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Are U.S.-Saudi Relations Finally Souring?


Are U.S.-Saudi Relations Finally Souring?

Alli McCracken

Congress recently passed the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) allowing families of victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks to sue other governments, including Saudi Arabia, for possible damages.


One of the more damaging things to come out of the FDR administration was America's Faustian bargain with the House of Saud. While the disgust with this corrupt royal family is long overdue: it is mostly misplaced Islamophobia...the House of Saud's fully fledged membership in the Fossil Fuels Mafia is far more dangerous and worthy of revulsion.


For the present both reptilian attorneys as well as those whose lives were so tragically impacted by the events of 911 are lining up to soak the Saudis for everything they can get.
Just wait till the Saudis finally do what neither Saddam Hussein nor Mummar Ghadafi could do, allow their oil to be sold for something other than petro-dollars.
When Euros, Rubles or Yuans are able to purchase petroleum products, then the petro-dollar, the means that the US has used to economically dominate the world for the past 45-50 years will be broken and so will the US economy.
As nobody accepts US dollars for payment for anything, the US economy (and with it the capacity of the US military to project its power wherever it wants to squish anyone it does not like), will fold like an accordion squeezed together.
Then the scheming politicians of all stripes will get to preside over the new civil war where everyone blames everyone else for the situation.


Why are there never any conversations about the Israeli/Mossad ties to terrorism and to 9-11? They did attack the USS Liberty -- why wouldn't they do it again?