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Are the Wheels Starting to Fall Off TTIP?


Are the Wheels Starting to Fall Off TTIP?

Nick Dearden

In a shock vote for President Obama yesterday, the Senate blocked a bill that would have allowed him to 'fast track' trade agreements like TTIP. Although only a procedural vote, the fact that Democrats in the Senate united to dismiss the motion makes it significantly less likely that Obama will succeed, with commentators saying Obama's trade strategy is now 'in tatters'.


“Although only a procedural vote,…” In the Senate the procedural vote is what counts, the vote failed to stop the filibuster. If this holds fast track cannot pass.


My reality check for this morning starts with ‘corporate personhood’, something that has been around since the days of institutionalized dehumanization of slavery, and THERE lies the insanity of the conceptual flip that makes this disastrous system see extractive, exclusionary, secret constructs like corporate ‘person’. Not said early and often enough is the evisceration of language by sucking ‘person’ into the realm of the predatory abstract. The socks on this foot are the fabric of the rationalization that ‘underneath the designer clothing is a brutal beast’- MORE LAWS!!!

Globalization, the 21st century manifest destiny, makes me take pause and really register the ongoing warring, manipulation, genocide, toxification of everything it touches, for material advantage. The latter shielded by the charmingly denuding phrase “embarrassed millionaires” upon whose backs and hearts this travesty is built needs ‘terror’ in as many compartments as possible in order to holds its addiction to fragmentation together.

Gotta love the B team - ALEC. the legislative version of refrigerator magnet poetry games. And that’s fine for a private living room, but in a State House? Folks are beginning to round up these playground bullies and set them on time-out. So far the calls are made to major industries that have been tossing the stolen ball around, and those corporations don’t like being called out as flashing their backsides butt naked. Funny how some REAL person in those companies has to respond to real INFORMED public pressure.

Nope, no more refrigerator magnet poetry for us on the frigid door of plantation modeling of slave economics.


Instead of “which serves the interests of foreign capital,” it’s “which serves the interest of capitalist globalism.”


Good luck, Europe.


President Obama is pushing passage of fast track with the support of his REPUBLICAN allies in the Senate and Congress. We seem to be taking the wrong road on everything - trade, jobs, Climate Change, inequity, healthcare, diet, War, military gross spending, education, our bubble economy, transportation, infrastructure, voting rights, financing elections, interest rates, bubble stock market, too big to fail banks and banksters.


From the article:

“the Commission’s most ‘popular’ consultation in history - nearly 150,000 Europeans wrote submissions – 97% firmly said they did not want any sort of ISDS. Unsure how to react, Malmström proposes removing some of the more egregious elements of the process, for example allowing an appeals mechanism for countries sued in these secret tribunals.”

“That’s because Malmström’s proposals don’t and can’t address the central problem; the whole point of ISDS is to create a parallel legal system which serves the interests of foreign capital.”

First, Mr. Dearden did a damned good job delineating what the TPP corporate coup is all about.

Second–and this is directed at the troll tag team that, whatever the issue, pins blame on U.S. voters–it’s OBVIOUS that the nature of these types of treaties is to eviscerate the legal sovereignty, labor laws, and environmental protections of entire nations… including our own.

Third, as both the Piketty and Page & Gilens (recent) Studies PROVED, what power does is in no way, shape, or form a reflection of what majorities of citizens want.

And as I have stated often, the next revolution will be global in scope because today’s tyrants are the global corporations that behave like high-tech pharaohs and/or well-armed conquistadors going about the world virtually rendering the rest of us natives who must fight for our turf and way of life.


First of all, this article is not about U.S. dynamics so you missed the point. TPP impacts MANY nations and the citizens of other nations are just as opposed to these environmental rule-busters, job decimators as are informed U.S. voters/citizens. The problem is international in scope… it’s the stepchild of global banking.


WE have nothing to do with it… or did you miss what Occupy Wall Street was all about in demarcating the boundary between the 1% Decider Caste and the rest of the citizenry… after all, that’s how oligarchic plutocracies and/or inverted totalitarian systems work. Best to keep the old props–like purported rule of law, purported free press, and purported fair elections–in place so that at least part of the electorate will remain bamboozled by the Big Show.


Hold the presses:

It was all a fake out…


Tonight from Alternet, the bad news, Democrats,true to form, fold: http://www.alternet.org/labor/democrats-fold-shady-trans-pacific-partnership-deal


This really was not a “fold”. The goal of both sides is to move this through while giving the illusion there someone there to protect the American worker from the excesses.