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Arizona Bill Would Ban Discussion of Social Justice, Solidarity in Schools


Arizona Bill Would Ban Discussion of Social Justice, Solidarity in Schools

Nika Knight, staff writer

Arizona state representative Bob Thorpe, a Republican, has just proposed a bill that would ban any school courses or extracurricular activities that "promote" any kind of "social justice" or "solidarity" based on race, class, gender, politics, or religion.

The legislation, House Bill 2120, also appears to connect classes on social justice and solidarity with "promotion of the overthrow of the United States government," which it also explicitly outlaws.


Nothing new for T-bagger, Thorpe: Bob Thorpe, Arizona Legislator, Apologizes For Racially Insensitive Tweets See: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/16/bob-thorpe-tweets_n_3768471.html

He is the quintessential anti-government, anti-immigrant, anti-minority, anti-environment, anti-woman, pro-life, anti-humanity, gun-toting Second Amendment spouting arch conservative T-Bagger whose agenda falls in lockstep with his avowed sect to the very last t-crossing, i-dotting period...end of sentence.

Interesting how his unprofessional, amateurish website does not reveal where he went to college, any degree that he earned, or where he spent his youth/birthplace. That lack of specific information could lead one to believe that his statement about his post-HS education is suspect and perhaps outright false. His hoakum behavior, speech, and bizarre ideas certainly do not reflect any practiced or learned abstract reasoning or rationale. The only book he has read (besides the one some ghost writer wrote for him) is the small "b" bible...like those found in seedy motel rooms.

Guess he and his constituents in "rural Northern Arizona" are mirror twins of their White Supremacist, Neo-Nazi compatriots in Northern Idaho such as his doppleganger (seriously...they look and act exactly alike), freshman Dan Foreman (R) in the Idaho state house.


This is as illegal as burning books. If this is allowed to stand, fascism has a complete hold on our government.


Isn't social justice the means to a "more perfect union," which is supposed to be the purpose of our government? How did we get so many full-fledged idiots in government?


They were elected by their fellow "full-fledged idiots."


Arizona... Isn't that some third world country to the southwest, roughly the size of Uganda -- one of those places with great wealth amid great poverty?


No one's into social justice. After all, what would be "social justice" for many of those who can't work/for whom no jobs are available?


Perhaps bad schools and extreme churches.


While I certainly don't mean Rep.Thorpe any harm, I sure wouldn't mind reading his obituary.


These freaks are aware that their way of life is ending. That causes them to make more and more idiotic statements, laws, as well as a desperate push to do anything they can to try to hold their social positions. There beliefs are anti-American and immoral.


Wouldn't this wipe out all of the women's studies/gender studies programs?

Actually, Marx is still taught in philosophy classes, and you can't talk about Marx without talking about class conflict, so is he gone, too?

And does this mean no one could assign anything by James Baldwin in any class ever?

I hope people are beginning to understand that this hasn't been about governing for a long time now. These people are fighting a war, and they're winning, while the other side basks in cynicism and hopelessnes.


I trust that all aspects of the British north American colonists treasonous rebellion against the Crown will be struck off the books in Arizona.

After all, wasn't it an insurgency about social justice and liberty and such things?


Say, whatever happened to freedom of speech?


So goes the story we're told anyway.

I've long thought the "American Revolution" was a farce (especially compared to France-- they had GOOD reason to have a revolution) -- a revolution led primarily by the well-to-do who simply wanted more for themselves (i.e. the white male landed class).

The "American Revolution" signaled nothing but bad news for black people and Native Americans. "Liberty" was just a catchy slogan -- the only problem is EVENTUALLY some people took the word in earnest and have begun demanding we actually live by it.


This proposed law is so obviously unconstitutional. But that is typical tea party/Trumpublicon.

A good film of recent years that goes into a specific case of tea party xenophobic oppression in Arizona is "Precious Knowledge."


Taken strictly, the entirety of American history becomes problematic. The Civil War, Emancipation Proclamation, Women's Suffrage, Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, are all suddenly "controversial."

Of course, that's not the intent of this proposal. It's an extension of the ban on ethnic studies, meant to go after the dreaded "SJWs."

Republicans get it. Try for the most extreme thing possible, maybe it will work. If not, look at how reasonable they appear when they accept compromise.


I'm not certain it's unconstitutional. The ethnic studies ban is still in effect, I think? I believe the bill would only deprive state funding from institutions that violate it, and I'm not certain that's unconstitutional.


I find it interesting that all teachers and professors did not quit teaching everything when the bill banning "ethnic" studies went into effect. Ethnic is defined as "of or relating to races or large groups classed according to common traits and customs". Seems to me that would outlaw white studies, which is the majority of what is taught.

House Bill 2120 bans "solidarity" based on race. Seems to me that would apply to the white race as well. We need to see beyond the smoke screen of rich, white, christian male as the invisible norm against which all others are seen as unworthy of equal treatment. Currently it is the rich, white, christian males that are overthrowing the United States government with all their unconstitutional bills and actions.


All you have to do is compare the not-perfect but generally functional politics and social values of Canadians to the utterly dysfunctional ones of USAns for a pretty slam-dunk argument that we all would be better off today had this "revolution" of slave holding, First-Nations genociding, aristocrats never occurred.

God save the Queen.


This is not a call to violence.

Am I the only one who is fantasizing about organizing a kind of "night of the long knives" against every federal and state Republican politician? Yes, we'll deal with the Democrats later too, but the kind of stuff described in this article is on a totally different scale of absolutely nausea-inducing vileness than anything we ever see from a Democrat.

Repeat, this is not a call for violence.