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Are Resource Wars Our Future?


Are Resource Wars Our Future?

Michael T. Klare

At the end of November, delegations from nearly 200 countries will convene in Paris for what is billed as the most important climate meeting ever held. Officially known as the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP-21) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (the 1992 treaty that designated that phenomenon a threat to planetary health and human survival), the Paris summit will be focused on the adoption of measures that would limitglobal warmi


My impression is US citizens should be wondering if they specifically and personally will continue murdering so many people for their resources rather than if various nations will be fighting over miscellaneous specific resources that have been known and discussed as limited since the early 1970's.

If Americans unilaterally quit their world-wide murder spree it is possible the rest of the world will be able to settle down and think.


For a good introduction to these matters in more detail, I suggest Fred Pearce's "When the Rivers Run Dry", in which a spectrum of environmental and societal responses to stresses of the hydrologic system from anthropological causes is presented.


No, they are our present and . . .


It sounds like pro-military propaganda when posters such as yourself assert that it is AMERICANS that are doing all this killing.

How is it that after reading Mr. Hedge's brilliant rendition of Sheldon Wolin's unimpeachable insights about Inverted Totalitarianism, that you would revert to a frame that holds citizens accountable for what elites--unanswerable to said public--enact?

If someone steals shoes from a department store, I am not going to say that I did that. Nor should anyone who doesn't make it their practice to steal shoes.

And since elections are largely stolen or used as Vichy Theater to suggest representation (of the citizenry) where there is none, the canard that citizens necessarily support what govt-military-elites do is simply not true.

Those inside the military or some State apparatus would feel comfortable using this "one size fits all" frame. It's the perfect form of Manufacturing Consent. You are free to speak for yourself... but lumping all Americans into the MILITARY CAMP is a form of fascist rhetoric.


The Nuremberg principles require us to accept responsibility for what our superiors are doing. It is a form of intellectual narcotic to be able to say that I am not responsible for what upperclass people are doing in my name just because they have superior breeding to me.


If fascist policies, enacted by politicians that you voted for and support, caused the impoverishment of that man to get him to the point that he had to steal shoes, or go barefoot in the snow, then yes, you do share responsibility for his actions.
And in turn, if you didn't vote for the fascist politicos, but didn't speak out against them, then you also share responsibly for sitting on your hands while conditions around you deteriorated to the point that some peoples only recourse was to steal shoes.
It's amazing how collectivism is considered evil until the time comes to claim responsibility for success. Success, as we all know, has a thousand fathers. But failure, well, it's always been a lonely orphan.


Resource wars have been the past, they are present and they are the future. In the past it was not a war over resources because a particular resource was lacking. It was a war waged over those resources because some small numbers of people wanted more resources than were needed. They wanted to accumulate "wealth" in the way of resources so as to assert control over the other.

When The Roman Empire fell the population of The Nordic nations was miniscule yet all of the resources (More than there are today per capita) were controlled by a few. Certain tribes who did not have control over the same then migrated outwards to use force to seize from others. They went to and settled in places like Lombardy forcing those peoples out and asserting control over the same. Lombardy was part of the Roman Empire which for centuries had expanded outwards into territories of others for more land and power. (ie private property and the THIS is mine meme)

Resource wars are not so much about a lacking of resources as they are about how those resources are distributed and whom claims to have control or ownership of the same.


Hard to do when lies live and multiply in the mouths of our leaders who are controlled by the military power elite.


Klaire's points must be considered along with those of Helena Norberg-Hodge. The situation is really becoming desparate.


Don't worry, Siouxrose11, you are only guilty of being pro-military the moment you hold your nose and support another Democrat war-monger, even if you do it because you think the candidate might be 'socialist' or even if you are afraid the Republican opponent will be 'worse,' or will put another Scalito into SCOTUS.

So as long as you don't do any of those things, you're free and clear.


Except for paying taxes which are real world support. Not voting or talking about not supporting the martial system but living in this country, paying taxes, purchasing products from the corporate MIC and so forth make talk only talk and taxes real money.

You can oppose governmental actions but there is no way to divorce yourself from being one of the citizens of this country and collectively we all support what it does monetarily. You oppose by changing who gets elected and what is done in your name but just saying 'It's not me' is delusional. It is all of us which is why we need to change what is being done... it is our money doing it!


No, when your jailer is stealing your money, and he offers you a choice to drink poison at 100% strength or poison at only 80% strength, it is perfectly OK to refuse to answer the question.

Voting for candidates in US elections is not about us having any reasonable voice in governance.

It is about getting people to 'bond' with Sanders or whatever 'best possible' candidate the Pentagon allows to run, so that we will believe the leader is legitimate.

Voting in the kind of elections we have now is even worse than a waste of time. It's about helping in your own brainwashing.


Sorry but you make no sense. You seem to think it is some sort of game >>>

What a crock. Plain and simple. You've zonked out on surface perceptions. Get sober and look at the reality. Presidents aren't kings but they do have specific powers like the nomination of supreme court justices. If you think Bernie would be no different than Jeb or Trump or even Hillary than you are too zonked to be real about things.

Secondly you aren't in jail nor being given poison...Such absurdist drama is almost bizarre and certainly nonsensical.

Voting may not be all that it should be but if you can't see any difference between Sanders and Jeb Bush or any of the others there isn't much point to discussing it with you or even listening to what you say. You believe in nothing and have no hope only resignation and defeat.

Voting this time around counts more than it ever has before for all progressives. There has never been a real progressive candidate with a record to prove that it isn't all just talk like Bernie has. He will do much to help this country's working class, poor and middle class and get it off oligarchy's control.

Bernie didn't take their money... that is very different indeed isn't it? But that doesn't matter to you. Nothing will matter to you. You have been defeated and are certain about that fact.


Yes. Yet the principle of responsibility was formulated after military atrocities committed by the German state in the name of the people. US citizens are even more skillfully brainwashed by civilian morale management than the Germans were during ww2. Even so, US citizens have supported a system that killed near one million completely innocent Iraqi citizens and created a terrorized stampede of refugees that is destabilizing Europe. This is a fact that cannot be changed.


The situation is becoming critical. It will only become desperate after the point is reached where attempts to improve matters fail. We can still improve matters but time is running short. Klare isn't using a crystal ball. It is there for all to see. Oligarchy fails us and we will pay the penalties for allowing it to decide our fate.

Klare rightfully predicts increasing disaster like in the Sahara and potential disaster like the potential diversion of rivers (eliciting war most likely). However there are unexpected disasters lying in wait as the cyclone in Arabian Gulf shows. West Antarctica glaciers could shift into high speed flow unexpectedly.

We need an anchor. We need for people to have hope that all is not lost. People seem to be sensing this as the election of more progressive leaders are showing. As Pope Francis implores the faithful to be on God's side and help humanity - to help others and not just ourselves like the wealthy do.

In America we need to believe that our efforts to improve things won't be wasted. Bernie could do that for us. Obama was nothing but empty promises but Bernie has bucked the system so long that he wouldn't know how to do anything else.

People would try to help if they see that someone in power won't betray them. People of good will need an anchor of good will to rely on. Bernie can't do it all alone but just as we need an anchor of good will, he needs people of good will to believe in themselves again ...

and then we can all work together!

This time though... we actually would have a president on our side. That would be a real first in my time.

  • It is not just USA citizens. It includes at least the satellite nations of the USA (the coalition of the willing (to commit war crimes)) and probably the entire western world. I believe Australia's prime minister John Howard could have put a stop to it (it might have involved sacrificing his career). Without John Howard, Tony Blair would have been isolated. And without Tony Blair, the Iraq invasion would have been stopped or delayed.

  • I urge you to recall that despite full on propaganda over an entire year in order to prepare for this, 1.5 million people marched against this in London alone. 6 million people worldwide, and that it happened just the same. Tell me how the citizens are responsible for this. What else could they have done, short of violent overthrow of their government.


Hopefully the world's citizens have taken note of this endless war debacle and reckless destabilization only keeps the deaths and suffering going on and on. Next time it will be 60 million people who will protest.

No to war! Only ruling elites want war... ordinary people rarely do.


A government which commits horrendous atrocities for reasons that only make sense to bureaucratic ideology and pays to inflict grotesque pain, suffering and anguish using foreign credit is not the people's government, simply because citizens are not actually paying for military crimes against humanity and Earth. Additionally, there is no way a bunch of people with hunting rifles can overthrow most governments. And you are correct about other governments being complicit in crimes against humanity in the middle east; so correct that it is difficult to think of more than three or four governments on the entire planet that are peaceful, just and happy.

You are also correct that many millions of people can no longer be turned to war by slick Hollywood marketing.

What should we do?

Recognize that real democracy can be autonomous and does not need a nation to help focus distributed human intelligence. Most governments serve immortal corporate beings with super citizenship, they are chained to the single dimension of increasing profit to infinity and are thus locked into increasing friction from Earth. Capitalism’s violently expropriated free lunch is shriveling because immortals care not for the finer things in life like cleanliness, fun, beauty and health.

We the mortal people have no choice but to recognize the source of our power and act on it. Distributed human intelligence is entangled with the accelerating explosion of the cosmos into full bloom. Search in every language, you will not find a physicist to deny the futility of attempting to direct distributed human intelligence entangle with the exploding cosmos. Tyrants have never succeeded in ruling this popular life supporting planet and they never will. The cosmic rain of life never ceases. Help create a more perfect union. Set up a pan B for Bernie.

What if Bernie wins and the totalitarian tyrants try to force him to borrow money for bombs and make working class families pay for them? This revolution is an electoral revolution. Sometimes it involves official elections yet most of the time it involves focusing distributed intelligence to create a more perfect union.


While i understand what you're saying, it's not like we can stop anything. Now, if we had a functioning media that actually told the truth, or should i say, exposed the truth instead of vilifying truth tellers, we would have more responsibility b/c we could act in huge numbers that might actually change things. (And I sometimes use the rhetorical, collective "we.")

That's one thing i disagree with Hedges and Wolin on--i think Bernie might well be the first irritating cog in this big, ever-growing MICC machine. He is sparking an interest, and where there's a spark.... :O)