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 Are We Training Cops to Be Hyper-Aggressive ‘Warriors’?

 Are We Training Cops to Be Hyper-Aggressive ‘Warriors’?

Joshua Holland

Race dominated the coverage of the 2014 shooting of John Crawford. Crawford was a young black man gunned down by white cops in a Beaverton Creek, Ohio, Walmart as he talked to his girlfriend on the phone while absentmindedly holding a BB gun he had grabbed from a store shelf. Ohio is an “open-carry” state where it’s perfectly legal to walk around with a loaded AR-15.

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Not only prosecuted, but when they’re convicted of a crime they should automatically get the maximum sentence. I should say if/when, but let’s be optimistic that a jury would convict a police officer who was demonstrably guilty of a crime.

If you know the law, you have less of an excuse for breaking that law. And there’s no excuse accepted for any of the rest of us who happen to break a law, any law.


“I feared for my life” generally equals I wasn’t doing the job right.


Not only are we training cops to be mindless killers, but “we” often hire people who are violent and don’t really give a shite about the lives or dignity of others to be cops! “We” are building a force of thugs and killers. Police departments don’t want people who think for themselves but mindless robots. The examples of this mindset of violent/deadly response to any situation are legion, with so many innocent people dead or seriously injured it amounts to an epidemic! Cops demand instant cringing obedience to any order and if the person in their sights hesitates they are either attacked or shot - usually multiple times. No one is immune to this mindless (actually premeditated as the training they receive teaches not to think but react) police violence, men, women, children, senior citizens - but most of all people of color and the poor - easy targets for official contempt and violence from sea to shining sea. http://www.innocentdown.org/


I will add a another perspective that in no way lessens the human factor, it is an important part of cop killings/violence against humans. We are witnessing another epidemic in America of cop violence and shootings/killings, and that is against our beloved canine friends/children/companions. Cops across the country practice killing by shooting ANY dog regardless the 'threat" or breed or size - all are shot and killed in homes front of families/children, on the streets, anywhere - it might even be part of official training!
I believe these killings ARE a primer to shoot and kill humans - to desensitize (if any is really needed) cops to shooting a living being with ZERO regard for their lives! This epidemic shooting and killing dogs is a prelude to the same cops shooting and killing humans - it is practice!

If we are to end cop violence/killings/murders of human victims we must act to end their killings of innocent trusting animals - their shooting/killings are they ultimate betrayal!




As the DOJ investigation of the events in Ferguson revealed to the country, the policies of revenue generation from ticketing/fining and absurd aggregate debt enforced by courts answering to those policies - policies that institutionalize an extractive mindset and siege mentality. Also important to remember is that the people of that county did the hard work of documenting the problems. That contribution, in my opinion, receives far too little attention.
It is the ‘I’m not responsible’ model of denial of the impacts of globalization based on a long legacy of corporate usury followed by quick abandonment, imposed by pathetically narrow vision of what ‘economics’ actually means.
Just as there are ‘golden parachutes’, the model also incorporates golden export rockets to regions regarded as ripe for landing the model to do it all over again. Everything being disposable - except the power to perpetuate generation of centralized wealth by ill gotten means.
Rationalized under decades of ALEC type implementation across the board under manufactured pressures disguised as the absolute identity of the ‘citizen’ in a false pride while being used to exponentially intensify the false and the consequences of its feedback loops. Divide and conquer on steroids. It herds entire societies into forced collusion (a la wallmart) with abusive supply chains utterly dependent on subjecting human life and environment to forced status as nothing more than statistical sources from which to extract a perverted ‘value’. Its waste is phenomenal materially, in terms of human life, imagination and adaptability based on REAL experience and potential to implement elegant balances that restore and regenerate what it means to be a human being as integral part of society and the spectrum of choices to be made as such.

Police training, I would submit, should include living in the community served and meeting on a regular basis with representatives of all sectors of civil service providers open to the public. Just as the institutionalized violence is a deadly problem, it also represents a window on how we relate to each other as human beings. As such mutual education rooted in community relations including ALL civil sectors as integral members has the capacity to dissolve the distortions of societal realities.


or you weren’t the right person for the job.

if cops wet their pants at the first sign of discomfort, they really need to do something else for a living.

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Two anecdotes out of a book by Pierre Burton on the early NWMP in the Klondike dealing with the influx of people pouring over the borders into Canada to look for gold in the Yukon.

A lone officer is sitting at a border post when a known gunfighter crosses into Canada to look for gold. The gunfighter had come over from Skagway which was just over the border and rather lawless with shootings and muggings a regular occurence. In any case the Officer tells the gunfighter he must check in his pistols to which the gunfighter refuses claming it his right to be armed. The officer still sitting calmy tells him such a right ended and the border and again advise the guns be turned over. The gunfighter points out the officer sitting , his own gun holstered and buttoned and that he could shoot the officer dead where he sits. The officer replies simply that that might be the case but there also a chance he gets his own gun first. He also points out were he to be be shot his colleagues would hunt the man down and he would be tried and likely hung. The guns are turned over without further incident.

In another incident two men are having a falling out on their way downriver to Dawson City. It is so bad that as they split their gear they even saw the boat in half. It comes to blows (no one hurt) over a frying pan which each man claims his own. In any case an officer arrives. Both men are armed with long rifles (which allowed) and the officer simply asks each man his version of the story. They each insist that the frying pan their own so to solve the situation the police officer picks up the frying pan and heaves it into the river and tells the men to be on their way. The incident is defused.

It was a very different Police force even in times that were in many ways more dangerous. It WAS seen as Civil service rather than as an avenue to thuggery.It not just the police training, it the type of person the Police force now actively seeks and that is a person who likes to intimidate others so as to demonstrate the “power of the State”.


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Did anyone else follow the pointer to see what supports this claim? [quote]American police not only shoot many more citizens than those in other Western democracies, they’re also a lot more likely to be shot[/quote]

The “shoot more citizens” is bang on, but the “a lot more likely to be shot” is not (since 99.7% don’t get shot, there’s very little room even for “likely”, never mind “more likely”. And “a lot more likely” is insultingly ridiculous).

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Yeah, it’s kinda like those waistbands. Makes one wonder what those Chinese and Thai garment slaves are making waistbands out of these days? Whatever it is it must be terribly life threatening and exceedingly dangerous because the cops are always talking about the reason they shot someone to death is that they were reaching for their waistband and they believed their life to be in danger.

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You would have to do measures on the stat and compare country to country.

In all of last year some 56 police officers were shot and killed in the line of duty in the USA. This was a 50 percent increase over the previous year and was considered a spike. One of the larger causes of officer deaths is in fact traffic accidents over shootings.

So this the more pertinent comparison. In the last 100 years in the United Kingdom years 68 Police officers have been killed in the line of duty (outside traffic accidents etc) while at the same time the 58 Citizens have been killed by that same police force.In other words the number of Citizens killed by the police is lower then the number of police killed by the Criminal.

The US numbers are astronomically flipped in the other direction with many more Citizens killed by the Police each and evey year as compared to the number of officers who lose their life to a criminal.

This should not come as a shock in the land of “1000 eyes for an eye” given some 400 innocent cvilians killed by the US Military for every person alleged to have been killed by Al Qaeda on 9/11.


What also needs to be addressed concerning police training is the obey or die mentality shown by police. They act as if you in any way object to their orders and fail to obey them instantly then you can be shot.

Obey or die - is no way to train police. The average citizen is not supposed to be considered the enemy.

Obey or die seems to have replaced ‘To serve and protect’ as the police motto.


Why do cops need silencers? Kinda makes one wonder if they offer private consulting services after hours for the elite. You know, kinda like “neutralizing” those who don’t pay their debts on time or something of the sort?

The “we” is fascist, military police state amerika. The “we” is NOT the people that the empire oppresses every day. Hyper-aggressive warriors? How about trained murders! The People are rising, the oppressors will be overthrown!


The training won’t change beyond the cosmetic, as long as the purpose of policing remains the same.

Control is the goal, and has been since the slave patrols.

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Yep pardner; the only good injun is a dead 'un. Thet’s what gran’pappy dun gorn ‘n tol’ me.

But then again, I’d hate to be a cop in the USA as there are far too many guns in a gun-happy society with far too many dumb Hollywood shoot 'em up movies being watched by far too many people eating far too much junk food with far too much militaristic jingoist clap-trap infecting the country.

The USA is indeed exceptional; it is supersized exceptional.

“Holland” is an Ashkenazi-type name, so you could well be right. Jews used patronymics long after the Xians around them had accreted fixed family names, so when they were finally assigned fixed surnames for tax purposes, the name was often just a generic place-name: “Hollander” (person from Holland), “Warszawski” (person from Warsaw), “Deutsch” (German person), etc.

Xians rarely accreted such generic names; theirs were more individualised because they usually lived their lives in one place (Johnson, Small, Black, Cooper, Tailor, Brewer, Banker [nothing to do with money; bankers were experts in creating drainage ditches to remove excess water] Williams[on], Hill, Baxter [a baker], Farmer, Svenstrom [someone who lived by Sven’s stream], Sawyer, and of course the ubiquitous work-name Smith)