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Are the Democrats Dead (Again)?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/17/are-democrats-dead-again


The Democratic machinery cynically uses Progressive voices, but only when kept in check. Bernie’s two runs being compromised by myriad dirty tricks from within the DNC and complicit MSM is Exhibit A. AOC and the rest of the squad are allowed to voice their Progressive stances, but are largely expected to heel under implicit threats of being primaried and the like. Who are the Democrats? Not me, I am a proud Progressive Independent, just like my hero.


Well at the end of the day the only forceful demand the electorate can make is with their vote. Once they cast that vote for the Democrats there no other leverage left to them.

Leave the Party. Vote green or some other third party. Then your forceful demand is always there. You are then able to “hold their feet to the fire” by saying “I voted XXX and am not coming back to the democrats until you meet my demands”. Add to that “and I want concrete action, a promise to change this time is not enough”


I thought Debbie was pretty clear? DNC™ LLC exists solely to SERVE man… to their 1% donors. Only they’ve switched from shovelling us delirious lemmings, to the feeding the sharks in “White Wilderness,” to pitchforks, then front-end loaders. Now, complicit reactionary suck-ups just push us, then jump, squealing RussiaRussiaRussia… it’s a cookbook!





I certainly agree with your thesis, Mr. Morgan, but Donald Trump will push for the New New Deal you’ve outlined before these Herbert Hoover Democrats ever come close to doing so (they are, after all, the first line of defense against the left).

As deplorable as his pandering to the conservative base has been – dishing out the most rancid of “red meat” and regressive policies to xenophobes, bigots, and Christian dominionists (fascists) – Trump is less ideological than most, and only cares about one thing, at the end of the day: HIS EGO. For that reason – and because he’s demonstrated that he sometimes tells establishmentarians to go to hell – Trump could conceivably take his shot at being the next FDR… but only if society is massively collapsing around him and he feels his “legacy” is in danger.

And, make no mistake, society is about to massively collapse – if not in the next several months, then after The Donald’s re-election (which, sadly, is an inevitability, thanks to the DNC’s rigged game and the corporate media’s fuckery).

But, to be clear, I’m not holding my breath for either the Dems or Donald Trump to lift a finger to help the U.S. avoid collapse. The odds are greatly against it.

And if Trump/the Dems do make a sincere effort at preventing our nation’s collapse, they will most assuredly be stopped/eliminated, as the U.S. oligarchy isn’t about to abandon its decades’ old project – to break our society’s spine and cannibalize the carcass – on the whim of a dolt like Donald or a suddenly (wholly improbably) successful progressive movement within the desiccated, thoroughly conservative Democratic Party.


Trump gave us a clue for his October surprise New Deal when he said COVID-19 vaccinations will be rapidly deployed by the military to all Americans by the end of the year.

Trump will actually deploy the military to every corner of the US in mid October and they will vaccinate everybody that wants one. The vaccine will actually be a placebo but nobody will figure that out until November 4 after Trump secures a second term for beating his own vaccine schedule.

Although he is correct identifying the 1985 DLC formation as the launching of the duopoly, Morgan claiming than Clinton and Obama won POTUS elections because they “aroused the hopes of million of Americans” is revisionist history.

Clinton won because Ross Perot attracted more of Bush 41"s voters than Clinton’s voters, while Obama’s poll numbers were in freefall in early September 2008 until Lehman Brothers crashed on the 15th, triggering the full frontal 2008 crash that assured that the GOP had no chance in the November POTUS race.


In answer to the headline: No.

The Democrats are succeeding quite nicely at their real goal – ringing their cash registers with donations (aka, bribes) shipped in by their corporate overlords/benefactors.


Forget the democrats. Nostalgia for nice democrats is cloyingly yesterday.

Let’s get this straight; the first democrat after Roosevelt, Truman, atom bombed Japanese civilians who were trying to surrender. It’s a straight line from Roosevelt saving capitalism by being a little bit human, to now; Trump’s crapola.

Democrats are yesterday. Evolution is accelerating at an accelerating rate, right along with cosmic expansion. Take off on the big kahoona. Ride the wave of accelerating evolution. Ride baby ride. Write in None of the Above. We will know we won. What will we do with a victory for Nobody? Evolve now to find out. Write in None of the Above.


As long as the Democratic Party continues to be dominated by the likes of Pelosi and Schumer, they’re going nowhere. On the other hand, Sanders, Jayapal et al have offered numerous proposals for equitable recovery. If only the Democratic Party would listen to them, we could not only have policies in place to get out of this mess with the least amount of overall pain, the political ramifications of such a policy should give the Democrats a great victory this November.


Very good article. Democrats: listen and heed or else homo sapiens will soon meets its demise (absent a real revolution against the fat cats.


Another “change from within” article.

Spare me.


No, not again. Still.


The Democrats are dead—again—from self-inflicted wounds. Most voters aren’t masochists, with more declaring themselves Independent, Green, and Other than are in the Duopoly parties combined.


Cue up Dionne Warwick: “Promises, promises, I’m all through with promises, promises now…”


Maybe theirs is a Zen campaign: let the election come to you…


The problem is not that the party is dead. It is still there, still taking corporate money, still holding back the progressive aspirations of its adherents. The problem is that it had might as well die.

We do need a large and popular party to oppose the Republicans. For decades after 1932, the party did serve in that regard, despite enormous flaws. But the current Democratic Party, as an institution, has no intention of doing so with respect to policy. It has abandoned the principles of Roosevelt, and it has purged its ranks of egalitarians and progressives.

For this reason, the population now has no effective electoral handle on its government.

Helping the party live is not the problem, then. The problem is how to either kill the party or kill the corporatist control over it so as to allow for the rise of a people’s party, a workers’ party, a progressive party, or something of that nature, something more representative of the population. For decades, a major question has been whether to do this from within or from without.

Working from within has had the advantage of being the more popular option. However, it has failed. Conservative and corporatist control over the party and the country have consolidated and extended. Incomes and wealth have become less equal. And those gains that have been made, mostly as regards gender tolerance, have been products of the liberal arts academic community, not of Congress or political parties, only acknowledged and never generated by legislation or executive order.

Most recently, we have the probably unintentional experiment involved in Bernie Sanders’ two runs at the presidency. In 2016, the more popular Sanders was denied and in 2020 is being denied the presidential nomination by DNC manipulation of the primary process aided and abetted by the collusion of the MSM. In '16, this involved also the collusion of the White House. When suit was brought after 2016, the DNC successfully argued in court not that it had not stolen the nomination, but that it was not obligated to follow its own rules and allow for democratic process.

Definitively, them, the attempt to reform the party from within has failed in our time. It has failed to even make the party hold the line of prior policy, let alone to improve. Most tellingly, it has failed despite being the popular choice within the general population, and overwhelmingly so within the party. It has failed despite Senator Sanders’ relative personal popularity. (Whom do you know who really likes Joe Biden? What reason does anyone give to vote for him besides non-identity to Donald Trump?) Legal attempts to protect the movement within the party have failed because the party controls its primary procedures, which the courts have seen fit to regard as internal matters, putting aside the less-than-subtle matter of fraud.

By contrast, while 3rd-party attempts have likewise not succeeded for many years, they have not been tried by more than a relatively few people. They have failed to garner votes, not failed to participate in authentic election and nomination processes. They means that they remain to be tried by a substantial minority of voters. The difference here should be clear. A majority or plurality of voters in a rigged process does not supplant or remove the corrupt officials who run the election process. The judiciary in a rigged system and dependent on a rigged system does not reliably uphold the rights of the people that system oppresses. Attempts at reform need to be made either altogether from the outside or largely from the outside. We need either a popular trial of a third-party push or else–or, most likely, in addition to–action outside of the electoral system.

Why wait?


Not FDR. AH.


Clinton and his fellow sellouts recognized two watershed events of the Raygun era. 1. Raygun decreed that Unemployment benefits would henceforth be taxed as income. 2. The successful breaking of the Air Traffic Controllers Union, PATCO. These events were epoch-changing for one reason: Organized Labor, AFLCIO, did NOTHING. Didn’t lift a finger to resist. This told all elites that the potential of labor as the strong right arm of the Dems, was over and done with. Labor was now understood to be a paper tiger, toothless and irrelevant.Thus the elites could begin their takeback of the New Deal. Thus the Dems lunged into the arms of the corporate ruling class to help them in this task.

No. The population has no government. We are in effect occupied by a foreign government. THEY have a government. We don’t. WE need one.

The Dems have been turning aside reformers since 1944. What question?

Yes, and don’t forget Bernie didn’t lift a finger or his voice to fight back.


YOU must PROVE your willingness to provide and promote People-centered Solutions.

Supporting grops, movements and parties which openly reresent society’s base, IS the only way forward!

Our DUOPOLY is an intentionally democracy-smothering structure funded and run by the oligarchs through banks, media, and more, by silencing or destroying our real voices in order to maintain their unwanted, unwarranted, and positively dangerous dominance!


“For election after election, the Democrats failed to present … an effective counter to the Republican myth-makers …”

Wellll … ??

Hey, "Free Marketplace “Defenders” out there:
— IF YOUR company were turning out products or services that turned off customers for many decades in a row … would your not think it time to seek major CHANGES???

Better still, if you represented the group failing to counter the opposition … for DECADES … you just MIGHT need to examine WHO YOU ACTUALLY REPRESENT!

There is but ONE true answer to this: FIND or CREATE a NEW PRODUCT!

• L E A V E !!
— New group, new party … WHATEVER … to supply anwers to serious NEEDS!

** Let go. Move on. Under NO circumstances go back to seek “answers”. They’ve already fooled us once, twice … many times.

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