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'Are You Kidding Me?' Frustration Grows as Powerful House Democrat Refuses to Accept New York Offer of Trump Tax Returns

His tax returns have been subpoenaed by CONgress which means he has essentially lost his right to privacy because Congress believes Trump’s tax returns hold evidence relating to criminal activity including tax evasion. If your medical records or financial records were subpoenaed by a court of law or for that matter Congress because it was believed with a good margin of reason that said records may contain evidence of a crime or criminal activity committed by you or another person associated with you and you refused to provide them claiming your right to privacy do you honestly think they would shrug their shoulders and say “Oh gee…sorry! Our bad. We certainly don’t want to encroach on your right to privacy!”? I rather doubt so. I think they would probably file contempt charges against you and give you as many days and nights as you wish in the Crossbars Hilton. You may leave when you comply with the ordered subpoena and in the meantime we assure you all the privacy you could ever ask for and more.

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4th Amendment
I am against exposure of tax returns on principle.

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Actually, in order to get my personal records and data, law enforcement would have to convince a judge that there was probable cause and get a warrant. If they have a legitimate legislative reason, Congress can get my records but can only review them in a closed executive session and can disclose nothing that they see to the public. The President has those same rights.

It would appear he’s been bought or threatened. How else do you explain this?

Y’all, I question everything. I’m not a scientist but I am a science nerd. I’m a logical thinker. I have always been skeptical of climate science research blaming CO2 for the climate warming. This excellent article is a must read for folks who don’t swallow what the govt says; everything is about money and my suspicion for a long time has been that the climate warming “science” generates money. And if you think about it, there is a lot of money being made now and through govt grants (though stopped by the idiot) geared toward products supporting this position. I’m not talking about solar panels. Anyway, I encourage the curious and open minded people who challenge orthodoxy to read this and share it if you feel it would help shed light or at least give people pause.

You really mean “your” President has the same rights. Derek, you are a hypocritical shill and a POS.

Full disclosure please for any politician involved with our tax dollars.
A judge already made a comment about Flynn’s patriotism concerning the Russians.
Why have so many trump associates refused to testify, lied while testifying, and willing to do jail time to protect trump? How about conspiracy to commit treason or treason-like offenses. They are all afraid of the gallows.

This must be that idiot Ron who says the same stupid thing to everyone he disagrees with…you having a sad Ronnie?

I’m sorry. All this time I assumed you were an American. Which would, of course, mean that Mr. Trump is also your President. If I may ask, what country do you live in?

There is no phrase “legitimate legislative reason”, but you sure do gobble down the BS.