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Are You Sure You Actually 'Like' Your Private Health Insurance?

What health insurance?

I’m not “allowed” to be on the plan my husband and kids are on via his employer because my employer offers insurance. This means that that his share of the premiums for his employer sponsored policy to cover him and the kids is 4800 a year with a 7200 deductible for them before they are all covered. My premiums on my employer policy are 2400, with a 6800 deductible. That means before the whole family is covered for the whole year, we have to pay in over 20,000 dollars a year. We make less than 55K. Our state did not expand medicaid (don’t blame us, we voted for people who would have, and we cant afford to move). I’d welcome MFA even if we had to keep paying in this ridiculous rate, if it meant that people in my community without insurance didn’t have to suffer. Even though that extra 20K a year would tremendously change our lives. And yeah, between the disasters that regularly befall me and the accidents and illnesses kids get into, we hit it, or rather, we get billed for it. The premiums are unavoidable, but the bills that compromise our deductible often get stacked to the side and into collections.

You want private profit motivated corporations with a long history of abuse to provide oversight? Provide access? Hell, the insurance industry has a history of denying access to the point where it will actually kill the patient.

You are just plain wrong and there is massive evidence to demonstrate this. You are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. All the other nations are accomplishing far more for their health care dollar, having both better outcomes and costing far far less.

Thing is, we want to create an improved Medicare for All. We want to expand coverage. We don’t want a single cent of profit going to useless insurance companies.

Every other developed nation places strict limitations on the use of private health insurance. Switzerland is the lone example and their health care costs are damned near as high as in the USA.

Clearly you are an insurance industry employee engaging in obfuscation.

I’m not sure why this can’t be discussed on a civil level without some kind of character assassination. I’m not saying that insurance is great, I’m saying they serve a purpose that Medicare would provide and MFA is the provision for that administrative change. However, it doesn’t stop there. And this plan continues to pay off your evil insurance companies for 15 years.

If insurance is the wrong choice it is because it was part of the plan to privatize Medicare (which has partially been completed) and has failed to contain healthcare costs which is why this is so important.

Developed nations have healthcare strengths and weakness, Canada has much better infection control but other shortcomings. If you think Medicare can’t be hacked your dreaming. FDR is probably rolling in his grave.

Yes, health insurance interests have done what they can to undermine Medicare. You are part of that mission right here, right now.

Health insurance contributes zero to actual health care. All health insurance does is collect a large share of undeserved free money. This “theft” serves to undermine to goal of health care by starving it of resources. That is why the USA lags behind in significant measures of health care effectiveness.

I’m biting my tongue as to what you are doing. I’m in no way undermining Medicare, I’m questioning the wisdom of bean counters at the Rand corporation and the entire 2.2 trillion dollar health industry of which insurance is only a part.

This all started as a way for employers to give their employees a raise when wage controls restricted them from doing so. So health insurance was created instead, to give a “raise” to employees. How far we have fallen since the original intent.

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