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Are We Descending Into Hothouse Earth?


Are We Descending Into Hothouse Earth?

Andy Rowell

As I write, Californian firefighters are tackling the largest wildfire in the state’s history, which is larger than the city of New York and rapidly approaching the size of Los Angeles.

Many in the state now believe that the future of “extreme fire” could be here. The new normal has arrived. What we used to know has gone.


A terrific on-line instrument designed by Jim Lee to invite public participation in sourcing, reporting and exploring climate issues

Climate Viewer Interactive info map

Searchable compilation of deep history on weather modification, aerial spraying, searchable documentation archive and more

If someone can provide a better source on the intentionally scattered history of these matters, please post a link.


Though there are countless forms of human activity damaging the climate and biosphere, illegal global climate engineering / solar radiation management operations are a primary causal factor fueling catastrophic wildfires all over the globe (which official sources are not disclosing). Climate engineering is completely disrupting the hydrological cycle, triggering increasing dry lightning, destroying the ozone layer, contaminating soils, and covering everything at ground level with an incendiary dust (due to the fallout from atmosphere spraying programs). The 10 minute video below elaborates on the direct effect geoengineering operations are having on forest fires, their behavior and their frequency. Geoengineering is nothing less than weather warfare.


+1 for all these “hothouse” articles channeling Brian Aldiss. Some people might even get to read some good ScfFi after this.


Articles on weather always say “if it gets any worse”. I think worse is already here. People should:

  1. Move out of flood zones.
  2. Move away from the ocean coastal areas, because they are the new flood zones.
  3. Move north. For the last four decades, companies moved to the South for cheaper labor. It is time to go back north.

What are people doing instead? Sitting inside next to air conditioners. Condensers outside your home just heat the earth more.

**Be real. Repairing this damage will take gargantuan effort and time, even if everyone’s ducks are in a row.
****Now, be more real. Everyone is not going to put their ducks in a row.


one step closer to Hell?


Why are the headlines framed in such euphemisms?
It should simply put up a scale that is captioned “How Badly we are fucked as off today”
or something to that effect


ACTION - sure - the alarms are ringing loudly now, and much needed. However, no time to just vent, cry or get under the covers. We must move from awareness to action with urgency. Yes - sorry for the “inconvenience”, the “sacrifices” we will all need to make. That is if you care about your kids, grandkids, and your own well being. If you want to stand up straight, demonstrate your true courage and care for your family, humanity and all life then get your shit together and change -now.(planet earth will be just fine, healed from human madness in no time - a few hundred or thousand years after we are all gone -even our billionaire friends)

A few inconvenient, easily implementable and very impactful steps you can take starting right now:

  1. Stop eating meat - move to a plant-based diet - fish a couple of times a month. This is huge! Fabulous recipes easily available - my wife and I did this 4 years ago (at age 66 and 64) and never looked back, lost 40 pounds, healthier than anytime in last 40 years
  2. Buy much less stuff -
  3. Be a role model for your kids and friend
  4. No SUVs - do not settle for less than 50 mpg vehicle - 100% EV with 240 mile range is here now - 1000 miles / charge coming in a few years.
  5. Spread the word far and wide - make things happen and pay attention


This is insane conspiracy. Stop posting this nonsense.


I wish it l was a conspriracy but most people have not done any research. Weather modification and weather warfare has gone on for many decades. Wake up.