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Arkansas Carries out Double Execution Despite Concern Over 'Inhumane' Killing


Arkansas Carries out Double Execution Despite Concern Over 'Inhumane' Killing

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The government of Arkansas executed two men Monday evening despite concerns from attorneys that the first state killing had been "torturous and inhumane."

Fifty two year-old Jake Harold Jones was pronounced dead at 7:20 pm CDT, according to a timeline confirmed by the Arkansas Department of Corrections. Just over three hours later, Marcel Williams, 46, was pronounced dead at 10:33 CDT.


Utterly appalling. Here's a must-read take on this barbarity and its context:


There is one way to put pressure of a different sort on Arkansas officials. Boycott Wal-Mart, Tyson Foods, and other Arkansas-based corporations. These entities will have no problem getting through
to them!

I don't know what else to do. It seems to me that we, as a culture, are totally in love with death and torture. Our history is full of these things, of course, but over the last 30-odd years it has become normal and accepted, and few seem to care. Especially in the last 15 years, I think this is an unfortunate by-product of endless war, mindless glorification of the military, and the worship of guns and hyper-masculinity as the natural order of things.

We're losing what was once the better side of America, and in its place is the darkness of an amoral and cruel system. We will suffer for this. We already are!


Clovis, I thank you for the link to the Counterpunch article by John Steppling. It expresses what I am feeling perfectly, and much better than I ever could.

If I had 3 wishes granted to me, one of them would be to have that essay published on the front page of every newspaper, and read aloud on every radio and tv station. It explains so much!


Yes, it is a powerful essay. I think the main thing that comes to mind is that we as a nation, our governments and our people have little moral authority to bring judgement and condemnation on another human being. If there was any justice, I think the government and people of the US would be in big trouble. Of course all of these states that push for the death penalty have never really faced up to the failure to prosecute or punish anyone for most of the horrible lynchings that happened over so many years. Those people were never brought to justice and I think that reflects the population of those states. They have never faced up to their history in an honest way. The death penalty is only another symbol of a failed nation and/or culture.


I am truly in tears. Thanks so much for posting this link; and, I read CP every day and somehow missed this.


Don't forget America's passion for extremely violent video-games. These extremely violent video- games are marketed to the youth of America, so its reap what you sow.