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Are Sanders and Warren Throwing a Lifeline to the Military-Industrial Complex?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/26/are-sanders-and-warren-throwing-lifeline-military-industrial-complex


Good piece. There’s also this:


Good article except for the “new arms race” part.

There is no new arms race, there’s only the old arms race, which the US leads in terms of spending and global arms sales, but in which Russia and China compete nicely with technological advances on much smaller budgets.

And if Sanders and Warren were going to address reality, they would point out that US hasn’t won a war in 70 years, despite all of that shameless deficit spending and non-stop conflict. In our most recent involvements, the Taliban have beaten us in Afghanistan, the Iranians are the clear winners in Iraq, and Russia has defended its boy, Assad, in Syria. Damn, even the ragtag Houthis have proven US air power to be a less than daunting obstacle by kicking the Saudi’s asses in Yemen.

But will you hear Sanders mention all that? I doubt it. Warren? No way.


Everyone has an opinion, none of you have the security clearance to have any clue what is really going on. Imagine a world where China and Russia were the leading military powers of the world and had bases every where like the US. If you think they would not invade other countries and take them over you are naive. Tulsi Gabbard who I like very much is naive, too in experienced and colored by her religious beliefs. Do you think dictators are nice people? Go ask anyone living in Russia, China, or North Korea how happy they are.

China is ready to invade Taiwan and Hong Kong, the people who live there do not want to be living under a communist regime. If China does this the world will jump in to defend and the US will be leading the way. Its not the wars the US wins, it is the wars the US prevents. The US prevents a lot of wars.

Can you provide an example or two of a war the US has prevented recently? Thanks.


The proposals by the Pentagon to develop more state of the art weaponry follows the generation of the same being currently deployed as being flawed and failures from the start. The last iteration of building the latest and greatest ended up with what are in fact pieces of crap. From the f-35 to the Zumwalts , from the Literal Combat vessel to the latest still not working 13 billion dollar carrier , all of these were monies wasted that accomplished nothing except waste monies.

This is literally pissing money away as far as the taxpayer is concerned but the Golden goose that just does not stop laying those Golden eggs as far as the 1 percent goes. As such it has never been about “National Security” and defense from adversaries abroad. It has always been about lining the pockets of some small few with filthy lucre.

Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people don’t want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peace makers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

In addition to those rocket scientists the USA apparently imported the Fascists that helped write Goerings speeches.


I wouldnt worry about the US attacking China or Russia or beating the war drums for those. The US is still heavily obsessed with the Middle East, especially with Israel’s craphole apartheid regime at our backs instigating and pushing for wars, first it was Iraq, now Iran etc. and the billions of aide we pour into their genocidal regime so it can continue murdering Palestinians.

Anyway I don’t take anyone’s alleged anti war stance seriously until and unless they propose to cut the DoD budget by 80% and close all our foreign military bases. I mean why do we still have some in Germany??? Seriously. We got Hitler. It’s over. Anyway until then, war mongering is part of this nation;s DNA and I am afraid nothing is going to change that. People in this country want blood and their pound of flesh. I am far more worried about a culture of war and troop worship than anything else. As long as we keep celebrating our troops as heroes who sacrifice for our freedoms (which is such a massive lie), nothing will change though i will admit Sanders is the closest thing that comes to any sort anti war efforts. Remember. Warren supports Israel so frankly she is out for me as a candidate.


Are you implying that we should support our demented Authoritarian-in-Chief for president in 2020?

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Just new playtoys for the MIC to experiment with using the taxpayers’ money and we don’t have any say in the matter. Try writing your congress person and they will politely write a letter back saying how important it is to have a strong military. Meanwhile kids go without lunches, the homeless have no place to sleep, and on and on it goes.


SuspiraDeProfundis writes: “In addition to those rocket scientists the USA apparently imported the Fascists that helped write Goerings speeches.”

How right you are – and then some! I’ve been digging into this question over the past couple of years, reading some well-researched, jaw-dropping accounts of how thoroughly the U.S. deep state absorbed leading members of the Third Reich after WWII, including shielding/taking in thousands of high-level Nazis and incorporating them into the U.S. security apparatus, especially overseas. Eric Lichtblau’s “The Nazis Next Door,” John Loftus’s “America’s Nazi Secret,” James Douglass’s “JFK and the Unspeakable,” and David Talbot’s “The Devil’s Chessboard” present the dark side of our country’s history… some of which I did my best to share in a blog, last year: http://invitation2artivism.com/?p=2805

A NAZI EMPIRE (How can this argument be wrong, when it feels so Reich?)

Posted on September 16, 2018 by admin

From David Talbot’s critically acclaimed history, The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government:

“Gehlen’s dream of reconstituting Hitler’s military intelligence structure within the U.S. national security system was about to be realized.” (p. 269)

“The Gehlen Organization saw the Cold War as the final act of the Reich’s interrupted offensive against the Soviet Union.” (p. 277)

A couple of years into this self-inflicted history course on which I’ve embarked, one critically acclaimed, impressively researched book after another informs me that, for decades, the U.S. deep state rescued and shielded thousands of high-ranking Nazis.

These new recruits of the national security state — keen to continue their war against the Russians — were not “just following orders,” and they were not just minor figures in Hitler’s Reich. By all accounts, they were zealous true believers and held positions of authority, including in the Gestapo and SS. Many of these deep state-embraced Nazis personally committed acts of torture, conducted scientific experiments on prisoners, and were directly responsible for scores of thousands of deaths.

At least one of these men, Dr. Franz Six, was one of the principle architects of the Final Solution.

To be clear: the powerful heads of the CIA and FBI, Allen Dulles and J. Edgar Hoover, weren’t simply looking for Cold War allies. They were actual Nazi sympathizers, and in some cases, their very close friends. Dulles and Hoover used their considerable power and influence to shield their Nazi cohorts from the Nuremberg Trials, the U.S.S.R., the Europeans and Americans, Congress, the Justice Department, presidents, and the press.

Secret Kings of the U.S.A.

And if you’re not overly familiar with the indelible stamp/stain that Dulles and Hoover left on our nation’s history, you should at least understand that two, just two, unabashedly bigoted men — a globetrotting spymaster and a civil rights-crushing thug — dominated U.S. foreign and domestic security policy for decades… each overseeing his own, personal, unaccountable, relentlessly criminal fiefdom, like a modern-day lord…

(Or an extremely well-positioned Nazi, back in the day.)

Like secret kings of the U.S.A., they could have human beings disappeared as easily as they could have government files detailing the heinous crimes of their high-ranking Nazi friends disappeared.

(And they apparently did a great deal of both.)

Dulles and Hoover represented the interests of insatiable oligarchs, who vociferously complained that Franklin Delano “Jew-sevelt” had put the United States on the wrong side of WWII. And they resolved to undo FDR’s presidency, directly contravening the President’s orders — in order to rescue Nazis and keep the war against Russia going.

They subverted the presidency of Harry S. Truman, also, because even though he’d embraced and officially launched their new “cold” war, he, too, was a Democrat — and the neo-fascist cabal was more closely affiliated, at that time, with the Republican Party.

(The situation today, with Trump in the White House, is somewhat reversed.)

And they ran their own, off-the-books, highly illegal foreign policy establishment… until the arrival in the Oval Office of Dwight D. Eisenhower, who they operated like a sock puppet. In Ike’s own words, these unrepentant Nazis and American neo-fascists turned his presidency into “a legacy of ashes.”

In his famous final presidential address, calling out the “Military Industrial (Congressional) Complex” — ever malleable, Ike was persuaded to drop “Congressional” from the speech — Eisenhower tried to warn the American people about the threat this cabal posed to our very liberty.

Although he’d spoken in appropriately dire terms, Eisenhower’s speech was too little, too late. He’d already effectively handed over his presidency to these profiteering sociopaths — resulting in coups, assassinations, and wars across the globe — auguring decades of foreign policy nightmares to come.

The Moral Problem

In their internal communications, the Dulles brothers and their disciples were clear that the only obstacle toward achieving their ends was what they termed “THE MORAL PROBLEM.” They had little use for politicians, journalists, citizens, or soldiers who believed that morality should enter into U.S. policymaking.

And they strained to persuade American presidents and allied world leaders that the West shouldn’t think twice about using nuclear weapons – in all kinds of situations.

The French, in particular, were appalled. However, Dulles had President Eisenhower declaring publicly that using the hydrogen bomb was no different than using “a bullet.”

Just another bullet…

And speaking of bullets, the Dulles mob would arrange, in time, for the assassination of a United States president — an idealistic, young, Catholic president whose presence in the White House was an affront to the Protestant cabal (mind you, I’m not suggesting they killed JFK because of his religious sect; that just made it easier for them).

Unlike 9/11 “Truther” claims, the more one looks into this “conspiracy theory,” the more compelling the evidence is that the U.S. deep state, led by Allen Dulles, killed our president. Mostly because JFK was trying to end the Cold War and making diplomatic overtures to the Russians. But also, I suspect, because Kennedy had fired Allen Dulles after the Bay of Pigs disaster (when JFK didn’t take the CIA bait and commit the United States to a military confrontation with the U.S.S.R.).

(The upstart, who did he think he was – the democratically elected President of the United States?! Allen Dulles and the rest of the grown-up world knew who was really in charge: the cabal. The very same cabal that then presided over the Warren Commission that investigated Kennedy’s murder… with unchallenged impunity and not a lick of shame.)

The neo-fascists haven’t looked back since that Dallas motorcade. Full speed ahead.

Still fighting the Nazis’ old war — leaving millions of corpses in their wake (in Korea, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, the Americas, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East…) — our nation’s intelligence establishment has been deliberately hyping the threat posed by Russia for decades… hunting for “Red October.”

Meanwhile, the increasingly lawless corporate state has glutted itself on obscene profits from financialized fraud and permanent war, in the process befouling and corrupting everything from our most cherished institutions — political, religious, educational, journalistic, and economic — to the planet itself.

The Nazi Pedigree of America’s Power Elite

Like the Wall Street bank run by Prescott Bush (GWB’s grandfather) in the 1940s, the titans of U.S. industry were largely sympathetic to Hitler’s Reich. Many continued doing business with Nazi Germany even after the U.S. had entered the war.

IBM, Kodak, the Coca-Cola Company, and the Associated Press were only the tip of this Reich-supporting, Wall Street iceberg.

The robber barons had been dealt real setbacks by the American labor movement, which was led by patriotic American communists and democratic socialists (back when Americans were permitted to think for themselves, before holding unpopular opinions about political/economic systems became grounds for dismissal, demonization, and worse).

But such people as these — the Kochs of their day, sociopathic, profiteering oligarchs — don’t give up easily, no matter how many presidents they have to deceive, manipulate, openly defy, or assassinate.

Setbacks or not, they usually get what they want.

And what does that look like? An unending holocaust of death, human misery, terror, and despotism.

Let’s review the history, shocking and depressing as it is:

An explicitly amoral, literally traitorous, neo-fascist cabal, with its hands on most of the levers of power in the American government/military/intelligence apparatus — and astonishing influence, if not outright control, over Western media — assiduously and covertly folded thousands of literal Nazis into the secret heart of our power structure… and Italy’s and West Germany’s (though France and England balked, at the time, siding with the U.S.S.R. on the question of whether Nazis should be prosecuted for their monstrous crimes — or rather, as Dulles and Hoover would have it, rewarded with important jobs in national security, U.S. government-purchased mansions and sailboats, and tickets to the World Series.).

These ruthless American warmongers covered up their Nazi allies’ old crimes while zealously facilitating new ones… in Iran in 1953, in Guatemala in 1954, and on and on, year in, year out, butchering millions and thwarting democracy wherever it raised its pretty head (terrifying to them)… in the name of “fighting communism.”

Like the War on Drugs, with its anti-black/Southern Strategy raison d’etre, the Cold War proved to be a complete and total sham. The “Domino Theory” was a fraudulent means to an unspeakable end: conquering and enslaving the world.

And the fascists are still up to their same old tricks today, in Syria, Brazil, Ukraine, Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua, Yemen, and beyond. (In Yemen alone, millions of people are on the brink of starvation, thanks to U.S. foreign policy.)

With spies in the White House and across the bureaucracy, these sociopaths have demonstrated, time and again, that they have nothing but contempt for democracy, morality, or the rule of law.

Domination by force is all they know.

Along with James W. Douglass’s JFK and the Unspeakable, John Loftus’s America’s Nazi Secret, Eric Lichtblau’s The Nazis Next Door, Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine, James Cone’s The Cross and the Lynching Tree, and Jeff Sharlett’s The Family, David Talbot’s book should be required reading in every high school and college in this nation.

Because when literal Nazis and their philosophical counterparts take over the internal mechanisms of the country, eventually our society comes to reflect that.

(It’s our country’s SOUL we’re fighting for… as well as whatever we can salvage of the future.)

The new fascist establishment, like the old, works exclusively for corporations, oligarchs, and plutocrats. It continues to practice Divide & Conquer, persecuting the marginalized and oppressed, with the masses vilifying each other first.

And their all-consuming project still threatens the future of billions of human beings…

Especially indigenous and dark-skinned peoples, any and all who are not of Western European ancestry.

Non-white, non-Protestant Christian, indigenous human beings are the first ones targeted by our political establishment. Indeed, the racism of our government is unmistakable, as our history amply demonstrates.

And the mass-murdering establishment’s champion in 2016 — it needs to be understood — was unquestionably Sec. Clinton, a career racist, warmongering demagogue, institutionally and politically. (That said, Donald Trump has proved pliable and useful enough to the cabal… even if he’s not the front person they desired for their grotesque enterprise.)

Today’s fascists, like yesterday’s, are still clawing and flailing madly at world domination, destroying far more than they conquer.

And they are still working to extinguish democracy in any form, corrupting our media and political institutions as they go, and dividing us along as many lines as possible, the better to conquer us.

They are still blithely amoral, perfectly willing to resort to ethnosectarian cleansing — usually through their terrorist, mercenary, and neo-Nazi proxies, but with “first-world” bombs and soldiers, if necessary — so long as they believe that genocide will advance their geopolitical aims… the aims of a corporatist, white-supremacist, Christian-Dominionist empire.

A Nazi empire.

Same as it ever was.

(Only this iteration is the one that’s wrecked the planet’s ecosystem and likely doomed us all.)


US officials also shortened many of the sentences handed out to the NAZi’s at Nuremberg and in return the person in question was expected to use his talents to help build the surveillance state in the USA. Added to that they did the same in Japan with the infamous unit 731. The Japanese that belonged to this unit committed some of the most horrific crimes and tortures on another people in history but were pardoned in return for the knowledge they had gained. The only Japanese members of this unit or units like it were sentenced and tried by the Russians.


I think China is authoritarian. Doesn’t mean I want to go to war with them. Sanders foreign policy is not what I would like it to be but it is a vast improvement


I’ll stick with Tulsi until I can no longer do so. Should the corrupt DNC and MSM succeed in silencing her, I’ll have to ponder if I can bring myself to vote for Bernie or return to the Green or Socialist Equality Party as I have voted since 1988. Nothing will be accomplished until we corrale the MIC and the alphabet soup agencies while repealing the Patriot Act.


If they don’t throw the MIC a life line and if one or the other gets the nomination, the nominee would simply be a dead human walking.

They are both a threat to fossil fuel, wall street, for profit insurance, private prisons. They have quite the list of extremely powerful enemies without stacking the full force of the MIC on top of the list.


I realize it is hard to list them all but Hillary Clinton’s BFF Henry Kissinger ordered the CIA to murder Chilean Socialist President Salvadore Allende. I point it out because Henry still gets invites to the WH from both parties.


Would people with a security clearance knew what was going on.


Benjamin writes a practical piece, and it would be nice were either candidate to take anything like this up in some way.

But neither Sanders nor certainly Warren are antiwar candidates, really. About the best that one can reasonably say is that Sanders is not consistently pro-war.

Can we imagine that the MIC has been off its main line enough to talk about a lifeline?

I don’t doubt Benjamin’s sincerity in this, but


I’m not so sure if the content of this essay justifies its title.

However, we do have direct evidence of Sanders willingness to court and woo the military with his receptive policies towards the F-35 deployment to Vermont


The point of US militarism is to make money: for the military contractors and keeping the world safe for US business investment (i.e. modern imperialism). Planes don’t have to fly and wars don’t have to be won. Geostrategically, Iraq is a success as it keeps Iraqi oil under US control and out of control of rivals like China. Destabilization is also a goal as failed states can’t form coalitions with other states to chart a future outside of US hegemony. (See Libya, Afghanistan, Syria.) In a fair fight, I have doubts about the US prevailing. (After all it was the Russians who won WWII.But the US “won” WWII because it was the strongest militarily and economically in the immediate post-war period. The US didn’t have much rebuilding to do.) But of course the US has no intention of fighting a fair fight…it has nukes! I don’t know it seems to me that the most “fair fight” the US has engaged in was with Japan - a country vastly smaller.


This is an important piece that I hope will take the blinkers off many people’s eyes about their romantic views of Warren and Sanders. Two complementary aspects:

  • Both are extremely reluctant to criticize Israel, perhaps letting ‘The Squad’ (or three of them) take the risks.
  • Neither has seriously opposed the Trump/Pompouseo/Bolton/Abrams war on Venezuela. Sanders, in fact, slandered and red-baited the previous president of Venezuela. While tens of thousands of Venezuelans reportedly risk starvation because of U.S. sanctions, Warren and Sanders appear to have little to say.