (They kill poor people, you know, lots of us)

They made deals that no US voters would ever vote for and they are getting away with it because of a level of lying which boggles the imagination. these deals which are represented as helping the poor ALWAYS only help the rich oppress the poor by pulling the decent jobs out from large numbers of people and giving them to people who are being string along with promises that will likely never be kept of being able to migrate here. But its not sustainable. I know they want more rich people, thinking more republicans but its not smart to pull the rug out from underneath our own workers just to save money on wages. That crosses a line. Also media hidingfacts to the level thats is ocurring crosses a line.

Yes other oligarchs aroujd the world are hiding this too they are trading obligations so that democracy is prevented under treaties that are so incredibly costly to reverse.

This trap is also intended to destroy BOTH Medicare and Social Security. Thats been done by hiding the details of back room trade agreements that steal the kinds of benefits people were promised and replace them with commercial profit making. This shows we are actually being deceived by a cult. Its bery subtle but obvious the disinformation being foisted on this country - but when people figure it out, its not going to be possible to have trust fro any genuine human being. The lies are going to be stropped away, the country re united and we will be fred of these vampire people…

If you care you will stop trying to cover up facts and hide the dishonest misrepresentations of politicians.

Which is irreversibly stealing democracy and disenfranchising voters permanently by taking away our right to vote to change anything, Who gave you the right. None of us did.

All these deregulations whether by Trump or Biden are fully intended to steal policy space irreversibly. Yes, we could buy our rights back but it would cost a kings ransom, which will we buy back, healthcare jobs or other jobs or healthcare insurance or affordable energy or energy jobs, or a million post office jobs or bla bla bla, each one is going to cost millions of other jobs.

Its a total theft we cant win and our biggest mistake was trusting them. And YOU.


Hi zed:
I keep thinking of the French RevoIution. America doesn’t have any kings, queens and other royal types —but politicians and business peopIe often act Iike those peopIe from history. Since we don’t have royals. I guess the CEOs wiII have to stand in for that. In fact those are the peopIe who seem to think so much of themselves as in , " born to ruIe! “: ).
---- sigh—it might get messy here before it turns IogicaIIy into a functioning democratic repubIlic----and that was Ben Franklin’s warning…”…it’s a repubIic if you can keep it." Of course, America might dissolve into city states Iike Greece was too.

What about Kennedys, Clintons, Bushes, Trumps and so on?

Actually, I think the Handmaid’s Tale, Hunger Games scenario is a very real one, a nuclear civil war …

Handmaids Tale depicts one that leaves most of the country too toxic to live in,

Actually, Benjamin Franklin’s WARNING, must be listened to, what it was about, was apolitical… A huge volcanic eruption leaving the whole planet starving for at least a year or two or more without a summer, , or more due to (what we now know would happen is changes in the albedo or reflectivity of the clouds around the earth, reflecting more light back out into space…

A 2010 film that depicts mass starvation and death and a global (non-nuclear) winter, “On the Road” (it was adapted from anovel by Cormac Mc Carthy.) is a realistic depiction of the breakdown in society (Including cannibalism) we could expect from a major environmental catastrophe, whether caused by humans or not (A very large volcanic eruption elsewhere in the world, say Iceland, or Indonesia, or Yellowstone, etc. could do it. And has many times. )

Statistically, it happens. Most species are wiped out every once in a while, every say million years or so there is a big, but much less catastrophic event that merely kills off most of the population of the planet but still leaves a few so many species arent totally wiped out. At some point many tens of thousands of years ago, there was a very large volcanic eruption that wiped out most of humanity. All humans alive today are descended from the surivors of that catastrophe…

Also in another post - yesterday I discussed the events which could occur after a large solar flare hit earth, this is an event which has a very high propbility of happening. AND NOW because of all the nuclear power plants, which require constant power for cooling, and the way they work, there is a huge danger of a great many nuclear meltdowns all at the same time, that didnt exist until we started building these things. SO we have to stop and make them so they dont pose this huge danger before building any more.

Zed is right. There is a massive wave of privatisation going on, around the world. It is theft from the Commons and like all larceny it is very profitable for the thief and his cronies.
The political problem is that in this duopoly-which exists internationally as the Blairite Labour Party on the UK, the German SPD et al demonstrate- the Opposition will not oppose this crime wave. They too have been bought off. Which is why the Democrats prefer to couch the Post Office story in acceptably partisan terms-Trump, Republican vote suppression etc- rather than identifying it as part of a long Reaganite/Thatcherite/Yeltsin wave of cutting services, selling off profitable state monopolies (in which the profits are expressed in terms of satisfied customers, low prices and Unionised Labour) to their cronies.
And that is because for every Republican President’s cronies there are Democratic equivalents.
What is the betting that Biden already has a plan to sell off the Post Office himself?

Don’t you know that in 1986 more than a hundred countries they agreed (in Punta Del Este, Uruguay on September 20) to make services, approximately 80% of the economy tradable by means of a new multilateral (later world) trade organization, and after eight years of negotiations a treaty emerged in 1994, the Marrakesh Agreement, which was implemented in an enabling law, the URAA and signed on December 8, 1994, becoming effective Jan 1, 1995? That was basically like a new global Constitution that took over everything of economic importance.

Many of these new rules apply to all services, with some services taking on much more in the way of commitments to open to foreign firms and also it seems their employees, shift which could radically change the American workplace to favor contracting firms with very low wages and their temporary, overseas based workforces, even for high skill jobs that currently pay a decent living.

But this is what a very powerful business lobby wants. They say we’re wsting trillios of dollars by paying employees much more than we could and should.

Since then, its been our sworn mission to transition to privatized almost everything, if it receives any tax money at all.

with almost no exceptions, except the government itself, and the things it does both exclusively and for free.;

The jobs are also in various ways up for grabs, so people would be wise to consider that. Virtually every change thats being made has to lead to more privatization and globalization. Work is supposed to become an international affair with a new kind of guest worker becoming much more common.

The shift is supposed to prop up a great many countries companies and governments, such as the Least Developed Countries.

Instead of services for the poor, the new rules, which were written mostly in the 1980s and 1990s implement a trickle down model, where gradually the only permissible answer is to gradually look mre and more to other countries to do those things for us that require government intervention. (Which is limited to the absolute least amount of interference possibe, and the shortest amount of time possible and involving the minimum number of people possible, so anything involving the government will likely be means tested and limited to people who no corporations product anywhere would help.)

. This is why Bidens promise to expand Medicare actually means privatize and most likely globalize it. Both of Biden, Trump, Bernie would only have been allowed to shrink governmemt, not expand it. bernie would have had to withdraw our commitments from the WTO to make any of the kids of changed he could up until the first standstill, which may even have been as early as 1982. A standstill clause means exactly that, stand still. For example, on areas that are subject to a trade agreement, in the case of GATS the scope is very broad, everything that affects trade in services.

To change that they woud have to modify or remove commitments we made in the 90s by means of a divorce-like and potentially quite costly WTO procedure. I never heard Bernie mention anything like that. So the advice he’s giving us is wrong, we should not do anything like what Biden is suggesting, and Biden is not even himself empowered to make any positive changes unless he leaves the WTO commitments made back in 1994 and 1998. Also, we have to roll back changes we made since then in health insurance to the 1998 level, unless the WTO agrees to let us keep it where it is now. Something Biden should be pitching n his campaign. Otherwise he cannot expand the ACA or medicare, that will kill them by making them a global thing, Sorry!

So apart from that the best thing they could do is promise to do nothing under the circumstances we agreed to. Otherwise everything thats left in terms of a safety net will be gone before we know it. Every single area they touch can only go in one direction, cuts, unless its lityerally a national emergency like it was in 2010 for healthcare insurance and other financial services in the wake of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis…

The politicians now are more actors than we realize. Really, policy is run by these rules in Geneva nobody even knows about that most of us would strongly disagree with, thats why they never came up for a vote in 1994, and wont now.

As far as the political things, little has changed compared to the world of things that involve money. Governments are all equal and they get all the political everything, plus equal rights to surveillance to all, and corporations get control over all the money things that they want.

We’ll be able to price services and use picropayments to pay for our usage of corporatios roads, water and educational services, which will make it possible for people to buy and pay for things in all sorts of new and different ways.

These are similar arguments to those made against EU in the UK. And the Geneva agreements are summaries of the sort of conditions enforced by the World Bank and the IMF for decades.
As to the ‘job’ loss’ involved. Much of it consists of the degradation of full time employment into gigs and subcontracts, with the cutting of labour costs as a primary objective.
The problem is Capitalism.

I think the problem is a cult of extremists who literally stole our democracy. That are not ordinary capitalists. Too many sock puppets are here trying to create an impossible situation - just like they have

Perhaps hoping we will just give up. I say, no way, if democracy wasnt so valuable they wouldnt be hell bent on subverting and destroying it.

Ive met my share of these people and ive had endless arguments with them. they dont hold up under scrutiny.

They are however intelligent enough to realize that their arguments are now debunked and should be dropped, but the problem is their system is intentionally made to be inflexible.

Only children would fall for that lawyers trick.

They represent a false argument, that America willingly rejected the things they are trying to stamp out. Thats not true. They are so devoted to deceiving us because in a fair election they could not win. Thats why everything is bait and switch.

Under their system its not worthwhile educating Americans becuse we’re too expensive to employ. Who would vote for that if they realized it? Nobody would. This is why both candidates are lying through their teeth telling people only what they want to hear just to get elected…

This is why we have to send these two jokers back to the vendors and get better parties and better candidates.