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Arizona's Uprising Teachers Build Bridges, Not Walls


Arizona's Uprising Teachers Build Bridges, Not Walls

Jeff Bryant

We can add Arizona to the ever-growing list of states where teachers are saying “enough” to state-imposed financial austerity, and walking off the job to protest years of pay cuts, inadequate school resources, and stressful working conditions.


Thank you teachers! Thank you Jeff Bryant!
The Citizens United (NOT!), under the veil of two utterly misleading words, has swung the corporate greed gate wide open and corralled virtually every aspect of society to extract what its premises are completely incompetent to achieve: a healthy society in a socially just economic system. THAT is the purpose of the bimbo at the helm of the Dept. of ED IMHO. Having had a direct transfusion of a Milton Freedman infusion at an early age, scraping all comers away from the pinnacle of daddy’s pyramid scheme, this twit is incapable of thinking outside the pyramid, which must be virtually auto-erotic for trump.

We need education to teach children about the beauty of balance and truth and history, science - so many valuable things, as well as the lies, the hidden power plays, the treason, the spectrum of abuses and the consequences ripping society apart. The nation has been and is still keeping an eye on the Arizona book burners and WE ALL NEED TO STAND BEHIND YOU.

A sampling from the Truth Out article from 2012 linked above - as salient today as the day it was published; perhaps more so:

Current acts of censorship and state racism are dressed up as a form of ideological purity and moral certainty that attempts to cleanse the broader polity of those modes of remembrance that allegedly sully and contaminate American culture and character. Such acts contain traces of an earlier authoritarian ideology that was fundamental to the shaping of the totalitarian states of Germany and the Soviet Union in the first part of the 20th century.

For instance, in April 1933, the authorities of Nazi Germany ordered a literary purge - a burning of books, papers, and artworks considered degenerate because they allegedly undermined what was defined as “pure” German language, culture, and traditional values. Authors whose works were burned for harboring dangerous ideas and troubling knowledge included Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, John Dos Passos, Bertolt Brecht, Walter Benjamin, Ernst Bloch, Andre Gide, George Grosz, Franz Kafka, Andre Malraux and Karl Marx, among others. All of these authors apparently published works that threatened the gatekeepers of ideological purity and political fundamentalism. The identification of such nefarious works led to the passage of a series of laws in which censorship and the burning of books were quickly followed by, as Heinrich Heine notes in the above epigraph, the burning of men, women, children, and others deemed a threat to the Nazi politics of ideological and racial purity.

emphasis added
and, as they, more…


I’ve been 100% supportive of the actions of the teachers across the country, they deserve everything they’ve achieved. They, and we, also need to look at the other direction. School bus drivers are being fired in GA. right now for striking for better wages. They also need our help and support. Union workers in Georgia, step-up and help these workers. GA. is another “right to work state”, so the only thing that will save these workers jobs is public support.