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Are You Funding Gun Violence?


Are You Funding Gun Violence?

Andrew Behar, Andrew Montes

In the aftermath of the February mass shooting that killed 17 students and staff members at a Parkland, Florida, high school, people are pointing fingers at the gun companies who profit from flooding our streets with assault rifles and other firearms. On an average day, 96 Americans are killed with guns with seven of them being children or teens.


My wife and I divested long ago as much as possible. We have no control of how our pensions are funded though.


A commendable initiative, but the financial powers behind the gun lobby dwarf that of all working/retiree class investors combined.
Besides, if you are paying taxes in America you are already directly funding just about every conceivable atrocity humanity has ever devised, including your own subjugation.


Capitalism dictates one either participate, or die.
Not much room for morals in such an arrangement.
Many deny their participation, yet live within.
Individual sacrifices may assuage, but do not alter the larger course.

The extremist goes off-grid, and stops paying taxes.
Hard to do for most, though, and getting harder for all.


I got a link to this tool from a Code Pink email the other day, and I looked up the name of my “socially responsible” retirement fund, Calvert. It told me there are a number of Calvert funds, and some are “clean” with regard to weapons, and some have a small portion in weapons. I can’t remember which one I’m invested in. I thought I might look it up, but if I switch to a zero weapons investment fund, will I then be in a fund with more oil investment? Or more factory farm investment? Why is it hard to find out for a fund marketing itself as socially responsible? Maybe it would be better to write to the fund managers and tell them I expect more from a socially responsible fund. Unless someone knows of a fund competing with them for most socially responsible?