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Are You Represented By a Climate Denier? The Chances Are Pretty Good



It looks like a bunch of mayors in Florida are fed up with the debate moderators in the Republican debates not asking the candidates questions about climate change. Will the moderators comply and this week and confront the Trump, Crux, Rubio, and Kasich with a bitter reality about the world that they continually dodge? South Florida in particular is in serious, serious trouble as sea levels rise and are expected to rise for hundreds of more years. It appears that saving south Florida, located on porous limestone, is impossible without quickly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. You would think Rubio being a senator from Florida and Trump having property in Palm Beach would be particularly concerned but so far they haven't shown any evidence of caring about Florida or rest of this planet as the global temperature rises.


Yes! Yes, I am represented by a climate denier, though rather poorly. I am glad you asked.

I am also represented by a cascade of MIC thugs and torturers, oil and gas and even nuclear toadies.

Need I go on? They all seem to be looking for a way to cash out. I am starting to think Mister Dylan was a few decades early with that "Hard Rain" thing.


I think a lot of these republicans dont really believe their own BS...But being as how they represent the pollution industry by recieving lots of CAMPAIGN CASH They are in essence working for them....They are being paid to perpetuate the corporate lies......Everytime one of them starts ranting about not being a scientist makes me want to puke.


Seeing how those WA representatives were not included in that 6 in 10 statistic, if you figure in Congressional trade deal supporters from across the US there would be very few Murkins whose representative was not a denier or enabler.


I'm represented by a climate non-denier who nevertheless claims that fracking is a bridge, as in, want to buy a bridge?

I suppose that it's better than having a cultie for a Senator, but perhaps it's only a different brand-name of cult.


The more often you tell a lie he more likely you are to believe it yourself!! I believe this to be true!


I wouldnt..