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Are You Kidding Me? Ted Cruz Whines, Elizabeth Warren Rips Him A Well-Deserved New One


Are You Kidding Me? Ted Cruz Whines, Elizabeth Warren Rips Him A Well-Deserved New One

To lift your post-New York spirits: The straight-talking Elizabeth Warren got her hands on a fundraising letter from Ted Cruz wherein the original "whiny whiny little man" moaned about the "significant sacrifices" he's made - little sleep! no personal time! - fighting for "the future of our country." Warren's response: Boo friggin' hoo. She asks in effect, "Know who else gets no sleep or family or personal time?" and answers, "Thanks to you and the GOP, real-live Americans." A beautiful thing to behold.


After reading this article, I looked at the offered Elizabeth Warren tweets and Facebook page and from there I popped the offered Bernie Sanders Facebook page and read the most wonderful thoughts, positions and sentiments. The difference, to me, from similar type writings and sayings of every other politician, is that I feel assured that the sentiments that I am reading are sincere and would be followed up by the appropriate actions to see them implemented if only they had the power to do so.


Where can I get one of them tiny violins Abby?


Love Elizabeth Warren. Ted is not a regular presence in Washington. He must need lots of beauty sleep to keep up with his arduous schedule. What does the man think his workload will be when he is President?


My eyes! My eyes! I read Elizabeth's tweets, which unfortunately led to many pictures of the Tedasaurus.


For quite awhile Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan have been competing to be the whiniest politician in DC. When I was a school kid whiners like Cruz and Ryan got beat up in the school yard more than other kids.


The Tedasaurus, how funny. Well anyway you look at it the "Tedasaurus" is banking a load of bucks with this run. So I bless him by saying, "May his eyes bleed all the way to the bank."


I saw the looks on Trumps face when Obama ripped him apart at a press club dinner.. Nothing short of hate anger and revenge. Now he's getting that revenge.


Go Liz go!


Sounds like TC needs to have his diaper changed with all his caterwaulling. What is even more disgusting is that there are those receiving his fundraising appeal feel he is put-upon and then send him a check.

Thanks, Elizabeth Warren for your support of all Americans that struggle to make ends meet. Keep up the excellent work your do!


By his own admission, in a recent Rolling Stone article, he was and is a bully.


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