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Arguing Before Supreme Court, Rights Advocates Take Aim at Ohio's 'Illegal' Voter Purges

Arguing Before Supreme Court, Rights Advocates Take Aim at Ohio's 'Illegal' Voter Purges

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"If the court sides with Ohio, you'll see more red states making it easier to drop people from the voter registration rolls," one election expert argued

Can’t there be any doubt which side this Supreme Court will favor?

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What a bunch of A hats.

Headline sez: “… Rights Advocates Take Aim at Ohio’s ‘Illegal’ Voter Purges”

Oops. Clicked thinking this was about the 2004 presidential election. Was thinking maybe somebody had located those ballots. My bad.

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You’d think that would be an incentive to vote that favors Democrats.

Except that Democrats have had this enthusiasm problem since 2008.

Right about the time that their base figured out that corporate donors mattered more than they do.


what is going on with Greg Palast? his ilm about massive voter suppression was the real thing- it showed the list of suppressed
voters- people with Latino names, Asian names, and your first name i s
something like DeShawn or are Black so no votes for you etc. just wtch the trailer best democracy money can buy

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Terribly interesting. That happened in 2008 you say? What “base” would that be?

You, BWilliamson.

2009 is when the DoJ started to report to Obama, and did nothing about many credible allegations of voting fraud committed by ballot counters, often by the thousands or even tens of thousands.

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There is a recent interview on Greg Palst’s site with Tom Hartman. The last comments are regarding the state of Virginia’s possible refusal to hand over it’s voter registration list to Homeland Security.

Shortly after the 2016 election I was doing some reading on voter participation globally in free and open democracies. A few nations have or have had mandatory voting for all citizens. One such Scandinavian country recently rescinded mandatory voting and lo and behold the participation numbers fell to percentages virtually indistinguishable from those here in the good ol’ US. …just to belay the notion that citizen non-participation in elections is something uniquely American.

No-one in or out of government has the right to restrict any other eligible citizen from voting merely based on past non-participation. Another tactic that was used in the past election here in Ohio was to limit the youth vote by making the rules for college students vague and hard to comply with, leading many to be effectively closed out. The Ohio GOP are despicable scum, and no slimy trick is beneath them.