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Are You Sure You Want to Eat That?


Are You Sure You Want to Eat That?

Kate Fried

Whether we shop for sustenance at a chain grocery store, the corner bodega or even at a farmers market, we all share a basic desire—to not get sick from the food that is supposed to nourish us. In fact, much of the time, most of us don’t think twice about the safety of our food.

But not all nations have the same food safety standards as ours, and if the controversial trade deal known as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) goes into effect, some of the food in our stores may not be safe to eat.


Bernie is doing all that he can.
Now if he can get a little help from all those people who voted for him, maybe we can stop Obama in his tracks and defeat TPP.


The Republicans will finally join forces with the Democrats to pass another Corporate trade bill that screws the environment, workers, food safety, air and water. I think we are insane!!! The entire political force of Washington State, Congress and Senators, will join forces with Boeing and Amazon and Microsoft to pass this anti Democratic Corporate take over bill.


When you consider that the Washington governor and entire Washington State Congressional delegation (except Jim McDermott who hasn't rendered an opinion because he is retiring) already favors TPP, the Democrats and GOP have already "joined forces with Boeing and Amazon and Microsoft...".

Recall Crosscut writer Knute Berger's quote from a couple of decades ago "the unwritten line in any Washington state politician's job description is CARRY WATER FOR BOEING".

TPP will enable importers to sue the US for rejecting products. Corporate tribunals will then award damages for loss of anticipated profits and the rejected products will be allowed to enter the US because taxpayers won't want to pay these damages.

Just remember that Hillary loves children, so she won't let this happen, LOL.


The lose of sovereignty is exactly why Brexit passed in England.


And Boeing wants the Navy to fly Growler Jets playing electromagnetic war games over Olympic National Park... and the noise is horrendous...so the political forces turn a blind eye to another abomination.


And so the toxicity of the TPP is literal and figurative.


Again with the "we" bullshit?

What part of WE--as in WE the People--has been given any say on this matter?

Did you miss the FACT that were it not for Wikileaks, no citizen would even KNOW about TPP or TIPP? And as it is, congress personnel have been prohibited from copying the actual verbiage and sharing it with their constituents.

This is not about WE. This is about the corporate oligarchy and ITS representatives in positions of power.

Millions of people understand that food safety, hard-won environmental protections and labor laws, and lots of Civil Liberties are at stake in this agreement which is more about all-out corporate control than trade, per se.

How many OTHER screen names have you used in the 5 years since "riverman" was previously retired... only to join the chorus that turns every issue of corporate malevolence and illegality onto The People (we) being done unto?

This issue is a daily one served up as the necessary lie told often. And therefore, I will continue to expose it.

It pretends that Democratic engagement is responsible for disastrous decisions when in reality it's the 1% shock jocks of the shock doctrine who are responsible. Meanwhile they operate undercover to disable The People through their coup-like stealth control over all venues of would-be redress... the 4th estate, included.


Clinton supports the TPP, Trump does not. Keep Clean, Vote Green. (drops mike...)


Adam Smith voted against it. Don't completely trust his opposition, but there it is.


Hell, we don't even need TPP imported food to poison ourselves. Capitalist, corporate produced bread contains ADA (azodicarbonimide). ADA is an industrial chemical foaming agent that makes yoga mats spongy. It's only in our bread because it retards spoilage and makes that "bread" better withstand transportation and storage.

ADA is banned from being used in bread in the European Union. And in Singapore, yes, Singapore, "...use can result in up to 15 years imprisonment and a fine of $450,000."



To push the TPP, would Obama eat some Malachite Green?


Now that Obama sees how much the Clintons make on speeches (and $10 million was a SLOW year for the Clintons) at this point there isn't much Obama won't do to enable him to sign TPP after the election and before inauguration day.


Calm down...take a walk in the forest and deep breaths.
I am totally against TPP and TIPP.
Destroying our planets ecosystem that sustains our survival as a species...means WE are insane.


Obama's popularity highlights the lack of knowledge and understanding of current events that is endemic in the US populace. If people knew what he was really about his approval rating would be in single digits. I truly wonder how history will treat him. My guess is not kindly considering lack of meaningful climate change action, drone wars, not prosecuting war criminals for war crimes, and not prosecuting Wall Street fraud while letting distressed homeowners drown.


If people knew what he has done they'd send him to the Hague to stand trial for war crimes.


I am very tired of the little troupe that occupies these threads with their access to various screen names--EACH. And the way they (fomenting consensus due to their back-up teams) prop up the same half-assed and tired arguments.

I challenged your use of a WE-frame. That's precisely what all those young people (during "Occupy Wall St.") camped outside to expose: That those in power calling the shots, i.e. the 1% are not representative of We, The People.

This is an article about the SHIT (Soylent Green style) that citizens will be eating not because THEY are intent upon destroying this planet. It's the result of deliberate decisions on the part of unaccountable elites.

Those who PURPOSELY conflate one group with the other by clouding the issue under the banner of "we" do a massive disservice to Truth.

I am calling YOU out on that.

Whether or not I take a deep breath and/or enjoy the forest which is close to my home has NOTHING to do with my protesting your deceptive frame.


So, Obama supports and pushed hard for the TPP putting "the interests of Big Food ahead of yours and mine. That’s because it wasn’t negotiated in the public’s interest" - it was "negotiated" to put corporate interests and profits above citizens basic safety and lock-in corporate domination subverting our sovereignty via ISDS corporate lawyer tribunals - only 5 of the 29 chapters are about "trade", the rest corporate power.

Obama made sure the TPP was"negotiated" BYcorporate interests, lawyers and lobbyists, excluding public advocates - labor, consumers, environmental, among others.

Obama fought for "Fast Track" status allying with RepubliCons and sellout DINO Dems to win - seems Obama only fights for things if they benefit wealth, power, and profits over people and the environment. The question is why when so many warn against this Trojan Horse con?

Because Obama is a corporate/banker/wall street sellout and progressive fraud from the giddyup, who deceived the public to serve big-money - he will no doubt be giving many million dollar speeches to Goldman-Sachs et al after leaving office.
Never such a despicable con-artist bald-faced liar - never such a transparent sellout to big-money except for his likely successor - Hillary Clinton.......



Food and Water Watch is a great bunch doing good work and the TPP is abominable for so many reasons but I question this statement from the piece: " The U.S. has worked hard to create a regulatory system that protects us from getting sick from the food we eat." There are so many reasons why that's not the case these days that I wouldn't know where to begin, GMO's? Pesticides? Herbicides? Antibiotics? and on and on.

I also mourn the lives of all the animals that are raised and killed for food and their bodies discarded like so much trash because our accepted trade partners are doing a less than stellar job.These are times when the old fashioned victory garden is not such a bad idea if you have the space or perhaps involving yourself in a community garden option if you don't. Getting healthy safe food is becoming pretty sketchy even if you rely on our so called USDA organic which has been compromised as well. And It's even more difficult for folks that are on limited incomes and have health issues. Excellent title for the piece as it relates to what passes for food these days.


You have a good point--the USDA and FDA are incredibly weak regulatory bodies riddled with corporate influence.