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"Are You A Racist?" Reporter Asks After Trump Signs MLK Jr. Declaration

"Are You A Racist?" Reporter Asks After Trump Signs MLK Jr. Declaration

Common Dreams staff

"Mr. President, did your refer to African nations as 'shitholes'?" queried another reporter after the signing.

Why the hell are all those African-USAns even standing in the same room as Trump - much less smiling and applauding him???

Why are they not all collapsing and vomiting from the room-spinning levels of vertiginous cognitive dissonance???


Speaking of Shitholes – what about Washington, D.C.?
A cesspool if ever there was one!


Thin skin and loud mouth characterize this odious example of a human being…those who support him or give cover to his racism, warmongering, pathological lying and astonishing ignorance are complicit to his madness and bigotry!

Poor choice of words, definitely… although the fact is that the 17 countries with the lowest GDP per capita are in Africa and the 18th lowest is Haiti.

If I was the reporter my question: Mr. President, WHY ARE YOU A RACIST?

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“Kick The Dog When It is Down”. How about reading the history of Haiti and the 17 countries with the lowest GDP. And while you do the research think about living in a country that has been repeatedly raped by colonial powers and then again by despotic rulers forced on them by the same powers that forced them to accept further being controlled by these rulers who again raping the resources of the country and hiding the wealth in offshore havens. On top of that lets stop seeing the GDP as the standard by which we judge life on earth. Learn about the World Bank and the crippling interest rates that it places on “developing nations” Learn about the effects of "austerity government rules. In fact study up on the state government austerity practices in Kansas.


WWSmith your comment as above is very irksome.

I don’t believe WWSmith is here to learn, but I applaud your efforts toward that goal.


If I was a reporter, my question would be: “Mr. Resident, how does your being a Racist affect the way that you perform your job for the American People, 37% of which are people of color?”


I don’t see people standing in line in Norway to come and have Trump for their President!

I’ve read the history of Haiti, and I’ve been to some of those 17 countries. I am not blaming those countries for their terrible living conditions. As for alternative measures, if you want to use life expectancy, freedom, or some nebulous measure such as “happiness”, you’re still going to find those countries to be at, or near the bottom of the list. I am merely pointing out that those conditions exist.

As for finding my comments irksome, reality often is.

Were I Norwegian, I tend to doubt I’d get in that line either!

Be careful you are using facts to mediate the US obsession with racism.

Yeah, where are the French that screwed over Haiti for years, then we stepped in after that. When it changed to a duty free zone and export economy it ruined their self determination similar to Puerto Rico and a few other former colonies.

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It is a rule of mine not to comment on, talk with or discuss/argue with alcoholics or other unreasonable people. Guess I missed this one having not been around the CD long enough. Thanks for putting me on notice.

Maybe we should all retaliate and start calling the White House the Shit House?

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It’s a poor choice of words on your part to lend credence to Trump’s views. Unless you think that immigrants from some countries should be banned. Is that what you believe?

I guess it’s much easier for you to call names than engage in a fact-based discussion

No, I subscribe to a Canadian/Australian/New Zealand individual, point-based model - If you have skills that are useful, speak the language, and can show that you are going to be a net contributor, you’re welcome where ever you come from. For example, if you’re a nurse from Senegal, welcome!

However, absent an individual point-based system, we are likely to find that potential immigrants from the least developed countries are the least likely to bring skills to the US