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'Are You Ready for a Fight?': In Fiery Speech, Sanders Rallies Opposition to Trump Supreme Court Pick


'Are You Ready for a Fight?': In Fiery Speech, Sanders Rallies Opposition to Trump Supreme Court Pick

Jon Queally, staff writer

"I'm not going to kid anybody. This is a tough fight, but it is a fight we can win."

So declared Sen. Bernie Sanders late Monday night at a rally outside the U.S. Supreme Court after President Donald Trump announced his nomination of far-right Brett Kavanaugh to fill the vacant seat on the nation's highest court.


Joe Manchin will support Kavanaugh.


Good to see Bernie at work. Chucky Cheese and Nancy Pelosi sent up the white flag last week. Mobilize people!


Last night I watched that turtle-head fellow gloat while giving his remarks on the Senate floor. I did not see any mention of a speech by schumer (small-s) when there is a need for a dragon. The Dragon we have was in front of The Court House demanding Justice for All. If there was ever a need to dump demo’s it is now. They are unable and unwilling to lead us through and from Hell. Yes, that place does exist, you are living it daily. Our children are hungry and our elders sick. Follow the Dragon to fight.


If anyone in the CD comment world has direct contact with Bernie’s handlers, advise them that now is the time for Bernie to do what Trump has been doing since he became Grifter-in-Chief: start his 2020 presidential campaign.
This should include mobilizing and leading marches, making speeches in front of packed halls, and other public events and pronouncements.
All the rules of old politics are gone, and Trump will win in 2020 unless a progressive like Bernie out-Trump’s Grifter by becoming a marketing and media exposure genius.


Don Quixote is the most important novel ever written.


Yup, I agree. The push starts now and take no prisoners.


I love Bernie and his tenacity in the fight to protect the vast majority of the populace from greedy Right-Wing republicans who want to control a woman’s body and have been instrumental in shipping decent paying jobs overseas.

The republican cretins with a great deal of help from the democratic party who worship at the altar of their corporate puppeteers, found a way to avoid dealing with Unions, build their products in China where the hourly wages are a fraction of what they were paying Americans.

Now the Middle Class is growing in China and shrinking below the poverty line in the US.

Unfortunately, Bernie’s efforts are in vain. The plantation owners have the votes and they will continue to suppress any attempt by the working class to dig out of the poverty ditch.

I am still glad that Hillary did not win, despite the fact that she would have made better choices for the Supreme Court.

My candidate was of course Jill Stein the only Peace Monger running for office. Let’s face the fact that Hillary is a War Monger and our problems could have been a great deal worse if she were in the White House.

We have to hit rock bottom before America can get back on the progressive path that FDR showed us. We are very close to reaching the lowest point for human rights in our history.

We now have a bunch of Right Wing heartless warmongering bigoted terrorists running the country and I think the wake-up call is ringing.


Sounds good Bernie. So exactly what is the strategy? Where is the organizing to build enough power to do this? What are the tactics. Have you called a meeting to organize grassroots power of affected constituencies to develop a plan of action, be part of the fight from the beginning and execute militant non-violent actions to keep this particular pig out of the barn? Or is it just more “Tweet and they will come?”

In case you need any tips on how to organize militant, non-violent, democratic action here are some grassroots experts who can educate you:


There’s not alot of proof for that. Certainly her appointments would be identity-correct and sound good, but that does not mean they would ever bite the hands of their oligarch and corporatist bosses.


Occupy the Vichy democrat party


Exactly. In our time, the organizing model of governance is what’s needed. Here’s a Chicago example:

And on the congressional level we have AO-C. And there are hundreds of others around the country if we open our eyes.

I just remembered Cynthia Nixon, Kshama Sawant and Socialist Alternative, a whole new bunch of DSA people, the Greens, etc.

Then, of course, there is the tremendous organizing going on outside of (s)electoral politics and the international examples of Jeremy Corbyn and Momentum and AMLO and Moreno, BDS, and so many more.



Are you serious? I get so many emails from ourrevolution and others. If you like I can forward all of them to you but you may not like it. Everything from local to global actions, petitions, numbers to call, house meetups, email alerts. If (when) all of that coalesced(s) into one unified movement, it will be unstoppable.


I am serious that Tweets and emails are not organizing, but can be useful communications and "Our Revolution is little more than a PR machine, not an organization that is serious about organizing people power.


Sorry, Bernie, too little and way too late. Where was the call to action when the Democrats allowed the Republicans to derail Obama’s pick? Where was the call to action when the usual handful of corporate ass-kissing Democrats helped to Gorsuch seated? Or is this just another paper tiger show of opposition to make the Democrats look good in November?

Speaking of Democrats, how’s working with the sham of an opposition party to stop Trump working out for you? When can we expect you to start naming names and criticizing all the rotten eggs in the Democratic party, instead of ignoring their betrayal for the sake of party unity, not to mention any seniority you might have with them?

Apologize for the negativity, here, but at what point do progressives look for alternatives to affect change or will we just continue to use the same failed tactics that got us this rotten political system? The same old shit just keeps getting us the same old shit.


Did you know that Chuck Schumer has opposed Kavanaugh for years? He voted against him in the Senate in 2006, and fought against his appointment.


I know Schumer ain’t your favorite, but he’s really just not progressive as you. He’s not a right wing hack.


Like many i was a fan of Bernie Sanders right up until he endorsed Hillary and spinelessly let her steal the nomination without protest.
At this point Bernie followers display the exact same willful ignorance as the average Hillary voter, and you will have just as much luck reasoning with one.
With a conservative estimate of 25% of its population being authoritarians, America has one of the highest concentrations of authoritarians on the planet.
Therefore, there is a cult mentality in America that is pervasive across the entire political spectrum, where one looks for a savior to fix everything rather than affect any changes on ones own.
It is very difficult to dissuade an authoritarian once they have chosen a savior, and simply pointing out facts rarely works.
Bernie will unfortunately remain the chosen savior of many voters for the foreseeable future, and it is unlikely any political movement will succeed without him.


You’re real good at pointing out Bernie’s flaws and ridiculing those that support him.

Well, if Bernie is no good at solving the problems in this country, what is your solution? Your post sounds to me like you feel you are so superior to us - so, if you are, come on, let us know what your ideas are.

At least Bernie is trying. All you do is sit at your computer and complain.


You beat me to it. My exact first thought.


In either case it just wastes time and energy arguing what could have been, not that it will stop people from blaming people didn’t vote Hillary when this nomination does get in.