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Are We Just Going to Pretend Another President Didn't Give Iran Their Money?


Are We Just Going to Pretend Another President Didn't Give Iran Their Money?

Charles P. Pierce

Now that Congress is back in session, it's time to do the people's business again. So let's get on with the nuisance hearings again, shall we?

Topic A: Thanks to the McClatchy folks, let's look in on the scandal that is the administration's giving Iran its own fcking money back.


Oliver North, the Iran-counters, "Freeway Ricky Ross", Bill Clinton and the drugs, weapons from Israel,
John Poindexter.
Iran got arms, the Sandinista's went to war and the city of Los Angeles was introduced to crack cocaine.
The players are listed.


Would you like to say a few words about the Zapata Offshore Oil Company (Bush), the Bay of Pigs invasion and the ships Houston and Barbara, De Mohrenshildt's relationship with Oswald, and the notation in his address book, "George H. W. (Poppy) 1412 Ohio also Zapata Petroleum Midland?"


Through his lacky, G.H.W. Bush, Raygunz made a deal with Iran in1980 during a secret meeting in Paris attended by Bush and the Iranian foreign minister, to hold the hostages until after the election to ensure Carter's defeat. The Contra story was a cover for the fact R.R. (not a member of the executive branch at the time and holding no office) was treating with a foreign govt behind the nation's back. This is a violation of the Constitution and evidence of high treason. One of many behind-the-scenes coups that have robbed us of our democracy. When Clinton said he would not prosecute members of Bush's admin. upon entering office, this is what he was talking about. If he had prosecuted, Bush #2 would never have been considered for office.


So both Bush the Elder and Bill Clinton are traitors to this country?


I tried to find the Saturday Night Live spoof of Reagan negotiating with the Iranians in THEIR language.

Ended up with this (Laughter makes for good medicine in such gruesome times):


Thank you for writing this little little known fact about how Reagan came into office. The group promoting his election are criminals (as was he) and the press his co-conspirators since they suppressed evidence of treason and criminality. I have been a cynic about the government of the United States ever since I became aware of the extensive moral corruption of the people who run our country. Despicable creeps, every single one.


Yup. It would appear so, just as when Obama decided to let Cheney, Wolfowitz etc off the hook for their war crimes.


The cost of our armada patrolling the Persian Gulf year after year is considerably greater than any ransom/payment. A shallow article that continues the vilification of Iran. Has the author read Operation Ajax? Haven't heard of any Iranian ships patrolling the Gulf of Mexico.


Thank you for this Mark, another American hero bites the dust.


Yes! Absolutely.


Technically, only Bush Sr. is a traitor as he was treating with a foreign govt., a violation of the Constitution which specifically states only the executive (president) is empowered to do so. Considering the point of the secret negotiation was to bring down the then current legally elected govt., it was definitely high treason. Plus he promised Iran (a self-professed enemy) sales of arms and spare parts for their American built air force as a pay off for helping R.R. get elected (this is why Oliver North was running the shredder in 5th gear before they kicked in the door, to make it look like it was all about supporting the Contras.). Because Bill Clinton WAS president at the time he refused to prosecute Bush, it was within his prerogative as chief law enforcement officer to do so...thus, technically, he is not a traitor. However he certainly violated the spirit of the law. Interestingly, because he refused to prosecute, something the Republican'ts were fully expecting as shown by the fact Bush was giving blanket pardons to his staff members during his last days in office when they had yet to be charged with a crime, it told them Clinton was weak and that is why they wasted so much time sidetracking him with impeachment hearings. Similarly, when Obama declared he also would not prosecute the second Bush administration, they reached the same conclusion and set out on their course of blocking everything he tried to do. If they (Clinton and Obama) had gone ahead with legal action, they would have been perceived by everyone as strong, giving them full popular support and none of these non-legislative shenanigans would have happened. They both let off the criminals and shot themselves in the foot at the same time. When Obama said we needed to move on, all those years ago, I knew then we would do everything but move on and predicted to my wife exactly the scenario that has taken place since. Sadly, our last strong prez was Nixon who kicked ass and took names. If Watergate had not cracked open his armor, he could have done anything he wanted in his second term and gotten away with it.


Are we really going to pretend that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should not be criticized for being corrupt just because Ronald Reagan and GHW Bush were?


No pretending and no criticism.

Our local Obamabots turned Hillbots will accuse you of being a Trump supporter if you so much as QUESTION anything about Obama or Clinton.


Good to read others remember Gary Webb....


Speaking of "shoving money" to Iran:
"The Oil Kings" Andrew Scott Cooper 2011
("How the US., Iran and Saudi Arabia Changed the Balance of Power in the ME")
Read how Nixon/Kissinger (the "new" foreign policy advisor to the probable upcoming Queen of America, HC) began the real exchange of $$$$ billions petro-dollars for military equipment with the Shah...way, way back......