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Argentina Passes "Millionaire's Tax" to Fund Covid-19 Recovery


I agree that healthcare should have greater emphasis on cause, not just symptoms. It is also a huge can of even if we knew what can be done about it in a lot of cases. Additionally there are a lot of vested interests making that determination and not all of them are affected by changes to Medicare, or Medicaid except in cases of mandate (what you are expected to provide as care) to an economic model (what you are expected to spend or pay for in terms of care) M4A doesn’t give you any additional decision making ability, possibly a little better account of dollars spent. It also changes and adds another level of bureaucracy by presidential appointment on how that is decided.

You don’t have to change structure to affect existing care requirements. Preventive care already exists under current standards and Medicare. It needs to be improved and regulated.

The issue of vaccines, you really have to have an honest relationship with your physician, if you don’t it is time to change physicians. There are long term consequences that you will most likely never get unless you look it up yourself.

There is also a website for vaccination injury, I suspect a lot of them are never reported.