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Are There 22 Patriotic House Republicans?


Are There 22 Patriotic House Republicans?

Robert Reich

Trump warning to former FBI Director James Comey against leaking anything negative about him—tweeting "James Comey better hope that there are no 'tapes' of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!"—is deeply troubling.

The core issue here is not whether Trump is secretly recording his meetings or telephone calls (Trump and his White House aides refuse to say whether he tapes his visitors, something he was suspected of doing when he was in business in New York).

The real issues are these:


I am constantly contrasting in my mind what if the roles were reversed and it was a Democrat in the WH who might be facing indictment or at the least impeachment and it was the Republicans on the attack.

Why are the Dems so polite and understated? At this point, why aren't there Dems virtually frothing at the mouth calling for impeachment? The Repubs would be! It is like the Dems do not really want to fight. Like they do not even know how to fight other than to politely make some request that this situation be looked into!

How come the Dems refuse to get down and dirty and really fight the corrupt Repubs. America needs someone to defend her from these plunderers.


Simple, both parties desire the same interests. The Dems are known as the fake opposition party for a reason.


Twenty-two Republicans is asking a lot. Almost by definition a Republican is a politician who puts the Republican Party above country.


Professor Reich, here is an alternative to playing the oligarchy's game:


But there aren't even twenty two patriotic Democrats.

Shall we count some part time patriots?
uhhmmm, aahh, Schumer? Fienstien? Uhmmmmmm


Good point.


And their constituents ...


But are there any patriotic house members?