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Arizona to Treat Organized Dissent as Organized Crime


Arizona to Treat Organized Dissent as Organized Crime

Nika Knight, staff writer

The Arizona Senate on Wednesday voted to expand racketeering laws to allow police to arrest anyone involved in a protest and seize their assets, treating demonstrators like organized criminals.

The law, SB 1142, also expands the definition of a riot to include any damage to property, and allows police to make arrests when they suspect a protest will turn violent—even before it actually has.

The Arizona Capital Times explains:


Bienvenidos al infierno...¡Qué mierda! ¡ Qué demonios! Arpaio may be out of office but his mendacious malevolence lives on in the minds of the Arizona senate. They have swallowed the emperor's poison.


Hardly surprising from the state that gave the USA SB 1070. Notice how the AZ GOP's attitude towards the Tea Baggers was wholly different as well.


Even if this law is passed, I doubt it will ever see the light of day. Even a right-wing federal judge would strike this down as unconstitutional.

I do love the irony of the Republicans using "fake news" (i.e. that all these protesters are paid professionals)
as the basis for this so-called legislation. The right-wing loony toons are out in force now!


Worrying times indeed


There is nothing left to say other than these repubs are all batshit crazy.


"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, and it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."
---Frederick Douglass, "West India Emancipation" speech


Damn, I was going to move me and my billions of dollars to AZ, but not now.


"...racketeering...". Really? Racketeering? Someone didn't open a dictionary or read the constitution. Protesting is literally a right. Oh well, it is Arizona.


These nit wits think they are so powerful they can do this and nothing will happen. Trump and his like-minded freaks have done one thing well, that is to unite the left into a powerful and active resistance.
The fools are so drunk with power they can only see what they want to do, not what the end result will be. We're still here and they are still a minority. They are the one's that should be afraid. The people are getting organized and shit laws like this one just makes us more angry. The pitchforks are coming for them.


What is really bizarre is that a minority has been running this country for some time now and it's the crazy right wing extremists leading the charge.


True and it is Trump's insanity that will expose it all. He has the potential to destroy the Republican party, the Dems have done it to themselves.


I use to live in Phoenix and Sedona, Arizona. So this just does not really surprise me. But what surprises me is why it took so long!


"It took so long" because prior to 2016 the tea party staged most of the protests in AZ, with guns in hand, nonetheless, and the cops didn't wink an eye.

When I lived in AZ in 1972-74 it was a moderately conservative state. When I lived there in 1987-89 Governor Evan Mecham was rapidly accelerating the state further rightward. Although he was impeached with less than two years in office, the rightward momentum he triggered in AZ has never slowed down

Goebbels would be proud to see how well Arizona is refining the strategies he pioneered.


We should demand that the Navy re-Christen the USS Arizona. That state name should no longer be associated with those who gave their lives for the opposite of what Arizona now stands for. The state of Arizona makes a mockery of the dead of Pearl Harbor.


If not jackbooted soldiers and swat teams wearing black masks that cover their faces like ninjas then what would fascism look like in America?

It would look legal.

Appoint an ultra right Supreme Court (young enough.to stay around for decades) which refuses to hear whether a 'law' like this is constitutional and refuses to strike it down and this 'law' becomes the law. Protesting was a constitutionally guaranteed right but now is illegal. That is how fascism would look.

Warrantless survaillance - made legal. Would their ever be a need for warrants anymore given 'Scalia type decisions upheld by a Trumpist court? Fascism encroaches.

You'd think all Americans would stand up for their freedoms right? Apparently far too many would stand up only for their right to take away yours.

Fascism made legal.


As they try to 'chill' the First Amendment we should chill their profits: Total, rolling, non cooperation. Remember Gandhi, remember the Montgomery bus boycott and let's get on board!


The Arizona State University Sun Devil mascot becomes more appropriate for that state with each passing day.

This racketeering bill is the not a surprising next step for a state that demonstrated widespread voter suppression and election fraud.

The wall that we need is not along the Mexican border. We need a wall running the length of Arizona's western border post haste.


Manufacturing consent?


Speaking of "organized crime"...Tucson is still a stronghold of the Cosa Nostra syndicate of criminals and assassins but they have gone much deeper underground to avoid detection (as well as spreading throughout the state including the very profitable Coyotaje). The Hensley family from Ohio (McCain's wife's family) is a prime example of organized crime wherein they monopolized the spirt/beer distribution in the state (that remains to this day) using syndicate money brought from Ohio. The current governor, Doug Ducey worked for Hensley distributing (must have paid off handsomely) and is originally from Ohio. He made his million$$$ with sale of Cold Stone Creamery and then used the funds to buy himself a governorship in his adopted state. Ah, the ties that bind.... Nasty, wicked web of evil.