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Are You Sure You Actually 'Like' Your Private Health Insurance?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/12/are-you-sure-you-actually-your-private-health-insurance

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Something historic nearly happened:

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Of course we don’t like health insurance! We all pay income taxes that in most cases are crippling unless you are wealthy. The very bare minimum that any citizen should receive from their government as a compensation for taxes they pay are for safety! Police protection, fire protection, health protection. And schooling comes next. An absolutely essential part of what should be this “deal” between citizens and their government. Until those four basic things are covered by our taxes, citizens get a rotten deal. And at the same time, overspending on destructive forces like the military should be much more carefully managed. There needs to be a major overhaul of the Citizen’s Deal, and corporations and their lobbyists need to have absolutely nothing to do with it.

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“Surveys” that corporations, their media and politicians conduct that conclude that many Murkins like their medical insurance are worded to assure that such a conclusion results. They ask questions that compare having insurance…any insurance to having no insurance and of course respondents will say they like having insurance compared to not having insurance.


Once all employers see the benefits in having the government facilitate health care for their employees, there will be two more four letter words for the Insurance Industry.

"Dead" and "Gone."


While the Nurses tend to be fully on board with Medicare for all down in the USA many of the Doctors are not. Those that are (and I have no idea of the percentages on each side) tend to be the ones that entered the Profession out of a desire to help others. Those that are not , have as their main focus the bigger paycheques.

The Insurance industry and other groups in the US like to trot out expatriate Canadian Doctors now working in the USA as “experts” on the Canadian model where they denigrate it and overstate the shortcomings. These tend to be the Doctors that left Canada because they wanted bigger paycheques.

I read an article by a Doctor coming from other side. She had migrated from the USA to Canada and her main reason was she wanted to provide medical care to people and indicated she was getting depressed and found her job hard to do in the USA as she had to deal with insurance comapnies on an ongoing basis and she had to deal with patient after patient coming in worried about costs that they would be unable to pay.


Obamacare - tax dollars used to get people to purchase a sh*tty private insurance product. What’s not to love???


I think it is pretty clear there is a real disconnect between interested parties. Doctors, nurses, patients, and journalists.etc. I don’t think Americans like their insurance mostly because of cost. They do serve some service to prevent some of the abuses in healthcare, like fraudulent fees and services, the same is true for Medicare. Mostly, Doctors are not making these decisions, there are larger groups. Or, look at physician owned hospitals. And then there is Medicare that is inadequate without Medicaid for availability and services and has the some of the same problems. We spend 2.2 Trillion dollars on health care and have a population of chronically ill people. It is not just insurance that is the problem. And, Medicare for All is just another bandaid.

I believe that the article on Common Dreams yesterday, stated that only 25% of Doctors aligned with the AMA, are in favor of the Insurance Industry continuing as it has, and against a Medicare-For-All Healthcare program.

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Thanks for that, and please keep these truths coming from Canada. Because the anti-crowd here often uses you’re country’s system to spew their lies, it’s important the US citizens hear the truth from Canadian citizens.


The U.S. ranks 19th.

  • United Kingdom. United Kingdom’s Best Health Care System Rank: 10. …
  • Australia. Australia’s Best Health Care System Rank: 9. …
  • Netherlands. Netherlands’ Best Health Care System Rank: 8. …
  • Germany. Germany’s Best Health Care System Rank: 7. …
  • Denmark. …
  • Canada. …
  • Switzerland. …
  • Sweden.

Those fascists in Germany must be pretty pissed. Actually, that is an improvement for the U.S. we were like 39th.

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Here is a start. There a large number of factors causing this epidemic of chronically ill people and most of them are man made.


Great information and I agree a lot about illness has its origins in diet and lifestyle. I watched a documentary on another topic but I couldn’t help but notice there are Mc Donalds outlets in some very remote parts of the world. Another interesting documentary is called Street food. It talks about the evolution of food in various cultures.

I have maintained for years that the processed-food industry is getting away with murder and mayhem!


There should be healthcare centers in every neighborhood------and this should start in the inner city-----every neighborhood should have open space----community gardens----meditation space-----and maybe dispense some pills----this would involve people in the neighborhood volunteering to keep costs down--------

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Health insurance is by far the biggest problem with the US health care system.

Health insurance = access. Medicare = access. Why do you think that?

ACA was a big giveaway to the insurance industry.

Health insurance contributes zero to health care. The insurance industry is a purely parasitic unnecessary middle man that collects free money while contributing nothing. The insurance industry even denies services to patients that are in desperate need of care.

In a well designed Medicare for All system the health insurance industry will have no role.

I disagree. Health insurance provides access and oversight to healthcare. Healthcare has little over sight for cost control. And it is easy to manipulate. This would give the president appointment powers to decide global budgets. Think about that. If you have ever worked in the this area you would see the pros and cons. And, when or if you get MFA there will still be private insurance for those areas not covered by Medicare. You have to look at this not just as a patient. There are some other important concessions being made and they are not in our best interest.