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Are You Prepared for an Election Disaster?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/22/are-you-prepared-election-disaster

Black Swans - probabilistic thinking - good article - the way I’ve always thought in the mountains.

If it was JUST “Donald Trump’s inaccurate criticisms” we would not need to be “prepared for an election disaster”.

Seeing how Trump is simply ramping up strategies the GOP has utilized for at least a half century, we do indeed need to be prepared.

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This is probably the most pertinent article on the web today! In another article Trump is probably saying he’s ahead in the polls, in part, to muddy the waters and for justification for his base to support the upcoming chaos. The voter suppression keeps coming and the Democrats are playing catch-up. The absolute absurdities keep coming and it’s close to being normalized. It’s not only Trump orchestrating this but all the people in power putting it in play. This is not good. If we cut to the chase, Trump will not give up power and he’s going to make it look like he didn’t lose the election. Lies, accusations and chaos are his best strengths.


Do believe that I will stick to my own advice, it has kept me alive and functioning for quite some time. And, we are prepared

While this article is somewhat interesting because of its unique perspective,

I would prefer the author continue his research into delineating the ways in which the politics in

the USA (and elsewhere) is distinctly driven by what appears to be a violence-prone, paranoid

schizophrenia. The controlling voices and the desperate insecurity of the delusional voters are coming

from within their own identities. The vast majority of voters continue to insist that their passionately

imagined “bipartisn” representatives -

who continually take their money and spend it on more and

more weapons of mass destruction while throwing more

and more people out of their homes and restricting

access to food and health while destroying the environment -

are the only pragmatic solution to the very same problems the imagined representatives are

guaranteed to exacerbate.

The majority of voters, in their delusional state, passionately cling to quack doctors

(or is it doctorers?)

and this article

(and any familiarity with the history of the patient known as the voters of the USA)

clearly shows that the probability of increasing violence is the typical, most likely outcome of

this diseased state.

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So much for insuring peace and domestic tranquillity.

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The more I think about this article, the more I like it - and its main theme.

Every morning I wake up, survey the news, and realize my most fervent wish is that it would all go away and return to normal. This is wrong on two counts of course - it is a knee-jerk reaction to calamity.

  1. It is most definitely not going away, no matter the election.

  2. Normal is a death march - so a new lifeway is needed.

On reflection, I made the decision to to abandon ‘normalcy’ back in '97, when I rediscovered the mountains - and soon turned to them as a way of life - full time. Everything since has been in a sense, the sense of this very article, a ‘preparation’ for ‘incoming’ - i.e., the all pervasive all enveloping threat of state-shift, as the planet and its biosphere react to a new exponentially growing lifeform - us.

I watched the black and white 1954 movie “On the Waterfront” last evening. A movie about the human condition, and about organized crime. A redemptive movie, as the good guy wins back his honor.

The recent movie “The Irishman” - portrays a much more insidious crime syndicate writ wide over the face of the Americas - and there is no redemption this time - telling - as artists are always telling…

Which brings us to here and now.

The only institution I can think of up to the task of meeting the upcoming domestic challenges is the FBI.

Perhaps they can win back their honor - perhaps not.

Nope–still wondering which disaster.

Hey mountain man. I was just in the middle of emailing a friend of mine on this exact topic when I spotted your message.
My friend is very concerned about recent violence and chaos and who is to benefit.
My thoughts ran to the rich and powerful as the puppeteers pulling the strings.
I do think DT is dispensable, he is just the tip of the iceberg. The more the people engage in infighting, the more our eyes are taken off the prime movers of this chaos. The treasury and land are being looted and this will inevitably lead to austerity and pain for the rest of us, for a long time.
My thoughts also was on the FBI today and the fact they have made several recent arrests of militant violent ultra right extremists. I think the oligarchs are rightfully scared of the extreme right groups and have asked for protection.
I also find solace in nature around me, but I remain aware and alert, and will take necessary precautions to ride this out and protect family, friends and our environment that nourishes. Or go down in the fight.

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I agree - in spades !

If we are lucky - the FBI may be ‘untouchable’ - in some sense at least.

That bad down there - damn.

The RCMP up here have dishonored themselves these last several decades. But there is an idea at the hearts of the FBI & the RCMP which may be harder to kill than the crime syndicates think.

If not - the options narrow considerably.

The complete loss of good governance, which was a fact since the late sixties, but took on another dimension entirely after 9/11.

The whole concept of a country - one nation, runs on trust - which is in very short supply.