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Are You Black, White or Human?

Are You Black, White or Human?

Robert C. Koehler

Some of my best friends are colored. All of them are, actually.


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Refreshing. The division of humans into a number of distinct “races” is entirely a social (and malevolent) construct.


Sounds like Lowell Thompson is a genius, to me. Great inventive work on the subject.


about 30 years ago i made a small change in my census report… the question about “race” i checked other___ and wrote in human… that bothered my husband… he thought i’d bring the feds knocking at the door or something… they did not… you can still color me human, after all.

when i was in 7th grade our english teacher required us to read and write reports on books of our own choosing… i liked reading, but dyslexia made me a slow reader… i scanned the library shelves seeking the thinnest spine… i found the story of george washington carver–barely 100 pages, but that qualified! carver had been born into slavery but emancipated at about age three… he left the carver farm at an early age to walk to neosho, missouri because they had a school for “blacks.” george soon discovered that in science he knew more from experience than the teacher.

he taught me how important education is… while we grumbled he walked out on his own for the chance to attend school… also, i began to question why “whites” didn’t want educated “blacks.” did they fear the competition? george helped me pull an A out of that english class, but also a high school speech class, science class and american history class.

thanks, robert, for another thoughtful essay! yes, racism is embedded in the very foundation of this slave owning, indigenous genocidal nation, but how many ordinary citizens harbor a racist ideology? change must begin with us!

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It is difficult to hate, discriminate, and to keep people under one’s heel w/o being able to classify someone as inferior. You get to justify all sorts of behavior like slavery, genocide, etc if they are less than you. It’s been used throughout history.
Unfortunately many will not see that race is a construct, it’s too useful.

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