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Are We Underestimating Trump Yet Again?

My personnel opinion is, that’s why there’s so many dem candidates. The rule change last year by the DNC, that allows the super delegates to kick-in, in round two if there’s no definitive (I don’t remember the %) winner in round one, is the reason. With this many candidates, it’s very unlikely someone will emerge in the first round. After that it’s business as usual for the Dem party. The only way to stop it is Sanders or Gabbard to reach the % stipulated in the new rules, in the first round of the primaries.

It’s not Trump. It’s all the haters in $5K suits with well-manicured hands and smiles that cost thousands of dollars. It’s those who made a society concerned with continuation of the oligarchy supported by the Constitution.

On an ecological level, oligarchs and plutocrats destroy the life system to convert it into money, and, by this action, destroy the right to life that is guaranteed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - the part of it the US Congress ratified, making it the highest law of the land.

Ecological level is also moral level. What oligarchs and plutocrats do is immoral, even if they hold that “normal” morality doesn’t apply to them, which is an ecologically illiterate supposition.

Earth is a single organism. Nothing on Earth is not an element of the system of that organism. No human can survive more than three minutes without support from Earth’s life system.

The war against science is largely war against this scientifically rendered system of facts. This system of facts has been known of since the 19th century. This fact system was the foundation of the social movement of the “hippies” in the middle and late 60s. Hippies dropped out of consumer society.

I learned this in 1968 in San Francisco from anti-war activists in line at the Fillmore West. I was in the Navy on Treasure Island. I was bound for Viet Nam. They told me. It was no accident. I was an 18 year old igmo from South Arkansas, the Old South. Those activists told me exactly what I would find, and that it was a war for oil, tin, and rubber. I found what they told me I would, and more. Rand Corp. is in California. Daniel Berrigan worked there. “The Pentagon Papers,” telling of this resource war truth, came out in the early 70s. I knew it going in-country Viet Nam. I knew it was a resource war for the benefit of oligarchs and plutocrats with dreams of stealing Viet Nam’s resources. They now have them.

Iraq and Afghanistan are resource wars, wars that violate humanity’s right to life, wars based on utter ecological illiteracy. The US has not fought a war that was not a resource war in some way.

Trump represents those who benefit from denying the right to life of “Others,” those who must cling to the false reality of ecological illiteracy even though they are not ecologically illiterate, like ExxonMobil. This is the definition of stupidity, which is not about low IQ, after all. Despite the fact that no living thing on Earth will have a life worth living, the continued flow of money trumps ecological fact.

The beneficiaries of ecological stupidity, not Trump, will win the White House in 2020. The only political power given to citizens by the Constitution was voting for their representatives.

Their representatives no longer represent them. They represent the lobbyists who provide the bundled bribes (campaign contributions) that get the media exposure that wins today’s elections, that continues the rule of Republicans over we, the people. Republican rule is rule, and not self-governance by we, the people.

Trump can only do what the beneficiaries allow. It will get him re-elected unless the majority vote effort passes in enough state legislatures to equal, I think, 270 electoral votes.

Republicans and the beneficiaries of Republican rule (including the Democratic leadership who suck hind tit under Republican Rule and provide we, the people, with only as much freedom as Republican Rule allows). Republicans purchased from the Supremes the rights of natural persons for corporations, also purchasing the obscene nonsense that money is speech.

The beneficiaries use capitalist ideology to rationalize all of this, including slavery. Capitalism’s time has come and gone. It’s killing Earth’s life system. It’s killing you, if you don’t kill it first. Wresting power from it can not happen under the Constitution. The consent of the governed was not sought for the Constitution, since the governed were democrats under the Articles of Confederation, about to end slavery in the Colonies. The Constitution was rammed down the throats of a democratic majority by the “rich and well-born,” as James Madison said “oligarchy.”

The corporate media will say what the beneficiaries tell it to say. I submit the current slow coup against Venezuela as evidence. NY Times publishes government propaganda as truth, as does Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC. . . .

No one opposed by the beneficiaries will sit in the White House. Trump is a captive of the beneficiaries, like the rest of we, the people. The beneficiaries are the true Deep State.

Nonviolent Direct Action, done by enough people, can turn the current political economic mess right side up again, and give our grandchildren a future that is something besides Hell on Earth - made by the beneficiaries.

I think.

I’m basing that prediction on what I see in comments around the net (left and right sites), the reaction of right leaning voters in tv forums, like Sanders on Fox awhile back, and the M4A polls across the political spectrum. You can tell the difference between diehard Trump supporters (to them Trump can do no wrong), and the Independents who voted for him in comment sections. The majority of Independents are pissed he lied and conned them in 2016, most vow never again.
The # one issue with most voters is healthcare, they will vote for anyone they believe will bring forward M4A or some other plan that will relieve them of that burden. I left out Warren in my response to NoOne above, because I’m not sure she’s going to be able to convince the voters she will go through with it. I think her “I’m a capitalist to my bones” statement is going to bite her in the a$$ before the election cycle is over. But again, just my lowly opinion.

I don’t know how to describe diehard trump supporters, but they certainly defy logic. Check out this short clip below, after seeing it I came to the conclusion, “you can’t fix stupid”.


You’re opinion isn’t lowly, not by a long shot. You’re uncommonly informed. No way that’s a bad thing.

Capitalism and its beneficiaries (not us, who must settle for crumbs) control political economics in the US, and have for a long time of creating deserts. Going without Medicare for All is an example of a desert, with health care in the richest economy in human history growing more and more rare. It’s going to take a continued mass effort to get it, and we won’t get it until we have both houses of Congress and the White House. Obama had that and did nothing with it, because Obama is a neoliberal capitalist to the bone. But he’s a decent man, the first one since Carter. He just wanted to be President.

The corporate propaganda campaign is effective, more effective than propaganda has ever been, and more people are too poor to resist another fraud election than in a long time. Some have called life under Republican rule Dickensian, and it is. Those who aren’t oligarchs but are trying to hold on to the money they’ve managed to accumulate believe Trump will save their 401K plans, even if he’s attacking them now, because they’re blinded by the light of fraudulent promises of a happy retirement and happy grandchildren. The housing crash put a lot of people in Tent City, and probably took them out of the electorate for lack of an official enough address. This wasn’t collateral damage. Many more live in RVs, moving around from one minimum wage job to the next to buy gas and continue their search for Utopia, since the last one failed. We mostly don’t even know about these people or their needs or issues. Tent City isn’t far from anyone on this list.

A fact no one wants to give credence is that Republicans own the companies that make voting machines and license their software and own the server farms that count a fraudulent vote because most of us don’t get to vote with paper ballots and when we did, that system was corrupted, with boxes of ballots found the next July in some corner or closet and the infamous stuffed ballot box that first elected LBJ, some say. That was how Democrats stayed in office for such a long time before the Southern Strategy converted racists into Republicans. Lincoln sobs in his grave.

Thanks for staying informed. If you don’t know it already, learn Direct Action and what the teachers are into. Continue to grow your soul. It matters. Soul murder is a cultural tactic to keep rulers in control. It used to be for monarchy. In western culture, it’s almost as common as the deserts capitalists made.


I heard this guy

say what you said.
The Empire is failing before our eyes, and bankrupting the country trying to prevent failure.

Republicans play a belief game, noting that truth doesn’t sell.
People who hate are easy to manipulate.
Hate is presented as morally equal to truth by the Southern Strategy.
Fox News drives home the fraud.
Since Carter beat Ford, who finished Nixon’s term.
The Southern Strategy says hate is good.

That’s fraudulent.
Nixon, then Reagan, bought into the Southern Strategy.
The SS guaranteed Republican Rule.
It worked, for about 50 years.
It will probably work again in 2020.
Because love isn’t all you need.

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THANK YOU for exposing CORPORATE Democratic party leaders COMPLICITY in getting trump elected (& digging deeper about the circumstances that led to Trump). It’s OVERDUE for everyday moderate/liberal/progressive supporters to face the FACTS you lay out so well. Those of us already engaged & active must CONTINUE to educate people about these realities & the best PROGRESSIVE candidate(s) to beat Trump, while registering people to vote & working on making sure voter suppression efforts by GOP are NOT happening. Crowing yet another CORPORATIST–which is what Hillary Clinton)w/her hubby Bill) is as is Uncle Joe " Credit Card King" Biden. We need REAL change! #ElizabethWarren2020DreamBigFightHard

True, I’m probably more aware of this than most, simply because I moved to a southern state (1973) smack dab in the middle of the shift you describe above. Most around the country didn’t realize how strong of a dog whistle it was, when Reagan kicked off his campaign in Philadelphia, MS., at their county fair. This event is perhaps the longest running racist event in the country, and of course not far from the spot where 3 civil rights workers lost their lives less than 20 years before.

Thanks for you’re kind words.
There’s no question, any method of voting can be corrupted, but the machines just make it too easy for them. I’m a believer in going back to paper ballots, and counting them in the open with members of all political parties present. It wont stop the thievery, but will make it much more difficult.
Now we have a new voting nemesis on the horizon, ElectionGuard, that will involve Microsoft, Israeli security companies, and the Pentagon to “secure” our elections. What could possibly go wrong? This story has gotten zero traction in MSM. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Mint Press News has a story about it in their resent archives. I will look into Direct Action, thanks.