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Are the Democrats Dead (Again)?

I take it we agree that the work to be done is on the outside, then, no?

Another, lifelong, Registered Independent for Bernie. WE can BRING BERNIE BACK 2020!–by WRITING IN BERNIE in 2020!

Thank you for your excellent post, WiseOwl! I haven’t noticed you here before, but I’ll be watching for you, going forward. Peace!

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The Dems will have to retake the Senate to have any power and that is “iffy” by a long shot. The downside to taking the Senate, controlling both Houses, is they have no plan for middle America, the infrastructure, far reaching healthcare for all, etc. Get rid of Trump is all their focus has been on and none of them, even AOC, has given us,the progressives/liberals/LGBTs/Green New Deal followers, a reason to vote for any of them. Removing DT will change nothing: NO THING. As horrible as DT has been for all of us citizens, this country, and our standing on the international stage, I am far from convinced he will lose,2020, or depart the WH willingly. The RP has no line in the sand they will not allow him to cross and the DP is powerless to stop them, or him in this power grab. The DP is as much a part of the problem regarding the destruction of this country as is the RP. Why vote? Our votes mean nothing as the Electoral College will determine who sits in the Oval Office. I hate these people who state if you don’t vote, you have no say and that is BS. We already (and have for decades) possess no voice for if we did, we would no longer be in the Middle East, have those hundreds of military bases, we would be on sustainable Green energy, all of us covered by Medicare For All, and none of that has occurred, or even in our futures. We have had impact locally but nationally nothing at all. Even those wins locally are ignored by the State if those in power are Red instead of Blue. No real change will even occur until both parties, and their leaders, are history. I sure as hell don’t see that even close. It may require a complete collapse of this country, a rebuild from the ashes into a real socialist democracy, before REAL change can occur. It’s coming whether we want it, like it, or not. Thanks GOP and Agent Orange: Beware what you wish for.


Well, after this election, they’re dead to me. I refuse to vote for Biden (fool me once, etc.). I’ll write in Bernie’s name in the primary and probably vote Green in the general. After that I’m probably leaving the party–and I want you to know I’ve been a registered Democrat for 55 years.


The problem, as I see it is defined by the fact that reformation of the party is not possible until the corporate money is removed from the American political process. Unfortunately, it is impossible to limit/eliminate corporate money as long as the parties remain addicted to that money. Corporate politicians write and pass the legislation that allows them to remain corporate politicians. The only viable method of resolving this problem is a disruption of the entire political system and popular pressure to make sure that private money (including a candidate’s own money) is removed from the political system and only equal amounts of public money is made available for the use by political campaigns.