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Are Trump's 'Rigged' Election Claims Setting Stage for New Media Empire?


Are Trump's 'Rigged' Election Claims Setting Stage for New Media Empire?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and some of his top surrogates push a narrative that the U.S. election is "rigged" against him, observers warn that the controversial rhetoric is dangerous and divisive—and possibly self-serving.


Trump is a lunatic.

But even the Left knows that elections are rigged. Billionaires, millionaires and corporate money have been rigging elections since 1776.
So that should come as no surprise to anyone.

Trump is a lunatic who had a rude awakening in the form of an epiphany about how his previous campaign donations had corrupted the election process by rigging the system.


While Trump's campaign MAY be forming a new media empire, it IS already accomplishing the following:

1) providing hundreds of millions in free advertising for Trump's existing businesses, and

2) facilitating the election of President Clinton.

Prior to his supporters figure out that he was the key to getting Clinton elected, Trump best expand the security crews that protect him and his family since so many of his supporters are so competent with firearms and not likely to appreciate him getting Clinton elected.


Trump for once has it correct, the election for POTUS is rigged! But not against him because Trump for all his egomania, is just small potatoes to the riggers. Its called the duopoly! And if it is rigged against anybody, it is rigged against Dr. Jill Stein. Dr. Jill Stein has not been allowed in the debates even though she is an antidote to this insane miasma called a debate! Dr. Jill Stein is considered too dangerous because she makes so much sense and even though she would bury the duopoly candidates in their asinine so-called debates, because the system is rigged against her, Jill cannot be allowed to threaten the two duopoly stooges.


The general election certainly is not rigged to elect Hillary Clinton. But in a very close election such as those in 1960 and 2000 even a minor amount of fraud could affect the outcome as could other things such as the butterfly ballot in Florida in 2000. Trump is arguing that the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and media are all working together to elect Clinton. His supporters, who apparently will believe anything Trump says no matter how ridiculous seem to believe that this conspiracy to elect Clinton is really occurring. Anyone who knows how the media operates know this claim is entirely bogus. Journalists compete against each other to be the first to break a news news stories and they vie to get their articles on the front page of newspapers and on the TV news. They certainly don't receive memos telling them who to push to get elected and for most it is mainly about gathering the news and getting it out there and not about scheming to elect a specific candidate. Trump supporters also are gullible in believing that scientists are trying to produce a certain outcome in their findings. They believe scientists are manipulating their results to show global warming is occurring, That is what climategate was about. Again, anyone who know anything about the world or science knows that scientists are attempting to produce unbiased results. Trump depends on a vast number of ignorant people for his support. They do not understand the media or science and are therefore east targets for conspiracy theorists. This is where ignorance becomes dangerous.


The United States has become a republic of innuendo, betrayal and fear—
god help us all.


Actually your typical Trump supporter doesn't trust the government because they believe them thar "leftists" and "liberals" are responsible.

There will be no common ground between the average Trump supporter and those more enlightened about what's really happening in this country.

Just like, for the core Clinton supporters who don't have a clue that Clinton will absolutely be thrilled to have the Ryan excuse to get some serious neoliberal policy promotion to benefit her corporate sponsors.

This is the age of the great untruth, still marketable, still rolling full steam ahead.


The DNC leaks prove he is correct. The election IS rigged. The lawsuit is going on and the DNC now says the "Promise of a neutral DNC is merely a POLITICAL promise and therefore they cannot be charged for not running it fairly." They don't deny it's rigged, just that Americans should know it's rigged and therefore shouldn't have given money to Bernie.
Anyone that thinks Trump is the one causing Americans to not trust the government isn't paying attention. He's horrible but HRC is so corrupt he has a constant stream of information to savage her with.

NewsFlash Wikileaks internet connection has been cut. The contingency plan is to dump everything on the web, which they did. Some concerned they took him out of the Embassy. Watch for more, this just came out.


Of course the elections are rigged, but not ONLY against Trump.
The elections are rigged against truth, accountability and transparency.
The elections are rigged for power, money and corporate fascism.
The elections are rigged against democracy.


Lrx, you defeat your argument when you try to make a comparison between MSM and the community of scientists working on ACD to make your point.

As if you haven't noticed, MSM is what has kept the denialists in business. To this day, most MSM will not deem ACD as fact.

Your apparent lack of understanding on what has become corporate MSM is rather breathtaking, given you are a close follower of everything Clinton.

It is as if you missed the event of the Bill Clinton Administration, pushing, and then Bill signing, the Telecommunication's Act of 1996, that allowed the corporate consolidation of media in this country, and thus the coalescing of corporate controlled and corporate servicing messaging from FOX, to MSNBC, to NPR.

Yes, your beloved Ari Shapiro and Melissa Block are corporate tools.

Did I just make Trump's point? No, because the jerk is emphasizing voter fraud which of course detracts from the reality it is corporate power that rigs elections in this country.


"Author and commentator Peter Dreier similarly predicted back in August ... 'Together, Trump, Ailes, and Bannon would run their media empire to advance their common goals: gaining political influence, massaging their massive egos, moving the Republican Party further to the right...'"

--no, no, no. This will move both the Republican AND the Democratic parties further to the right. This is how the Overton Window works. It has never been about JUST the Republicans veering further rightward. This is about shaping the relative political discourse of "left" and "right" further to the right by pushing for more and more extreme positions on the right that previously seemed untenable. The consequence is that it makes even moderately so-called "liberal" positions look extreme.

And the corporate media is complicit in this by simply refusing to challenge the falsehoods spread by political hacks for decades: no follow up questions and treating politicians and pundits with kid gloves. By NORMALIZING this kind of political discourse, it has helped to shape what is acceptable to even discuss. Consequently, what was normal is viewed as extreme and what was extreme is the new "normal."

It totally makes sense that FOX will eventually appear "tame" in comparison. It makes sense that even Nixon and Reagan appear "liberal" by today's standards. This is how the Overton Window works.

This process has been going on for decades and we're only just now beginning to notice. It's too late now. The solution lies far outside the "left" extremity of the Overton Window altogether. There are no other avenues of recourse available.


Don, the people who are making threats are not talking about a revolution, they mean civil war. And they are armed, with intent. Nothing to do with Aleppo. These are individuals whose rationality is in question.


Are you forgetting that it is Republicans - specifically Republican state governments, not the DNC that are doing what you are claiming?

I'm no fan of the Democratic Party, but let's keep this place a fact-based zone....


Certainly, the capitalist media regulates and severely confines public discourse to the range of "elite consensus" as Lippman (approvingly) and Chomsky (disapprovingly) called it - and this media control of facts and opinions has a big effect on election outcomes. But are elections "rigged" in a real sense? Nope. Why? They don't need to be.


As I said in another post, one of the things that sets the USA apart from too many other nations is its long tradition of the peaceful transfer of power. Trump is doing everything he can to threaten that tradition and delegitimize the next president.

Republican office holders everywhere should be condemning Trump's bizarre conspiracy theory in the strongest terms possible.



Of course Trump wants a new media empire. He also loves Putin. He incites violence from his violent supporters every day using billions of dollars of free corporate media. How did this sedition happen and why does it last? Do the 1% who thought Trump a money-maker and useful idiot care of democracy disappears into fascism? Nothing in vulture capitalism cares about democracy other than destroying it or using it for their "useful idiot cheap labor sources".


There has been no fraud found in the management in the Clinton foundation - it is in fact rated as a well-run foundation.

There have been real crimes against humanity by past presidential administrations such as Johnson, Nixon, Reagan and Bush (remember them?). But the selling of arms and support to rebel groups of dubious alliances fighting dictators** is certainly a terrible idea (especially against the relatively benign and stable Gadafi), it simply does not rise to the status of crimes against humanity compared to the things Assad or Bush (remember him?) do or have done.

** In an alternate 1980's history, would you have opposed US aid to the Sandinistas, the FMLN, or FARC? Assad is at least as bad as Somoza or the Salvadoran Death Squad Government.


"Trump's Rigged Election Claims" and injection of the media lie that "Violence is an inexorable part of any Revolution" is NOT "Setting Stage for a New Media Empire" ---- but is only being orchestrated to protect the currently entrenched (but well hidden) "Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE" and protecting the Empire from our "Political Revolution against EMPIRE" by scaring people that all Revolutions are Violent.

Now that leading public intellectuals, academics, and students of 'Empire-studies' are coming out in droves with the sound conclusion and publication that this Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE can be overcome merely with a non-violent Revolution of 'exposing' it as an Empire --- the FOEs (Friends of Empire) are trying like hell to scare people away from firing a loud, public, sustained, but NON-violent "Shout (not shot) heard round the world" to ignite the essential Second American "Political Revolution against EMPIRE".

I don't want to be a Paine, but:

"Give Me Liberty from Empire or Give Me Death"

"Surrender? We have Not Yet Begun to Fight the EMPIRE!"

And on NH license plates, "Live Free of Empire or Die"

Our fore-fathers actually attempted to escape from the Empire by drafting a Declaration of Independence (from Empire), which included all the offenses, oppressions, illegalities, injustices, and crimes of the Empire which could be resolved through peaceful parting of the ways from Empire.

But in the 18th century --- when Empires were numerous, boastful, and overtly militarist, just 'calling-out' and 'exposing' an Empire which was treating people as 'subjects' was not enough to embarrass, pressure, or negotiate the freedom of any people from being under the heel of an obvious Empire.

However, now in this 21st century, and 26 years after the supposedly 'last-Empire-on-earth', the "Evil Empire" as dolt Reagan said (without knowing that all Empires are Evil), the citizens of the world and certainly the American people can easily bring-down an Empire merely by 'exposing' it, 'calling-it-out', rallying against it, and shaming the oppressive EMPIRE by simply demonstrating, protesting, and rallying by the millions in the streets "Shouting that this is not our country but an "Occupying" Empire, an "Empire of Inequality", an Empire that is 'looting its people', and acting like a "Global Empire Aggressively Prosecuting Wars Around the World".

In the face of that kind and scale of denunciation, protesting, rallying, public 'calling-out' of EMPIRE as unjust, unequal, illegal, and politically deceitful, and dangerous --- by its own people --- no country can survive today being identified as an EMPIRE (much less a Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE which trades in wars, aggression, looting, spying, lying, and domestic tyranny against its most vulnerable people).

The UN would reject any 'exposed' Empire, the EU would shun any Empire whose people 'called-it-out' as an overt and dangerous EMPIRE, and Obomb-ah would be laughed off global TV if he tried to explain again the situation in the Middle East that might be endangered if his veto of the Bill allowing legal suits against countries by saying, "with all the good works we are doing in the Middle East and around the world".

The pretty but deceitful Halloween 'costume' that this EMPIRE is wearing and merely 'posing' in, as a normal country, a functional democracy, and certainly any kind of "essential or exceptional" country --- would be blown to hell in a New York minute the moment that a million knowledgeable and committed honest Americans gathered, rallied, protested, and issued a "Shout heard round the world" that we are initiating a Second American "Political Revolution against EMPIRE" --- the EMPIRE that is merely using and abusing the soft and hard 'super-powers' of our formerly proud and sometimes improving country to rule the world!

"The U.S. state is a key point of condensation for pressures from
dominant groups around the world to resolve problems of global
capitalism and to secure the legitimacy of the system overall. In this
regard,“U.S.” imperialism refers to the use by transnational elites of
the 'U.S. state apparatus to continue to attempt to expand, defend, and
stabilize the global capitalist system'. We are witness less to a “U.S.”
imperialism per se than to a global capitalist imperialism. We face an EMPIRE OF
GLOBAL CAPITAL, headquartered, for evident historical reasons, in

Robinson, William I. (2014-07-31). Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity (p. 122). Cambridge University Press. Kindle Edition.


Cogent reply.


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