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Are You Living with a Terrorist? The US Government Can Help You Be Sure


Are You Living with a Terrorist? The US Government Can Help You Be Sure

A government document obtained by journalists at The Intercept reveals the National Counterterrorism Center developed a complex set of criteria to help determine if individuals in the U.S. may be more vulnerable than others to the allure of violent extremism and created a "rating system" that would help law enforcement agents rank such prospects.


Perhaps the ‘timing’ is coincidental… but this sounds like the official pitches that were front and center (other than the FBI being saviors against terroists in our midst and needing more tax $ for the next budget i congress) in the bogus terrorist arrest in Cincinnati a week ago…

Another one of those ‘plots’ where the disillusioned young guy fully aware of the 9/11 being an ‘inside job’ begins to affiliate with muslims and draws stares but harms no one… then somehow is drawn into action by an “informer” working for the FBI in order to get off scot free from his own real criminal activity uncovered in some unrelated activity… and the kid’s supposed authorization to begin his personal jihad comes from an unknown twitter message…

Everyone who knew the kid said he wasn’t ‘abnormal’ but the official message wast that almost anyone could turn into a terrorist


Evidently, Mr. German wasn’t with the Bureau back in the 60’s and 70’s when COINTELPRO was all the rage at the FBI and State and local police departments across the nation!


This document is similar to the Domestic Extremism Lexicon, put out by the DHS to help identify "Domestic, NON-Islamic extremism. “Patriots” and “Constitutionalists” are on the list, as well as “alternative media.” Like th site we’re on now. Anyone who doesn’t go along with the corporate lies and agenda will be considered “extremists.”


The document refers to “nonstate violence” as the alleged problem, so naturally, “state violence” is their solution.


The Intercept is owned/run by NSA stooge Glenn Greenwald, unveiler of NSA stooge Ed Snowden. If you work for the NSA, classified documents are easy to come by, especially faked ones.