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Are Women Primary Voters Ditching Clinton for Sanders?

Are Women Primary Voters Ditching Clinton for Sanders?

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's support among women crumbling?

Less than one month out from the first primary in the United States, Senator Bernie Sanders now has a 14-point edge over Clinton in New Hampshire, thanks in part to a new-found lead among the state's women voters.

I’m crossing my fingers and holding my breath!


Not much difference in voting for a Wall Street owned black man or woman.

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You took the words right out of my mouth.

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Sorry, they won’t. As long a big business shills the latest and greatest (fill in the blank), It is called economic slavery. Hate your job…can’t take my health care package with me case in point. In America the goal according to the non stop car ad, everyone MUST have a new car and on and on and on. Keep on supporting the 1%'ers. Turn of your all important "smart phone which tracks you non stop for openers. We’re all fucked.


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Faux socialism trumps faux feminism, it appears.

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Who would have ‘thunk’ it? Joe Biden???

Bernie Sanders Just Picked Up His Most Important Supporter

Vice President Joe Biden had some glowing praise for Bernie Sanders on Monday, saying he’s doing a “heck of a job.”

“Bernie is speaking to a yearning that is deep and real. And he has credibility on it,” Biden said while speaking with chief political analyst Gloria Borger on CNN.

See: http://usuncut.com/politics/biden-bernie-sanders-inequality/

Interesting to note, how Gloria Borger tried her damnedest to sing corporate Hillary’s song, and Biden would have none of it. (She had to, her CNN corporate job depended on it.)

Roll on Bernie! Ahem pardon, Mr. President to be.


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I’m glad Bernie appears to be doing well - based on the long-term trends in polls, but don’t put too much stock in one poll, regardless.

I wonder if the Israel lobby will try to save Clinton, as it did for her husband in the 1992 primary against Jerry Brown.

If Biden is endorsing him I have my doubts that Bernie will be able to accomplish anything truly progressive or socialist. Faux socialist, as a earlier poster commented, is appropriate. He talks a good game, like someone that ran for prez 8 years ago, but his foreign policy alone turns me off. I’ll vote for Bernie in the primary but Jill Stein all the way in the election. Don’t worry I don’t live in a swing state.

Well no, Biden is not “endorsing” him. It would be inappropriate for an outgoing, but still active VP to “endorse” anybody. But the reporter asked questions with the intent to get answers, which would support Hillary. And of course he was free to reply truthfully in accordance with his opinion.
There is that old court room wisdom, that a lawyer should never ask a question, unless he knows the answer. That evidently also applies to partisan reporters. :laughing:
And no, by the present system of “checks and bounds”, a President cannot achieve a lot without support from Congress, as we have seen with Obama. However, there is hope, that Bernie’s success will inspire other progressive minded candidates to run for office there.

Here is an inspirational report on success of a socialist at the municipal level in Seattle: http://www.alternet.org/activism/socialist-win-seattle-anomaly-or-harbinger
The socialist wave is only just barely starting to get traction in public, have patience

It takes time to exorcise that bugbear, which links socialism to communism here in the US

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Of course there is a major uncertainty factor in “one poll”, but the upward trend of Bernie has been confirmed by several and is thus undeniable at this time.
Copied from this morning’s DFA letter:
Tuesday was a HUGE news day for Bernie Sanders – and for all of us who believe in this unprecedented people-powered movement:

  • Monmouth University released a new poll in New Hampshire, showing Bernie with a strong 14-percent lead in the Granite State.
  • A new Quinnipiac poll released later in the day indicated Bernie has moved into the lead in Iowa for the first time in MONTHS.
  • An NBC poll released over the weekend showed Bernie outperforming the other Democratic candidates against every single GOP frontrunner – in some cases by a double-digit margin.
  • And according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll released late yesterday, Bernie is rapidly gaining ground on Hillary Clinton nationally: She led Bernie by 20 percentage points just a month ago, but now Bernie has pulled to within 7 points.
    At this point, it is undeniable: Thanks to the movement we are building together, Bernie Sanders has an incredible amount of momentum. UNQUOTE
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If PBO wasn’t pushing multi nat Corp friendly TPP I might believe almost believe that congress is the reason he didn’t achieve anything progressive. In light of the TPP I accept that he talked a good game but was working for the other team.

I’d venture that is what the DNC’s rigged Super Tuesday Primary is for. Saving Hillary Clinton’s campaign is based on securing the black vote ( mostly women ) in Southern states no Democrat will win in the 2016 General Election. Or, do you honestly think Hillary will carry S. Carolina? Or, Bernie Sanders, for that matter? How about Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, then? Last night Gov. Haley’s ( R- S. Carolina ) remarks following the SOTU, about these primary contests, were about the " tone " of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, not the " substance ". Evidently, completely over the top lying is ok, but please, quit screaming and adjust the pitch of your dog whistles, too. And, of course, the MSM immediately elevated her to the frontrunner in the GOP’s VP sweepstakes. Every day I see more evidence ( Chelsea’s lies on Sanders’ health plan ) that the Clintonista-infested DLC/DNC apparatchiks are willing to destroy the chances of true progressives if they don’t get their way regarding the 2016 Dem primary. Exhibit One is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as DNC Chair. She’d definitely get a phone call and a personal thank you note from PM Netanyahu no matter the outcome, should Hillary win the nomination and lose the general. The Israeli lobby would be would fine with that outcome, too. Either way they get everything they want, right?