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Are Scott Walker and Paul Ryan next? Dems Score Big Upset in Wisconsin Special Election

Are Scott Walker and Paul Ryan next? Dems Score Big Upset in Wisconsin Special Election

Jon Queally, staff writer

Special election victory for Democrat on Tuesday in state senate district that Trump won by 17 points

President Donald Trump holds a hat given to him by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker upon his arrival in Kenosha on April 18, 2017. (Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

Yay! The Democrats will save us! Not.


Back and forth the pendulum swings, right, left, right, left and trying to stand in the middle are everyday people, getting knocked side the head every time the pendulum swings one way or the other. Not surprising they are dazed and disoriented. Ha, the beauty of only a one party system, the wealthy handlers smile!


The big deal this Nov if the Dems do score a “wave” is the state houses & governorships. 2020 is the next census and as we all found out in 2010 the real damage the Republicans can do, think ALEC. I’m not advancing the principal of “lesser of two evils”, but we can do better if ALL workers, poor and middle class voters get to the polls especially in the primaries to elect truly honest people that will actually represent the great majority of us. We need more politicians like Sanders, Warren, Brown (Oh) and a few others. Same thing in the House. Right now there are probably 15 or 20 “decent” Senators and maybe 50 or 60 in the House.

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Be progressive, move forward and the pendulum along with the right, left and center will be behind you.

Problem is, the ‘decent’ ones pretty much all have a D after their names.

That means they’re dragged down by all the baggage that the party brings with it. Case in point, Bernie ‘Sheepdog’ Sanders, now going begging to the same old corporate donors.

Take the concerns of people to heart and they, the people will follow.Bottom line, I think that most people are tired of party politics and would just like to see their concerns addressed seriously.


There were many here who strongly supported voting for the lesser of two evils. Some here still do. In their view the lesser evil was and is Trump.

Well maybe Americans are finally waking up. The Republican Party is supporting a white supremacist in the White House who doesn’t seem to be bringing back factory jobs as he promised. People are afraid their country is going down the same road that Nazi Germany took in the 1930s. People are getting alarmed at the dismantling of the EPA and destruction of science in general and wondering how is that going to affect their health. The Republicans should be nervous. Their message of hate can just go so far. Where does voting for party pandering to the haters really get you? Maybe the other party is the way to go.


Which Dems are winning? The Dem corporatists who are funded by wall street? Yes. Same as the Repub corporatists who are funded by wall street? Yes. You bet! So, who’s winning? Better yet, who’s losing? No matter the control of our government between the duopoly parties, We the People (the moral majority of Americans), lose our freedoms biggtime. So, how do We the (Poor) People take on this corporate-corrupted MSM (Main Stream Media) kabuki theater cynicism projected to millions of zombie-fied, cable-tv addicts? We take the corporate “its” head on. We the Poor People, take on this newest version of “Jim Crow” directed at class-division [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Crow_laws]. “Our” corporate, monied-up “leaders” must know that their reign of criminality, posing as American patriots, is closing-in on “their” and “its” final sniffles and scare tactics.

We Poor People have finished organizing a 25-state capitol Moral Revival vigil and occupation, that begins shortly. [https://poorpeoplescampaign.org/] Thankfully, the seats of power are still accessible, but access to officials is shrinking fast. The very states that have so-called “right to work laws”, that have the worst voter suppression laws, that have denied Medicaid expansion to us poor - will be the first 25 state capitols to receive the wrath of thousands of poor and our allies, ready to put our bodies on the corporate machine. Enough unnecessary immoral wars, unnecessary and intentionally-imposed poverty and an unnecessary systemic and immoral racism. We the Poor People will remain in all the 50 state capitols and D.C. We will never let go of our Constitutional Rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness - ever, ever, again.

Agree with you. If there are viable alternatives to Democrats and Republicans and they can be elected vote for them. It there is no viable alternative and the democrat candidate is no good - hold your nose and vote for the democrat. If the democrat is a good candidate, vote with a smile on your face. At this time, the republicans need to be removed from power completely. The democratic party needs to be reformed if it can be. If not, there must be viable alternatives. At this stage, I cannot see anything more important than removing republicans and making Trump an impotent, lame duck without any legislative support and with the option of impeachment on the table.

Absolutely. The guy in the White House is wrecking everything in sight and opening the door for the KKK, neo-Nazi, etc to walk right in and take over. If you believe in the American ideals and don’t want to see the creation of a white supremacist fascist state the Republicans have got to go. They had their chance to oppose Trump and his white supremacist buddies and caved.

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I’ll believe Americans are waking up when they start voting for people who represent them. The democrats ARE better than the shameless and unbelievably stupid and crass Republicans - definitely better. The problem with the democrats however, is they are consistently our enemy - often they do things that are just ad dastardly and destructive as the democrats.
I DON’T really see a possibility that reform will come from the democrats. I’m open to that possibility, even if it’s not perfect. The truth is we are in a significant conundrum. The current system is broken. The politicians have little incentive to represent us because they know we will only vote for the corrupt duopoly. Given they will keep their job whether they represent us or not (mostly the case - clearly there are exceptions). Third parties are sidelined, so many don’t know what they have to offer. In addition, voters are brain washed that third parties are ALWAYS bad for the country. When I was on facebook, the number of canned, un-researched, un-informed statements by so called liberals about third parties was impressive. People just repeated all the negative points about third parties that the propaganda machine pumps out.
So, the current duoply is shit. And we’re too brain washed to really allow a third party candidate. How do we get out of this mess? Probably a little bit of voting for some democrats, but we’ll definitely need some other plans given that voting Democrats has never truly caused any progress. Organizing of course, going to the streets and calling the bums regularly. Those are all good. But the truth is, the current political system is SO entrenched, people are so brainwashed and jaded, it’s a very complex hornets nest indeed.

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