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"Are You A Racist?" Reporter Asks After Trump Signs MLK Jr. Declaration


No, I subscribe to a Canadian/Australian/New Zealand individual, point-based model - If you have skills that are useful, speak the language, and can show that you are going to be a net contributor, you’re welcome where ever you come from. For example, if you’re a nurse from Senegal, welcome!

However, absent an individual point-based system, we are likely to find that potential immigrants from the least developed countries are the least likely to bring skills to the US


I agree, and why do they have to refer to him as “Mr. President”?


Excellent point!


And pray tell WHY these countries have the lowest GDP? Could it be because they were exploited and suppressed beyond repair by the white colonials to satisfy their own greed? And how about the fact that they propped up dictators who would do their bidding and whom they allowed to rape and pillage their own country as a reward for their complicity. May be a little history lesson in colonial atrocities is in order here. The chickens are coming home to roost for most of the “colonials” (including America).


That is the question which should be extended to everyone (of all races) who is complicit in trumpism and oligarchy. Politicians and corporate msm keep feeding the beast which Trump et al are gobbling up with pleasure.

What does asking Trump if he is a racist accomplish? Even if Trump said, “yes I am a racist”—where would that go?

What if no one showed up to the state of the union address and there was a counter event that addressed the truth? There should be a massive boycott of his state of the union speech. Something much more than the vapid suggestion to “wear black”.

I fear it will be turned into yet another garish carnival event of pundits, comedians, reporters, politicians all trying to get ratings while continuing to feed the insatiable cancer that is the horrid state of this “union” and detracting from the real issues we are facing in this crumbling empire.


Do you believe that low-skill workers born here should be shipped out?


No Skeptic, they were born citizens. They’ve got every right to be here. Every nation, however, has the right to determine who can immigrate to their country.


Good point! It has to be abundantly obvious that even if Trump admitted the truth that he has been… and is a racist, nothing would change with his base.


Good question but Trump would most likely claim not to be a racist. Which would be a lie, but lying does not bother him at all. An honest response is that he ran for president as a Republican and Republican base voters are generally racist. So to get the most Republican base voters voting for him, he must come off to others as being just like his base voters. Even as far as being White Supremacist. Its the votes that count.


No doubt true.

Like Nixon said: " I AM NOT A CROOK", TRUMP: " I AM NOT A RACIST".