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Are We the People Unfit for Democracy?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/17/are-we-people-unfit-democracy


The fellow who developed the SUV said that this item was designed to appeal to the “reptilian brain” in humans.

Have you seen any SUVs on the road lately? I thought not.

(SUV stands for “sport utility vehicle” or “spirit undermining vapidness.”)

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Rational Minds Question Authority.

Those that don’t, vote for the Duopoly.


No. We the People, the 99%, are not wired for authoritarianism and infernal fascist ideology. But the psychopathic ‘elite’, the 1%, they are. What better system than a tyrannical one to control and subjugate the populace. I mean, has any one ever wanted to live in chains and shackles, may they be mental or physical…


“Armed with the crackpot theories of Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand, they steadily drove the economy towards financialization and stock buybacks at the expense of creating tangible value.”

Is this why the Dems supported the repeal of Glass Steagall? Does Russiagate appeal to the lizard brain?

Right on, PonyBoy! My daily mantra: “I don’t accept authority. Ever. I question it. All the time. By doing so I safeguard my own autonomy.”

Where I live, Orange County, California, SUVs are a proliferous species along with full-sized pickup trucks.



That’s great! However, we still must respect the position of those in authority, if not the humans in those positions.

For example, if a Law Enforcement Officer requests you to do something, you do it.

Then, you get out your cell phone and begin recording.


Well, yes, DDTfrom OC, that is really noticeable; that is what I meant. Same in my area of the heatland (heartland too).

Ironically, ever leadership clique in every previous democracy thought so, from Athens to the US.

It’s a difficult system to adopt, because of how many requirements are necessary for it to work well.

And without the support of elites, all you get are “show democracies” like ours and Europe which depend on engineered consent.

It’s the wrong question, ultimately. The right question is, is democracy even possible in an unequal society?


The elephant in this room is that there is not a democracy in the US. We the people have very little ability to affect any issue, or support a chosen representative. We simply get to chose between two non-democratic elites who cleary in 95% of the cases do not want the people to have any say at all.

Evidence, all the key social initiatives that have majority public support for over 20 years, and even when they appear to be enacted they are giveaways in disguise. Evidence, the debates never spend any time on issues that would truly help the people, instead they froth up outrage to distract.

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I suppose human nature is lousy enough to have produced academics with hubris enough to imagine themselves elites.

Lots of luck.

Meanwhile, democracy is not this wonderful thing that humans must qualify for. It is what we are left with because our natures are not angelic.

I doubt that humans are intrinsically vicious or foolish, but I don’t need to support any so difficult assertion to counter Rosenberg’s argument. Surely we all agree that humans are at least capable of being vicious and foolish.

That’s why we have democracy. That’s why we have a constitution. At some certain point in history, people saw that it makes no sense to trust other humans with all decisions and no checks and balances. Yes, there is some certain amount of mutual trust involved, but that amount is darned little. It is basically only that vote counts can be vetted and that voters will not be shot going to the polls.

And often, it should be acknowledged, democracy can to some meaningful extent remain in place although these conditions are but barely fulfilled.

So, no, it is not democracy that is the problem here–not democracy nor egaliltarism that constitute the structual problems of Western civilization or the Unted States. It is not even primarily foolish masses–though, let’s acknowledge, the masses are largely fooled. No, it is once again the same melange of self-styled “elite” macroparasitic psychopaths who make trouble and imagine or pretend that autonomy and plenty and good times are not adequate for the rest of us.

Historically, democracy has arrived not with manufacturing capitalism, as is often taught in the US. The government native to industry and manufacture seems to be fascism. Democracy has arisen in hunter-gatherer and horticultural societies, and it has risen in federations of horticultural and agricultural society, with a good deal of people connected by trade and economic activity.

It did not arise because it was contrary to human nature; rather, it evolved out of human interactions in a given situation, just like other human responses.

They are just preparing themselves for their next move. They will need rationalizations. This will be one.

I agree with the professor. Take out one elite parasite and another quickly takes their place. Before they were an elite parasite, they were a human being. I will not claim that all human beings have within them the capacity to become an oligarch tool, however, I will claim that a majority of us do.

As an empath, I deal with the good and the bad (and the ugly) of human nature, because I sense and see it easily. What I see is a species that is mostly self-interested, flawed, and capable of good and bad depending on who or what is motivating them.

A true democracy would be slightly better than our completely corrupted oligarchy, but it still would fail to account for the flaws in our species. Humans don’t seem to outgrow the need for a good spanking to bring them in line, but for some reason, we determined that humans become ‘mature’ at 18 and stopped being determined to guide them. Our prison system is not meant to guide human beings, but serve only to protect the ‘haves’ from the have-nots. What is the answer?

The closest thing that seems to work to provide the most for the many without allowing the masses to screw the whole thing, might be a system like Communism. We’ve been inundated with propaganda our entire lives concerning the supposed ‘evil’ of Communism; I’m starting to think that is precisely because it removes some of the ability of the elite to exploit the masses the way they do in our supposedly ‘free’ country. Basically 99% of what the average person thinks about Communism is absolutely rubbish.

Socialism would be much better than Capitalism, but it would require that we maintain the ability to ‘spank’ the adults in the room who are determined to become a parasite.

I didn’t realize pickups and SUVs were so popular in California. I live in San Antonio,
Texas and the only vehicles on the road are full sized pickups along with Suburbans, Hummers, and the occasional Smart Car for both amusement and target practice so the big trucks can check out how well their new brush guards work.

How Smart Cars manage to survive is a miracle, but, yes, Southern California has many of them. The percentage of those that actually go off-road is very small.

You’re right! Columbia University and Princeton both determined several years ago that democratic vanished here and has since been replaced by oligarchy.