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'Are You Kidding Me?' Frustration Grows as Powerful House Democrat Refuses to Accept New York Offer of Trump Tax Returns

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/06/are-you-kidding-me-frustration-grows-powerful-house-democrat-refuses-accept-new-york


Fvck Dim Losership. The NY AG should build the case and indict the MOFO pResident.


Why the hell is Putin stopping New York from releasing Trump’s tax returns?!


Dems, stop being such fraidy cats. have some courage and you will be supported.


It’s the goddamn Uniparty Corporate Elites protection each other. Jesus, what else do you need to know. THEY’RE ALL BOUGHT OFF!

There is no opposition party any longer.


I am shepherding a voting tool; in order to test it, I am campaigning to replace Richard Neal. He is against medicare for all. says we can’t afford it.

Vote for me now at https://www.autonomousdemocracy.org/

You can also vote for president now and change your vote anytime until November 8, 2020


When you consider the likelihood of other rich people using the same tax loopholes as Trump, which would include politicians on both sides of the isle, their reticence is not so surprising.


Do not be so quick to ascribe to cowardice what could just as easily be attributed to corruption.


Every time they fail to take action when indicated, fail to act in the best interest of the country and its people, upper eschelon Democratic politicians show us they must be replaced.

They make the party look weak and feckless because they are feckless. Gee, they sound like Republicans! All that I can think is they are on the take, are loyal only to themselves, not the people. They choose to kowtow to the Republicans and fail to carry out their duties as spelled out by the Constitution. Clearly they are no better than the Republicans who are fearful of speaking truth to power and care only about the monied and powerful. I am not a young person. I am 65 years old. I am with the progressives.


This is getting like a bad movie. You know, one where you guessed what the “surprise” ending was in the first five minutes.
The longer this thing plays out, the more the democrats plan for 2020 is revealed. They never had any intention of impeaching or making any serious moves on this utterly corrupt president. Their plan all along has been to play the martyr. Do the minimum investigation, make soft demands, eventually send out a few subpoenas. And knowing they would be refused, they would half-heartedly cry to the media, delay things themselves until the election cycle starts, then say there is nothing they can do now, we should just let the voters decide.
Remember folks, the 2020 election cycle is not a referendum on Trump so much as it’s a referendum on the Third Way. If a Joe Biden would by some miracle happen to become president, you would see 8 more years of democratic capitulation and compromise. And the planet will be 8 years closer to oblivion.


Interesting. Since Howie Hawkins is in fourth place with about 71 (71 what?) and “Green Party” is in sixth place with about 51, and since Howie Hawkins is running on the Green ticket and no other Green is listed, it would seem that the Green Party/Howie Hawkins is leading by a landslide with a total score of 122 to Gabbard’s 108.

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And the DNC has just announced that it will not hold a debate on climate during the primary season. Fine. Let’s thank them for letting us know now, leaving us a year and a half to change our registration, shift our financial support to the Green party (and double it or more), and consider seeing if we can peel off one or more of the better Democratic contenders.


Oh–and of course Pelosi has stabbed the country in the back yet again by putting together a “[Big] Pharma-freiendly drug pricing bill in secret” (quoting Common Dreams).


Now, now. Any blue will do. Nancy, said!


It certainly isn’t courage. It is bribery. There is no denying it. The Democratic Party is corrupt up to its eyeballs.


Not to mention that 8 years will likely be followed by 4-8 years of an even worse Republican demagogue. What did scientists say, that we only have 12 years left? tick tock tick tock.


How could Neal refuse Trump’s tax returns on grounds that it might bolster Trump’s chances when every President has routinely shown theirs?

Does Neal have something to hide? Has he been given inside information? Has he had an offer he can’t refuse?

The ruling crass looks after its own.


Neal needs to go. Enough is enough. Dems need to quit screwing up.


With enemies like these who needs friends? Shameful, shameful failure of the democratic leadership to stand up for the american people. They are losers and need to make way for a new wave of progressive leadership. The people are (or should be ) fed up.


What I would add is so is the republican party. Corruption and lack of courage fill both parties. Look at the republican senate.