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Arizona's Primary Voting Fiasco Foretells Further Disenfranchisement in General Election



This disgrace in Arizona, is just the tip of the iceberg. I do not know if Bernie would have won Arizona, but the circumstantial evidence is pretty strong that Bernie would have done a lot better if the corrupt voting officials had not eliminated around 140 polling places.

Bernie supporters: you have not seen anything yet! The POTUS is not elected...but selected, and Hillary rotten Clinton has been and is their stooge! Their Wall Street whore, selected and chosen one for POTUS.


Sentiment is correct. I mailed in my ballot and to know it may not be counted infuriates me. Arizona, such a beautiful land and corporate-corrupted to the hilt.

PS - The petition was written in correctly! I couldn't believe it! !!!Voter suppression YES!!!

BUT NOT voter fraud - jeez, what a mistake! ELECTION FRAUD!!!! So, I didn't sign. This must be FIXED! Thank you.


Hey, it wouldn't be fascism without widespread election fraud.


For some reason I can't believe those long lines of people, who waited for hours to vote only to be turned away, were mostly Hillary Clinton supporters. Of course, this just might be biased thinking on my part. But Bernie does turn out the crowds and his supporters seem engaged and persistent.


Time to send in the U.N. to check all of those purple upraised fingers!



Of the Countries measured in this study US Elections were rated the worst when it came to integrity out of the 23 measured. Note as usual the Nordic Countries are at the top of the list.

Note it very likely worse than this study indicates as they did not really include the potential of voter fraud with those diebold machines to any great extent. This is more just getting TO the polls and casting a ballot. The role of deliberate miscounts is touched on , but understated in my opinion.


Mayor Stanton sez: "This is unacceptable anywhere in the United States ..."

Ayuh. You know where it doesn't happen? Outside the U.S.
I recently voted in the 'Democrats Abroad' primary for ex-pats (no, I'm not registered with The Party™; it's an 'open' primary). Just had to go online, submit my voter registration number/address from my last address in the States, make a selection and hit send. Within two weeks, the organizers had collected, verified and counted all the ballots from New Zealand to Dubai to Taiwan to Norway to Canada, and announced the results.


That count overwhelmingly favored Sanders as I recall. The process used seeminly out of reach of the DNC and the HRC campaign,


I strongly feel that those disenfranchised voters in Arizon or anywhere else have another chance to vote.


What if everybody wore a black dress? Then the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court would understand that there's nothing special about their own big black dresses, and then people would become Supreme Court justices for other reasons.

We also could use patriotic FBI agents who said to themselves, "Our national democracy is under attack! Our agency has to mount some sting operations and bring these felons to justice!"


Lets do it all over the right way this time!


Well Duh! If the voter suppression and subversion of the democratic process even further than already, isn't called what it is, the media report it, and a lawsuit to demand a re-vote isn't begun (if it already hasn't been) then our republic is even further in the crapper!

"The Arizona Democratic Party on Thursday argued chaotic presidential primary balloting in Maricopa County was an extension of Republican policies across the state and country that Democrats said are designed to limit voting."
"Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell takes blame for voter lines, says she won't resign" - but "will look at it for future elections" - that isn't good enough!

A Pima County election official that has been working FOR reform did resign, saying the state is working against any reform!


Where's Jimmy Carter? We need him now!


This might be a good time for Senator Bernie Sanders to decide that he owes nothing now to
the Democratic Party which has consistently tried to undermine his campaign in many different

I'd be happy to see a third party run by Sanders if it could be done now.


This voter fraud and disenfranchisement by republicans is also the responsibility of the democrats that know the DNC is doing all it can to try and show Sanders as a weak candidate.
Democrats have always been to lazy to get out and vote in midterm elections and just hand the senate and house to republicans without even trying to stop them.
Democrats need to get out and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!
Democrat voters also need to take on these republican racists and fascists at every turn and expose their crooked dealings.
This may be the most important election in our short history and our freedom, independence and constitution is on the line.
Democrats need to start voting in all state elections and get rid of the fascism that has hijacked so many states.


I just came across this: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/03/native-american-voting-rights-lawsuits


That might not be a bad strategy, if he can declare as an independent and get on the ballot in all 50 states in time for the general election this fall. If he splits off at a time when it is too late to have new ballots created in the remaining states with primaries, he would have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain, as the anti-Clinton anti-Drumpf vote. He would declare the party is corrupt and that he is going back independent status. If he can come up with a nice sounding name for the new party, like the republicans do for their bills, then he leads the conversation on the name, instead of being labeled new-socialist or Marxist or what-ever bs the republicans would throw at him. In the end he ends up winning the independent vote by a strong margin 60-40, and gets half of the democratic vote, and at least a quarter of registered republicans and moves into the White House next January. If he selects Elizabeth Warren as his running mate, it would be an even more lopsided victory. And she would become the first woman President of the United States of America! Now that's an agenda I can get behind!


Once Trump gets the POTUS it will never happen.


Same old stuff. Certainly the Congress will never move, with most of those critters would have not gotten to DC with a fair election process. Here is a plan. We prepare a piece of legislation, and circulate that for endorsement. It simply says that any individual who either restricts a legal voter from voting, or who requires others to do that, is committing a Federal felony. This law will be reinforced retroactively, starting on 1 January 2106. Upon conviction the penalty will be 25% of the felon's net assets. (We went to fill up the treasury and empty the jails.) This can be the first Act Of Congress that the new Bernie Congress passes.