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Arkema was not a Natural Disaster. It was a Preventable Accident Waiting to Happen


Arkema was not a Natural Disaster. It was a Preventable Accident Waiting to Happen

Nicholas Ashford

Unlike hurricanes, tornadoes, and super storms, chemical accidents and explosions in refineries, storage facilities, fertilizer and chemical plants are not natural disasters. They are also not rare events. We have seen their deadly and costly consequences far too often. Advances in meteorology have greatly enhanced opportunities for natural disaster preparedness. Sandy and Katrina have clearly demonstrated the power and impact of such storms on our lives, homes, and infrastructure.


Obviously, chemical plant workers, as well as populations living in the vicinity of these facilities, are considered to be acceptable “collateral damage” to the chemical manufacturers here in the U.S… Of course this will get worse with Pruitt running the EPA (into the ground).
When Trump started making his picks for the different Departments and Agencies, I knew we were in deep, deep trouble. And here we are!


“Preventable accidents” are not accidents at all.


The Governors of Texas and members of the State Legislature have deliberately resisted enacting regulations, and deliberately weakened & abolished most existing regulations, that were intended to reduce the likelihood of these “accidents” occurring.  These Texas governors and legislators – and those korporations who paid for their wrongdoing through “campaign contributions” (aka BRIBES) – should be held to account.  Unfortunately, it’ll be the innocent victims – and the rest of us who actually pay our taxes (most korporations don’t) – who will end up getting stuck with the bill rather than Arkema, Exxon, the Koch brothers, Monsanto, et al.


Excellent article Thank you!


Thanks Mr. Ashford for your plainly worded yet carefully restrained report.

Hopefully upon reflection, you will recognize that the USA is not actually a democracy, and that the political corruption at the heart of the US political economy must be addressed head-on by explicitly dis-empowering capital.

Kindly requesting that crass profiteers and their corrupt politicians act in the public interest, is a lifelong loser’s game. We need organized popular power to confront and end this baked-in systemic corruption.


QUOTE: We all know that changes in chemical production, manufacturing and storage cannot be done overnight, but one would think the government would want to hasten their adoption.


You may be a very brilliant man, but you apparently don’t understand who is running DC. It ain’t the politicians, pal. Stricter standards means less profits, which means fewer of those million dollar bonus checks for CEOs and managers.