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Aretha Franklin, Soul Legend and Icon of Civil Rights and Feminist Movements, Dies at 76


Aretha Franklin, Soul Legend and Icon of Civil Rights and Feminist Movements, Dies at 76

Julia Conley, staff writer

Legendary soul singer, feminist, and civil rights icon Aretha Franklin died early on Thursday morning. Often called the "Queen of Soul" as well as the "Voice of Black America," she was 76 years old.


Sister Soul, Thank you for it ALL


This is a great loss, made only slightly less bitter by the knowledge that her pain is at an end, and her rest is so well-earned.

I’m not generally a fan of Xmas carols, but I once heard her deliver a live performance of “O Holy Night” that made the hairs on both my arms stand up straight.


Great respect to Aretha - we keep losing our heroes, as time passes…


And another hero done gone…Ray, was also loved and respected, and man, he could rock the place down too! Two of my favs!

Just because we must revel in our joy while we can, and feel the music!


Aretha; the only true Queen in the world, the only one I’d of gladly bowed to or would took a knee for.
When all else fails just continue to " rock steady ".


A gift to fans:

Deserves being played back on a Walker Audio Proscenium Black Diamond 5 turntable. https://walkeraudio.com/proscenium-black-diamond-contd/


Oh man, I just watched this scene last week when The Blues Brothers was repeating on cable. Also the last scene with Carrie Fisher. So sad.


Aretha was asked at the last minute to step-in for Luciano Pavarotti who was ill, at the 1998 Grammy’s to sing Puccini’s Nessun Dorma…Aretha did a thrilling rendition, but the Grammy’s have not released the clip…it cannot be found anywhere. I do not tweet (or FB) but others are trying to get the bastards to release the video @ #ReleaseTheClip. it was played several times today on NY classical radio WQXR…totally Aretha!


Aretha! Presente!

Always. The world is DIFFERENT and BETTER thanks to Aretha Franklin. Her voice touched deep strength for countless people in hard times and good.
Condolences to family and friends - and thank you for sharing this truly marvelous woman.


Thanks for that. Release the clip, indeed!!!